See What a Professional Celeb-Dieter Keeps in Her Fridge

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Rebecca Harrington is a fearless eater. As a writer known for her adventures in celebrity dieting, she’s had to endure such stomach-churning creations as beet-greens soup which may or may not have contributed to a post-gluten rash (Gwyneth Paltrow), a sour cream/cottage cheese mixture (Elizabeth Taylor) and something disgusting called celery loaf (Greta Garbo).

Off-assignment and in the gastronomic comfort of her own home, however, it turns out that dear Harrington may have just as weird a palette as the luminaries whose cuisines she copies. Part of it’s occupational hazard; the fish oil, for example, is a leftover from her journalistic stint as Miranda Kerr. But the rest of her largely food-less refrigerator is stocked with pretty labels, forgotten face masks and tumbleweeds. “Sometimes I buy a piece of salmon and then I put a bunch of condiments on it,” Harrington said, “But it doesn’t stay in the fridge.”

The Food Life’s Lauren Levinger and I investigated. Below, the 10 weirdest things we found in Rebecca Harrington’s fridge.

1. Baking Soda

“For some reason this fridge like always smells weird so I have like 5 things of baking soda. I think it’s because of all the condiments? I don’t even have that much food.”

2. Liquid Aminos

“They were part of the Miranda Kerr diet and I never got rid of them. They’re really horrible. They taste like soy sauce, but they also don’t, in another way.”

3. Rose Water

“One time I used it in a recipe but then I didn’t know what to do with it after, so it’s just still there.”

4. A Rotting Lime

“Let me get this out of here. Excuse me.”

5. Three Bottles of Ketchup

“There are two artisanal ketchups in here (both Sir Kensington) and a regular ketchup (Heinz). I have no idea what’s special about Sir Kensington ketchup. The reason I love condiments is because I love packaging, so all I do is try to find different packages that I like. When I saw this ketchup I was like, ‘Oh! That’s cool! Look at him! He has a monocle! I gotta get it!'”

6. Artisanal Maraschino Cherries 

“I love Maraschino Cherries. They’re poisonous, so I was trying to find a better version of them. They were disgusting.”

7. Mint Jelly

“For another diet. I think I had to make a lamb loin?”

8. Brown Rice Syrup

“Oh, that’s a big Gwyneth thing. Until she realized it had arsenic in it. But I still have it. Like seriously, these were all recalled. I love Gwyneth so much. So I still do everything she asked me to do.”

9. Cottage Pie.

“I found it. I went to this thing and they had cottage pie and I was like, ‘What’s that!?'”

10. Duck Fat 

“Gwyneth has a potato recipe with duck fat! There’s lard in here too for something completely different, I just forget what. I used to have this cookbook called The Crisco Cookbook. It was amazing. There was so many things in there like Tuna Loaf Surprise. It was so much lard and so little tuna.

No one has really looked inside my fridge before. It’s definitely good that people see there’s no food in there, only sauce. I looked at Cindy Crawford’s fridge, and I thought that that was the most amazing fridge. It’s really aspirational.”

So is yours, Rebecca. So is yours.

Images by Lauren Levinger of The Food Life


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  • ThisPersonSleeps

    I don’t see any real food in there. It’s all pre-packaged and bottled.

    • Amelia Diamond

      you should see my fridge. it is so sad. it is literally a ketchup bottle, 3 beers, an empty brita filter and a sriracha bottle.

      • Amelia Diamond

        oh and a yogurt I think, but it’s my roommate’s.

      • ThisPersonSleeps

        Girl, get some veggies in there!

      • Didi Ramirez

        It’s like a guy’s fridge…

    • My real food is also prepackaged and bottled… 🙁

  • mollie blackwood

    I LOVED her on the Oh Boy podcast. She was so funny and I really related to a lot (ok all, may I dare say she’s my “spirit animal”) of her sentiments. If I new her in real life (or lived in NYC) I would try to be her friend. I think her fearlessness to try all the different diets is crazy and I wouldn’t do it. But I’m glad she does! I also buy food based on pretty labels. I wouldn’t know how to choose a wine otherwise.

  • Sally

    Please elaborate how Cindy Crawford’s fridge was so amazing and aspiratIonal lol, I love her and would love to know!

  • Didi Ramirez

    Looking at that fridge makes me feel really bad for anyone who decides to crash at her house.

    So. Much. Jam.

  • sleepy

    Literally the best article I’ve ever read