Shyema Azam Looks Put Together, Even in Sweats

Shyema Azam is a freelance writer (you can find her stuff on Allure, Fashionista and Refinery 29), the woman behind beauty and food blog Beauty and the Feast and a public advocate for Muslim representation in the fashion and beauty industries.

Like most compelling things, Azam’s style is hard to pin down. She loves a full skirt, a statement necklace and lace-up heels just as much as she likes sneakers and track pants. It’s a contradictory kind of love you might relate to — but what’s special about Azam’s interpretation of dress-up athleisure is her commitment to one or the other. Take Days 1 and 2, for example: she goes from a sequined dress with sequined pants straight into full-on sweats without moment’s pause.

Azam currently lives in New York, but is fresh off a year in Dubai, and the mix of influences is hard to miss. Click through above to see for yourself.

Follow Shyema on Instagram @beautyndfeast and Twitter @beautyndfeast. Photos by Priya Chandra.

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  • Beatrice

    My best friend and I are longtime MR readers (like since Leandra would pose on her parents’ balcony long-term) and we always text each other Mondays to talk about the most recent MR Closets. This week we discussed how amazing it would be if MR featured readers’ week of outfits a couple times a month (or even once a month!) much like the Into the Gloss Top Shelfie – what a fun way to engage with the Man Repeller community for those of us who don’t live in NYC. I know we would certainly be interested in seeing more reader-generated / MR-edited content here!

    • Kait Elizabeth

      I miss the layering balcony posts!!!!

  • SAhmed

    I absolutely love shyema’s style! I’ve been looking for those Nike sneakers for a while and I think link to find it isn’t working for me. Could you please tell me which nikes those are? Thanks!

  • Jessica Marcus

    Love this!