Say Something Nice About Someone You Don’t Like
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The old adage goes that if you don’t have anything nice to say about Steve, don’t say it at all.

But what if you’re really in the mood to talk?

What if you’ve just consumed way too much coffee and you’re scrolling through your Instagram and that person you hate-follow because he or she she stole your heart/boyfriend/parrot/milk money has just uploaded the world’s MOST obnoxious picture and it reminded you of all of the things you can’t stand about said human, and your skin begins to crawl and your heart begins to race and if your phone didn’t cost a billion dollars you’d throw it at a brick wall — you’re expected to just sit there tight-lipped because polite society has deemed shit-talking passé?

Kind of. At least around any mutual friends or in circumstances where your words could be used against you. And while repressed emotions aren’t great for the psyche, neither is getting your heart rate up to a dangerous level just because you needed to go on a one-woman rant about how awful Phyllis is. Or Steve. I think we mentioned a Steve earlier.

So why not try the flip-switch trick and say something…nice.

A reader named Julia emailed me this video that was made to test that fineeee line rom-coms like to play with between love and hate. (Think about how much Kat hates Patrick in 10 Things I Hate About You at first. THEN THEY FALL IN LOVE. Also, I totally did not remember that Heath Ledger’s character’s name was Patrick. Had to look that fun fact up.) It seems almost impossible in real life but these people gave it a solid go:

Saying someone has nice skin is a great compliment. And we can pretend that the girl laughing is doing so because she remembered a very funny joke. They did a fairly good job, all things considering. (Guy at the end with the dimple, you can do better.)

There are maybe only two people on this planet that I really, truly dislike and the one nice thing I can say about both of them is that they had fantastic oral hygiene. They floss! That’s huge.

It’s unrealistic to pretend that we live in a world of marshmallow pies and compliments. But because it’s a Monday and that’s enough of a downer on its on, why not try and say something nice about the one person you really can’t stand.

Steve, Phyllis — congratulations on your healthy gums.

Your turn.

— Amelia Diamond

Image Courtesy of Grazia France, shot by Honer Akrawi

[The Page Girls – thanks for passing this along, Julia!]

  • “She’s really good at accidentally caressing all the male substitute teacher in their early 20s!”

  • fiona

    He is the best at not having sex before marriage and asking for a BJ instead. Jesus would TOTALLY be ok with that!

  • ee_by_cc

    I’m intrigued mostly about who “Steve” and “Phyllis” are…but I also applaud their good oral hygiene.

  • Charlotte Fassler

    Humidity doesn’t even effect her hair

  • Leandra Medine

    The apples (or lack thereof) that appear next to his film reviews are really shiny and red!

  • Hallie

    she seems to be really competent at her job

  • Guest

    Her extensions almost look real

  • Teresa

    She always knew where to score really good pot.

  • GapToothedGirl

    She’s nice when sleeps!!
    XOX, Gap.

  • I’m definitely going to try haha

  • adran

    Really? No words can describe….. Where is the stimulating conversation hooheeheehawhaw

  • Kandeel

    I turn into sophia burset from oitnb when i see those hate-follow people’s posts. The only thing nice i could say about people i hate would be a serious backhanded compliment.

    (but look at my sophia gifs: )

    • Amelia Diamond

      I have got to watch this show, it’s like a gif goldmine

      • Kandeel

        yess yes you must ( has good ones)

  • Victoria

    he has a really great imagination when it comes to making sexist
    comments. and he is really determined: he never lets anything go

  • Melissa

    She would make a believeable drag queen.

    • Elena

      hahah thank god I didn’t switch tabs before seeing this one!! 🙂

  • She had some sort of magical thing (a fertile scent? a come-hither field hockey jersey?) that made all the boys come running. Including my at-the-time boyfriend, but that’s another story.

    Love, Gigi
    Dolce and Gabriella

  • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

    She is very good at convincing herself that everyone who refuses to massage her overblown ego are actually just “jealous” of her.

  • BethanyBeach

    Her chorus-trained voice sounds really nice, even when she talks about how feminism is no longer needed.

  • Nancy

    She makes a good first impression.

  • She knows how to drive a car!

  • hiking sandals really complement her wannabe-granola lifestyle and odd toe shape!

  • ash ash

    she must be a great cook who keeps her kitchen stocked.

  • mercy

    she have a mess hair
    tas ransel wanita

  • ninalay

    he can massage really good,there i said it

  • “At least she’s got SOME of her eyebrows left!”