How Are You Feeling Today?
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How are you feeling today?

I woke up this morning with a lump in my throat the size of the jawbreaker that broke Ilana’s tooth in Season 1 of Broad City (thus scarring me forever). Maybe I’m coming down with the emotional flu. If the jacket I’m wearing featured bricks as shoulder pads, perhaps I’d have a funnier explanation as to why I’m dragging like the dirty hems of my bell-bottoms circa 2004. I feel I’ve eaten 300 Sour Patch Kids that, contrary to all their predecessors, stayed sour. Maybe they’ll get sweet tomorrow? I’m holding out hope.

This morning has been weird (terrible?). But I can’t deny the flash of smug satisfaction I experienced upon realizing the clouds were crying, too. Sometimes it’s nice to stand in solidarity with the weather. Leandra ordered a marshmallow latte this morning, which struck me as an excellent idea. Small acts of self-care seem a worthy agenda for a Friday like today.

Random idea: Don’t go near the POTUS handle on Twitter.

Another idea: Hug your own body and then someone else’s body.

Final idea: Tell me how you’re feeling. Maybe the best way to treat a non-alcoholic hangover is to talk about it.

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  • Tatiana

    Today I feel…like T.S. Eliot and Margaret Atwood had some strange dystopian child

    • Aydan


    • Idk why is sideways. Possibly because the world seems to be oriented that way. Did you ever read “Sideways stories from Wayside School” when you were a kid? I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately….

      • omg yes. wayside school is falling down was my favorite. that donut looks amazing.

        • Chicago’s best IMO

          • DM

            Real question. Where is the best donut in Chicago?

          • Friday-Sun you can get them at the Wormhole in wicker park (I recommend going here), week days at damn fine coffee in Logan square; you gotta get there early!!!!

            Bad Day Donuts, they’re on the up and up. Keep an eye out!!!

          • DM

            I immediately scooted over to google Bad Day. They look amazing! and vegan! Thanks for the tip.

      • snakehissken

        Do you remember the story where they get an elevator, but the principal says that to ensure that everyone uses them without crowding, one elevator will only go up and the other will only go down?

    • Haley Nahman


  • Abby

    Sad and mad. And sleepy. I haven’t gotten any work done because I can’t concentrate on anything.

  • No one has brought it up at work. It’s really, really strange. I guess everyone is avoiding it. I keep wondering if anyone in the office is actually supportive of Trump. I hope not. I’m scared. Trying to empower myself with Arcade Fire’s “I Give You Power.” Super looking forward to the Women’s March I’ll be at in Kansas City, though.

  • sat in my office while everyone watched the inauguration in the conference room. i keep repeating over and over that i still can’t believe it. i am wearing all black, like a funeral, but i have my hillary “i’m with her” t shirt on under my sweater. it is making me feel better, like the superman logo under clark kent’s suit. tonight i’m baby sitting one of my usual families, one of the children was hillary for halloween so i look forward to hugging them. i cannot wait to march tomorrow in my homemade “nasty woman” tshirt. love you all!

    • snakehissken

      I bought some FIGHT LIKE HILL buttons right before the election for a few friends and I, and I put one up next to my dresser so I can touch it in the morning and remember not to give up, just like Hillary.

  • Sam

    Very sad and scared of what’s coming. He has no moral compass, no concept of what it’s like to serve others, no qualifications, no political experience whatsoever. He’s impulsive and destabilizes markets with a single tweet–and I fear he loves knowing he has that kind of power, which means he will continue to abuse it throughout his presidency.

    I’m showing up tomorrow to march in solidarity with those who will be hurt most by this administration. I’m showing up for health care accessibility, Black lives, effective climate change policy, women’s rights, LGBTQIA rights, Muslims, immigrants, and low income families who stand to lose so much if Medicaid and Planned Parenthood are slowly choked off.

    Stay angry, and don’t allow yourself to normalize any of this.

    • Aydan

      Went to an event last night that was all about pushing out as much creativity and feelings prior to today as possible through different art forms. it was one of the most beautiful things and biggest emotional roller coaster I’ve ever been on!

      • Adrianna

        I bought a new dslr camera and started documenting protests (and other street life around NYC.) I must say it’s made me feel better

  • tmm16

    Ate a bagel and 2 slices of pizza today. Comfort food. I needed it. Counting down the hours until happy hour.

    I’m trying to be optimistic, but I still feel defeated by the election outcome. It was hard for me to watch the inauguration today. I don’t connect with him at all and I don’t think he has the best interest for women. We’ve came so far and together we still have so much to accomplish and I like to believe we can do anything with time and persistence. I can’t concentrate at work and it’s pointless for me to even be at work because most journalists are currently watching or reporting on the election or not wanting to get some pitch right now (I work in PR).

    Hence why this response is all over the place! I hope everyone eats some comfort food and spends the day with people they love today.

    • Haley Nahman

      Just ate a bunch of candy -.-

      • Aydan

        I’ve been on the hunt for chocolate all afternoon. Couldn’t find any so ended up spooning some out of the trail mix into a tiny espresso cup!! Success!

  • Bee

    Obviously not feeling great about today, but trying to stay positive and only read/listen to positive messages of love. I’ve gotta say, the idea of a marshmallow latte made me pretty happy.

    • Haley Nahman

      DO IT

  • nevvvvave

    coughing all day to due a cold and potential allergic reaction to inauguration…

  • Kay

    Just reading his inaugural speech, you guys, it is coming. From his speech:
    “At the bedrock of our politics will be a total allegiance to the United States of America, and through our loyalty to our country, we will rediscover our loyalty to each other. When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice. The Bible tells us how good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.”

    To the extent that he can carry out this statement, freedom of speech, political dissidence, the bill of rights, are over. Democracy is not possible in this statement. In that statement he says that racial prejudice is impossible if you are a patriot, meaning that if you complain about it you are disloyal to the country. He is saying that Christianity is the state religion, and further that protest is incompatible with god’s will. Any interest or sympathy for other countries is disloyal. “Total allegiance” means criticism of his administration is disloyal to the country, which is the foundation for declaring it treason. It is a statement of totalitarianism. Our hope is that we can prevent as far as possible this statement from being carried out. But make no mistake, they will be trying. Under this statement, what I just wrote is in conflict with total allegiance.

    • Holly Laine Mascaro

      ‘”Total allegiance” means criticism of his administration is disloyal to the country, which is the foundation for declaring it treason. It is a statement of totalitarianism.’ – very valid point.

  • Betsy

    Do something for someone else today – someone who really needs it! Donate to Dress for Success, give blood, sign up to mentor, volunteer for Meals on Wheels. The people who are really struggling need us now more than ever! And it feels so good to help.

  • The Fluffy Owl

    Co-workers have been playing the speech on loop…I’m just looking forward to going home, smoking a bowl, keeping the TV off and focusing on the book I’m writing. Art will get us through this!

    • Aydan

      Yessss see my comment above. I def am loving experiencing the creativity coming out.

  • Marcela

    I came into a work place subtly pushing their own political agenda. There are American flag everywhere and patriotic balloons. However many of the employees seem less than hopeful and aggravated. The patriotism I saw when I was a junior in high school is missing. I want to so desperately go home and pray that these next fours years will be better than I am expecting.

  • Becca

    Feeling pretty dejected this morning. BUT then i went to my favorite coffee shop, ordered a lavender latte and a cronut (with ICING INSIDE). (also wishing I was old enough to drink /: )

  • Very thankful for all the nice people in my life. Very.

    I keep remembering all I ever learned about the creative dissent in the former East Germany and many of the nasty things we did in Yugoslavia to make the lesser and bigger rulers unhappy – it can be done. In many ways.

  • prairie dogs

    It’s even grey in the middle of the desert today. I too myself to see Hidden Figures around noon, and made some signs for protesting tomorrow.

  • I scored Radiohead tickets so the excitement of that has temporarily overshadowed the scary/sad feelings. Stay strong, ya’ll!

    P.S it’s raining in LA too.

  • Grace B

    My favorite three-legged dog (Stumpy, who belongs to my friend/downstairs neighbor) is here for the weekend so all is right with the world. My company finally hired some vocal conservatives and YUCK. Keep that shit to yourself at work is my MO.

  • Annie

    After going to the gym early to release some endorphins on this heavy day, I was met with the inauguration being broadcast on every channel – on EVERY WALL! How about some sensitivity people…or should I say sheeple?? I couldn’t escape it or the old white retirees sitting and happily watching it. I took the rainy LA day as a sign and worked from home in my sweats. Today hurts and I’m going to sulk, go to sushi and drink wine in bed. Tomorrow we will channel strength from this pain and march for the people who’s voices this office is trying to silence. We will not be complacent and we will make change.

  • Danielle.

    I feel like I need to go to the local, NYC women’s march tomorrow. Trying to fight through the emotions brought on by watching Trump be sworn in and already feeling exhausted from contemplating what it will be like marching a toddler through NYC (after riding the subway) when she should be napping all while trying to keep from bleeding through my pants since I just started by period tonight. I read that we should feel free to make our own signs for the march to express our thoughts and feelings. Mine would read ‘Menstruating: Sorry, I’m not Sorry” and come attached with speakers that blast Beyonce into the crowd. Too much? Well, anything’s better than the whine of a cranky toddler.

    Good luck to our fellow women out there. If we can’t have a President in the Oval Office who’s the example of leadership and humanity he should be, we women can be that example for ourselves, our children, and our country. We’ve been fighting for ourselves for centuries, surely we have four more years left in us.

  • I was at work yesterday and no one spoke of it. I managed to lose myself in my work until the end of the day. Today I feel sick. I’m going for pie later and to drink A LOT at a pals house.

    Kudos to everyone getting creative, how do you do it? Shit like this seems to drain my creativity.

    Next week I’m gonna try get my shit together and do something useful. I’m not sure what I can do to help yet from the UK, but I will find out and do whatever I can. Today though I’ll eat pie.

    Amber Love Blog

  • Julie Meowmeows
  • 1. Like I know I should do more and be a powerhouse of productivity but all I can feel is a numbing sensation of hypnotism that hinders my process.
    2. Like time is not enough and will never be enough
    3. Due to specific, very recent events (apart from this sitcom of an inauguration we witnessed), like men will always achieve more with less effort
    4. Like I need a life leave to go sundry on a deserted beach

  • Fawcett Proust

    I’m late to the the comment party, but on Inauguration Day, I woke up, bought a pack of mini krueller donuts and a pack of Parliaments and proceeded to smoke and cry all day while cuddling my dogs and watching Harry Potter.

  • Madison Grace

    Reading the comments and realising I need a donut rn. But there are no good donut shops near me. Maybe I should move to New York? Or just be satisfied with an AVERAGE donut. Sigh.

    Oh and Trump’s the president as well btw.

    My blog:
    *awkwardly points* check my blog out? pals?

  • Morgan

    My mood has been all over the place recently. My body feels totally out of wack, It’s probably the amount of chocolate i’ve consumed in the past few days; however, i’ve been telling myself that it’s the political discourse that’s really upsetting my stomach. Can I just say how much better I felt on Saturday when I saw all of the women’s marches and protesting going on? Inspiring me to get out there and make a difference… The strong bond between women in this country as of lately is certainly something special. As the genius Leslie Knope once said, “ovaries before brovaries and uteruses before duderuses”.