How Are You Feeling Today?
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How are you feeling today?

I woke up this morning with a lump in my throat the size of the jawbreaker that broke Ilana’s tooth in Season 1 of Broad City (thus scarring me forever). Maybe I’m coming down with the emotional flu. If the jacket I’m wearing featured bricks as shoulder pads, perhaps I’d have a funnier explanation as to why I’m dragging like the dirty hems of my bell-bottoms circa 2004. I feel I’ve eaten 300 Sour Patch Kids that, contrary to all their predecessors, stayed sour. Maybe they’ll get sweet tomorrow? I’m holding out hope.

This morning has been weird (terrible?). But I can’t deny the flash of smug satisfaction I experienced upon realizing the clouds were crying, too. Sometimes it’s nice to stand in solidarity with the weather. Leandra ordered a marshmallow latte this morning, which struck me as an excellent idea. Small acts of self-care seem a worthy agenda for a Friday like today.

Random idea: Don’t go near the POTUS handle on Twitter.

Another idea: Hug your own body and then someone else’s body.

Final idea: Tell me how you’re feeling. Maybe the best way to treat a non-alcoholic hangover is to talk about it.

Photo via Ostrich Pillow.

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