What’s in Your Fridge: Sami Miro

We recently peeked inside the icebox of celebrity stylist Elizabeth Stewart. She had baked goods from Julia Roberts in her freezer and ample rosé in the cooler. In this week’s edition of What’s in Your Fridge, we meet Sami Miro. She’s a marketing executive-turned-model, a vintage aficionado (check her site here), and she loves kombucha and kimchi. She’s also been known to steal turkey from her boyfriend, Zac Efron.

My fridge is probably in the middle to lower-end on the fullness scale. These are my staples — except for the pears.

I’m really into probiotics, hence the Kombucha. It’s delicious to drink and is a phenomenal chaser, which you would never expect. I stole the chia one from Zac’s house. Chia helps with digestion!

I’m obsessed with kraut. I think my favorite is kimchi. I started getting into it because I was always shopping at Erewhon. It’s a boutique market that’s like a community. When you go there you, you become friends with the other customers because all of you are “those Erewhon people.” One time, I saw this ridiculously in-shape customer eating sauerkraut right out of the bag, and I was like, Let me get out of line and go get that, because if he is doing it, I need to be doing it too! Ever since then, I have eaten it with almost every meal.

I could eat good quality sushi everyday. LA has phenomenal sushi. Sugar Fish is amazing bang for your buck. Then the next level up, in quality and price point, is Sushi Park. You gotta get the omakase and sit at the bar and get fed. Have you seen Jiro Dreams of Sushi? You know how he says rice is 90%? I never realized that until I went to Sushi Park. The best sushi and meal in general I have ever had is at this place called Urasawa. It’s out of control.

Almost every morning, I love a good over-medium or over-easy egg. This is my go to breakfast: a little of baby kale topped with…oh my god, one of my number one ingredients isn’t in here, avocado. So baby kale, sauerkraut, kimchee, avocado cubed up, and then eggs. It’s so good.

I love whatever green thing is in season. My favorite are leafy greens, and my favorite vegetable in the whole world is rapini, because it’s super bitter, leafy and dark. Whenever asparagus is in season, I have that. I just throw it in coconut oil and top it with salt and pepper.

I am a big taco person. If I feel like getting fancy and not making a salad, I will make tacos. These tortillas are always here — always corn, never flour.

The turkey I stole from Zac’s house. It is an easy snack to have.

I’ve started to do a lot more cooking. We recently went on this crazy culinary excursion — Copenhagen, Sweden, Amsterdam and Chicago — and every single day we had at least one meal, if not two, that were twenty-five courses. This was for two weeks. When I got back I never wanted to to eat out again! Unless it’s sushi. Ever since then, I have been eating really clean because I was gorging every single day.

My dad is a big cook. He would cook every single meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner, but he is so anal in the kitchen that he wouldn’t let us do anything. You would think you would want to give your kids a cooking lesson, but no. I have been a Food Network fanatic since middle school, when it wasn’t even on cable television. We would watch Iron Chef Japan together. And every morning, when I was really young, we would watch Jacques Pépin and Julia Child.

Follow Sami Miró on Instagram, and check out her website, Sami Miro Vintage, here

Images by Lauren Levinger of The Food Life. For past written episodes of What’s in Your Fridge, check out celebrity stylist Elizabeth Stewart’s, PAPER’s editorial director Mickey Boardman, One Management founder Scott Lipps’, and DJ Mia Moretti’s. If you’re too full to read about food, what about clicking through pictures of this denim connoisseur’s closet?

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  • LP

    Really MR? We are referring to this individual as Zac Efron’s girlfriend. I’m sure there is a better way to describe her than by who she dates.

    • Amelia Diamond

      totally valid, restructuring now!

      • lauren

        @Amelia Diamond:disqus
        do you realize that your name dropping za and she is only going to known as zac gf? then her fashion?

        • Leandra Medine

          …Sorry jumping in here to defend the impetus of our having mentioned her relationship with Zac in conjunction with the feature. Absolutely NOT minimizing her larger part in the world by mentioning that she is currently dating Zac Efron! Simply attempting to draw the connection for the sake of familiarity so that you establish that relationship n come on in to read more about her awesome self.

          • lauren

            @lendra medine
            i would hope this article would be about her fashion, vintage stuff she does, but it seems they mention zac maybe to get hits?

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  • lauren

    so is she only known for zac’s gf? because i want to know more about her fashion then who she’s sleeping with.

  • lauren

    doesnt matter how many times you change the title of your article. you still refer to her as zac’s gf, then anything else. just saying.

    • Amelia Diamond

      Hi Lauren, your point is valid, the intro was amended once I read your and LP’s comment. See in the post, and below:
      “She’s a marketing executive-turned-model, a vintage aficionado (check her site here), and she loves kombucha and kimchi.”

      Regarding want to know more about her fashion — so do I! These “Fridge” posts focus on the inside of refrigerators. Will look into doing an LA Closet on her in the future.

  • I love old school Food Network! The original Iron Chef, East Meets West, Emeril Live, Food 911, Two Fat Ladies, anything with Bobby Flay. And Julia Child will always have my <3

  • tysongilbert88

    a woman should have a man in her fridge.

  • Amelia Diamond: your team is great for responding to the comments in the way that you did, and I know that I’m coming at this from a male’s perspective that works in the industry BUT your title did it’s job. It drew readers in and created conversation. We would have no idea who she was had you not introduced her as Zac’s girlfriend. Introducing her as his girlfriend via this post is akin to introducing her by name and then saying that she’s also x,y,z at a cocktail party.

    Secondly, introducing her as someone’s girlfriend does NOTHING to diminish her as a person. What does diminish her as a person is an attitude that assumes that being called someone’s girlfriend is degrading, not another adjective used to describe her.

    Last but not least, I like her because she likes corn tortillas, even if I am jealous she’s dating Zac.

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

    • Michelle Sigona

      This is simple with manrepeller … CONTINUE READING

    • lauren

      so name dropping zac is fine and she is the only thing known ? but then again your a guy.

  • aleena

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  • Lala

    why they have to always mention Zac’s name? she can not get a single article mentioning her name? I guess that she is worth more to be dating a famous than herself

  • parkzark

    Gingerade Kombucha is my jam.

  • sami : zac’s girlfriend :: zac : sami’s boyfriend.

    equality 4ever!

  • Carmen

    What I’ve learned from the what’s in your fridge features on this site is that women don’t eat or only eat a champage/sushi or kombucha/kale lifestyle. It may be an honest feature but it only feeds into the food issues (and class issues) of the millennial generation. I’m triggered by this and I thought I’d been desensitized living in So Cal.

  • oversensitive people everywhere

  • Totally irrelevant, but when the page first loaded the cover photo looked like the bottom had been cropped into tiny square frames thanks to that white bed frame. It took me awhile to realize… Kinda cool though!


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  • Lyla

    that’s a sad fridge 🙁