Shyema Azam Looks Put Together, Even in Sweats

Shyema Azam is a freelance writer (you can find her stuff on Allure, Fashionista and Refinery 29), the woman behind beauty and food blog Beauty and the Feast and a public advocate for Muslim representation in the fashion and beauty industries.

Like most compelling things, Azam’s style is hard to pin down. She loves a full skirt, a statement necklace and lace-up heels just as much as she likes sneakers and track pants. It’s a contradictory kind of love you might relate to — but what’s special about Azam’s interpretation of dress-up athleisure is her commitment to one or the other. Take Days 1 and 2, for example: she goes from a sequined dress with sequined pants straight into full-on sweats without moment’s pause.

Azam currently lives in New York, but is fresh off a year in Dubai, and the mix of influences is hard to miss. Click through above to see for yourself.

Follow Shyema on Instagram @beautyndfeast and Twitter @beautyndfeast. Photos by Priya Chandra.

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