Open Thread: Is Pimple Popping Gross?

Is pimple popping gross?

It seems unrealistic to assume that you don’t do it. Unless, you know, you have a live-in facialist (so fancy!) who handles the happenings of your pores, so maybe this question is marketed inappropriately. What we’re wondering, really, is whether taking a sort of curious pleasure in watching a pimple get popped is gross.

I, for one, know that in spite of how frequently I am told to exfoliate my bikini line to avoid ingrown hair growth, I take great pleasure in popping those ingrowns and then pulling them out, one by one (often while watching Law & Order). Other kinds of pimples, though? Namely the extremely pus-y ones? I don’t know. It is clearly a moot point that maintains two divisive teams: those who love it (there are literal websites and reddit forums dedicated to the art of pimple popping) and those who become queasy at the thought of it. From between the walls of Man Repeller’s HQ, here’s the range of reaction to the underworld of fanatic pimple popping:

“I am mixed on it — I love doing it to myself/my sister but can’t watch those videos.” – Yvonne Dunlevie

“Yeah, can’t watch the videos, but have no problem doing it to myself.” – Emily Zirmis

“I am Team Hate. I do it to myself out of necessity but wash my hands 10 times after. Videos and any involvement from other people are a hard no. Strangely, though, I don’t mind the concept of a facialist performing extractions.” – Harling Ross

Ingrown hair videos are like…so bad they’re good. So good they’re bad.” – Elizabeth Tamkin

“Dr. Pimple Popper is my late-at-night soothing thing sometimes.” – Krista Lewis 

“Not only can I not watch these videos, I feel squeamish when I know someone else is watching them. AND IF SOMEONE EVER ASKED ME TO DO IT TO THEM I WOULD THROW A PORK CHOP AT THEM, I mean her — sorry Mary Norris.” – Amelia Diamond

Hari Nef says plural pronouns are grammatically correct and that is all I have to add to this conversation.” – Kate Barnett

Your turn — observational pimple popping: in it to win it or kill me now?

Gold cuffs by Arme De L’Amour; photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


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