Where’s The Worst Place You’ve Ever Gotten Your Period?
Where’s The Worst Place You’ve Ever Gotten Your Period? Man Repeller feature

The first time I got my period was in 7th grade. I was wearing a corduroy knee-length skirt and thought Lightdays liners were substantial enough to be an effective barrier, keeping my flow from becoming a visible river. I was wrong, so I borrowed my friend’s jacket. It was Juicy Couture (a huge deal in 2002) and corduroy and I felt really satisfied that I was being given the opportunity to layer two sheets of the same fabric over my lower body. If this is what getting your period is like — borrowing your friend’s designer jackets to cover your stains, I remember thinking, I’m all in. At this point, I did not yet know that Lightdays weren’t actually pads, so I changed my panty liner, retied the jacket around my waist and went to math class.

At the end of the 40-minute class, I got up and started to gather my belongings when I felt a finger tip-tap my shoulder. It was a freckled girl, about three inches shorter than I, motioning to the puddle I had left on the seat on which I was sitting. I bled through my underwear, and my skirt and a two-ply jacket fasted tightly around my waist onto a chair that now resembled the remnants of a crime scene. No one made fun of me (or maybe they did and I just forget now), but I got to go home that day. I went straight to my mom’s bathroom to get a real pad (until this point, I no joke thought they were small-scale diapers for my youngest brother). I stuck one inside a fresh pair of underwear, got under my covers with a sleeve of saltines and spent the rest of the afternoon watching daytime television.

When my mom got home that evening, I expected sympathy but instead I got frustration because, as it turned out, I was now sitting a similar puddle of blood; this one had run through my underwear, pants, sheets and leggings. And that’s when I learned about tampons.

Nine years later, on the 13th night of my marriage, the first time my husband and I would sleep together not in a honeymoon hotel bed, I woke up nauseous around 7 a.m. to find I’d bled through his sheets. He looked at me, then I looked at him and we both emoji cry-laughed. “At least we know I’m fertile,” I said.

I look back now and my reaction is the same — all I can do is laugh at the sweet fucking irony.

Ha ha ha.

Your turn.

Collage by Emily Zirimis.

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  • Alex

    In the middle of writing the SAT test when I was in eleventh grade. But it all worked out; I actually got a perfect score.

    • additionalmayonnaise

      I got my period during the SAT too, which I was taking at an all boys school. There was a two-stall female teachers bathroom, and hundreds of kids taking the test that day. The line was so long I never even made it to the front before the break in the middle of the test was over. I was crampy and uncomfortable the entire time, and cried as soon as I got in the car afterwards. It was my second time taking the test, and I had studied really hard, which was not reflected in my score given the bloody circumstances. It all ends well though! I got into my second choice of college and was supremely lucky to be able to attend.

  • tmm16

    Ha, oh yes. This story. I was a freshman in high school. Yes, I’m cringing too. I went to a Catholic school and our uniform was a red polo and khaki pants as a uniform. Still cringing.

    One fine day, I left class and was walking down the stairs to go to lunch when another female classmate came up behind me and said something along the lines of, “Taylor, you should go to the bathroom. You have blood on your pants.” Mortified, I scurried to the bathroom, took a paper towel to my pants, tried to make it seem like the blood stain wasn’t there (but it was), and eventually had to call my aunt to bring me another pair of pants because the current pair I was wearing now had a huge wet spot on my behind. Fabulous.

    Honestly, idk if word got out or if people laughed about it, but it’s a memory that sums up my awkward high school experience and womanhood that makes me smile and chuckle now 🙂

  • Meg S

    Thirteen years old. My first period. In a mediocre tex-mex chain where the staff clapped and sang a happy birthday song that ended with “ole”. I’m just glad my mom had a tampon and I knew how to use it because I read a book my mom bought me about “becoming a woman”.

  • Helen

    It was the summer of 2010, I was a spindly 10 year old who was frequently being mistaken for a boy in the women’s toilets. My period made its demure debut during the night whilst at summer camp. I used socks as makeshift sanitary towels. I managed to keep it a secret for a few months by hand washing my underwear at night.

    • _lauristia

      But I wonder why a 10 yo girl would rather hide it?

      • Inaat

        I hid it for months too, buying tampons and pads in secret. I got it when I was 11 and I felt weird and alone. No one else had talked about their period and I thought I was the only one and that something was wrong with me. Eventually I wrote a note to my mom telling her. In sex-ed at school we were not told much about it, only showed what seemed at the time like gigantic winged pads and it seemed like it would be years away. So I get it, it’s sad, but I was really ashamed.

        • sarah

          I feel you. I got mine at 13 years old at boarding school in Southeast Asia. I was armed with one very brief and awkward explanation from my mom and some things I’d read in books (God bless you, American Girl books that explained things for me). I have this very clear memory of washing my underwear in the bathroom alone, standing on the cold blue tile floor, late at night after everyone else was asleep. Adult me wishes I could give that kid a hug.

          • Anna

            Upvoted for American Girl books- thank goodness for those. I have them (and a fairly cool mom) to thank for 10-year-old-me not freaking out when I got home from school to find blood in my underpants.

  • Trishita

    On the morning of my 11th birthday – obviously I got super melodramatic.

    But then my family pampered me a lot that day : unlimited Cokes and cookies, my favourite noodles and no restrictions on watching Friends.

    Truly felt like I was a Woman (please note the capital W :D)

  • Abi

    I got mine when I was 9 and thought I was dying as we hadn’t learnt about periods yet

  • Tommy Pickles 🍼

    Women are nasty. eeeewwwwww

  • Alexis Thomolaris

    I too thought panty liners were pads!! They were so much more comfortable to wear than the diapers my DAD got me from the grocery store. Hahaha that might be a horror store in and of itself. The first time I got my period my Mom had my Dad run to the store to to pick up pads while she “consoled”me. I will never forget wearing a human diaper to school the next day and begging my friends to borrow some sort of lighter alternative. Ahhh those were the days.

  • muireann

    I once missed a flight home from Barcelona after I hopped on the wrong train and realised fifteen minutes in that rather than taking the airport route, I was on an express train to Seville. I had no money in the world (credit card maxed out, no euros left) apart from one £20 pound note found in a little-used pocket of my handbag. After pleading with a ticket inspector in my limited Spanish not to fine me, I was eventually let off the train an hour later at a station in the middle of El Armpit de Nowhere, España.

    I then proceeded to haggle with the station master who agreed to give me a pretty terrible exchange rate (€20 for £20, cost of ticket: €20), thus procuring a one-way ticket which would get me back to Barcelona airport. I knew that expenses were due to be paid into my account that night, so settled myself in for a hungry, uncomfortable night on a hard airport floor before the Ryanair sales desk opened at 5am. Around 1:30 am, I felt a familiar cramping sensation and high-tailed it to the ladies, certain in the notion that there were no sanitary products on or about my person. Suspicions confirmed, this was the point at which I started crying. I did not stop until ten hours later when I reached my front door in rainy London.

    • _lauristia

      OMG what an adventure!

      • muireann

        It was horrid at the time but can look back and laugh now!

  • Raquel

    The worst place I got my period was on a date, it was only the second one, at his place. We were just talking in the kitchen, luckily I was seating on a wooden chair, and when I got up, I felt it… disaster! It was winter and I was wearing black skinny jeans, and a night time pad because my flow was heavy at the time, but it served no purpose, the mess was made. I ran to the bathroom and it looked like a Tarantino movie, so I found one of his roommates tampons, but I couldn’t simply put my jeans back! So HE lended me a pair of his own, ripped on the knees, and I when walked out of the bathroom he was cleaning the chair I was sitting on. It was terribly embarrassing.

    • Fat Monica

      oh my god!!! Though I, too got my period while on a date. In a skirt. Going commando. I thought i had more time!!

      • Habaloo

        CONSTANTLY thinking I have more time 😑😑

  • Carlyan Castellano

    I’ve had my period since I was 10,and I have horror stories for days. Most of them I’ve tried my hardest to repress because they’re so awful, but one that I can find some humor in happened in 6th grade.

    I had a “boyfriend” named Chris, one day in the lunch room I got up from my seat, he pointed and yelled “What’s on your butt!?”. Of course, I had unknowingly bled through my favorite light blue boot cut jeans that had my personal and angsty doodles and drawings all across the thighs. I had a great group of girl friends who circled me,put a jacket around my waist, and for the rest of the day walked behind me so no one else would see. The remainder of lunch Chris kept asking, ” What’s on your butt?” ” Why is there a dark stain on your jeans?” I finally blurted out, ” I obviously sat on chocolate!”
    … For the rest of the day he kept calling me CHOCOLATE BUTT, which of course caught on and became an ongoing joke.
    Needless to say Chris is no longer my boyfriend and I think it’s pretty obvious why.

  • diane

    I was in a car on my way to a baseball game with my husband and his four (male) friends. We stopped at one of their girlfriends’ houses en route and she gave me a pair of tan leggings to replace my ruined white jeans. It was the only thing of hers that would fit me, me being a size 2 then (those days are long gone) and she was a size 8 (my size now on a good day). And my shirt didn’t cover my ass, so I had to keep asking her if you could see anything. I would like to say this experience was the start of a great friendship and we laugh about it now–but I never saw her again.

  • Katrina Elizabeth

    I know we are supposed to be laughing about this but I find it sad that so many girls don’t know what to expect which leads to these first-period horror stories. I want better education! I’m glad you can laugh about it, though.

  • Abby

    For me, the worst time was also the first time. I was staying the weekend at a friend’s lake house when I woke up in the morning with what was unmistakably my first period. At first, my friend didn’t believe me. Then, she went barging into her parents room while yelling “MOOOOOM DAAAAAAD ABBY GOT HER PERIOD!!!!” so I knew her dad knew, which as a young teenager mortified me. Her mom then made me call my mom, but my dad answered the phone and couldn’t understand why I needed to talk to my mom and not him, and then I was telling my mom about this mortifying morning (in the living room with everyone huddled around me) when I promptly fainted like a delicate English flower. I woke up with my friend’s baby brother literally sitting on my chest. My friend’s mom spent the rest of the weekend telling anyone who would listen that I was a woman now.

    • deee_cue

      This is great.

  • Jessie Erikson

    I don’t know if it’s that embarrassing because it was discreet and nothing went through… but the most ridiculous thing, I think, is that last month, I was at a HOSPITAL (a university hospital, too, which I feel like makes it more intense) for a doctor’s appointment, and they did not have anything in the whole hospital, anywhere I asked or looked, except one kind of tampon in the little pharmacy, and my period wasn’t heavy enough for me to use a regular tampon (too much TSS fear, and I haven’t used them basically since I started using a diva cup). no pads anywhere. I thought that was kind of ridiculous. the gift shop had all kinds of weird things… but not pads. I really felt for people who are there with relatives who are sick, and they may be there day after day after day, and if their period starts… oh well!!

    • sarah

      Diva cups are the BEST!

  • Erica

    Junior year of high school I was sitting on the grass with one of my friends, gossiping, enjoying the sun and when we got up to leave, I felt a sudden waterfall of blood run through my very thin jeans and legs. It was horrendous. I had to call my step mom to pick me up that day because I couldn’t bear to walk a mile home with a blood stained crotch

  • Fat Monica

    My mom, bless her, only bought generic maxi pads- sans wings- so this meant near-constant leakage with too-often trips to rhe nurse’s to change into loaner pants (read:ugly af, ill-fitting pants).
    HOWEVER, this past Sunday, while having brunch with friends, I stood up when we were finished to find a spot of blood on my trench coat- Id fucking bled through my pants, just like 7th grade! Im not sure which was worse, this happening in middle school or having to explain to my adult friends I had to go home and change because Id had an accident. Le sigh.

    • Alison

      How about at a conference for work in your mid-30s? Far past the point where you are allowed to forget to pack tampons.

  • Nellie Aquilina

    It was my second period ever, and i was in the middle of the ocean on a peddle boat with two boys, i only noticed because one guy was like ‘who’s bleeding?, i looked down and thought NOPE just my ovarian lining, then panicked jumped into the water and swam to shore. I’m pretty sure they knew but we have never spoken about it till this day.

  • Kari Fry

    I accidentally locked myself out of my apartment in my robe while taking out the trash then started my period in the hallway of my building.

  • Julie

    Dying. Straight Dying. I started at work this morning then stabbed my toe on some glass in my shoe (WTF it was doing there i do not know). Bleeding from multiple facets. Need designer jacket to stop the hemorrhaging STAT.

  • Alex S

    During a Romeo and Juliet test in the 8th grade.

  • nevvvvave

    I got my period in the middle of the summer before starting middle school and being how i am, i decided to never tell anybody because ya know Gross and Embarrassing. But then 3 ish months later while watching “she’s the man”-my fave movie at the time- with my parents i had to pause and change pads (located in parents’ bathroom obv) but ended up using so much toilet paper that it clogged their toilet….So long story short my dad, not exactly the most sensitive guy, ended up yelling at me for not saying anything and my period nightmare came true LOL still traumatized to this day

  • Cecilija

    In a changing room, last summer. I took off my skinny black jeans, and suddenly, there was this tzunami of blood dripping on the floor, my shoes, everywhere, it was an absolute horror scene!!! There I was, in my bloody panties, bare foot on the bloody floor, with MALE sales assistant gently knocking on my door, inquiring how did the black blouse he thought was fabulous fit me?!

    After desperate contemplation to use the fucking blouse to wipe some of the disaster, i established that I had zero wipes or hankerchifs with me, but (luckily) had not one, but two sanitary pads. So, i used one to line my dripping wet panties, put on my black jeans back on my (need I say- bloody) legs and then used the other pad to wipe as much blood from the floor as I managed (super absorbant, I confirm).

    I rushed out nauseated, before somebody enters the changing room after me and screams

  • TinySoprano

    Mine are super heavy so I’ve always been prepared to the point of paranoia pre-period, but I get those moments where you just know your current tampon has given up the fight and you have to go and change it literally right now because the pad you’re wearing with it isn’t going to hold the fort for long by itself.

    Probably the most embarrassing place that happened was when I was 12, we’d just moved to the States for a year and the realtor had dropped by to see how the nice Aussies were settling into their condo. Mum was like, stop drawing, get up, say hello! And I got up to find that I looked like a shark attack victim from the hip down, and the chair wasn’t any better. I spent the rest of the day in bed in tears, clutching a new pad to myself with both hands because I was so scared that more leakage would happen.

  • Elizabeth Doudna

    15, Home Depot, with my dad and uncle. I felt a strange trickle in my pants, asked the cashier for the key, handed me a foot long piece of lumber with key attached. Small bloody blotch, “ah, I got my period.” wad of TP temporary pad- so uncomfortable. Rode my bike to the store that night to buy supplies.

    Called my best friend. Her words, “Its about damn time.”

  • Emily Hawe

    I have two horror stories.

    The first starts at age 11 through to 19. My vagina was so tight I couldn’t use tampons until I started having sex. I also had a VERY heavy flow. Thats 1 maternity pad for every 1.5-2hours. I live in Australia. We go camping for school trips in the desert. I have PCOS so at that time I would have a period twice in one month then not again for 10 weeks. I got my period the morning of a 15km trek with a 15kg backpack that resulted in severe chaffing from pads. We also had to canoe back the next day through 11 gorges/12km. Whilst canoeing I bled through my pad (obviously) and ended up getting chased (but not attacked) by leeches. Pursued. We also passed 4+ crocodiles. When we got back to base camp my shitty best friend wouldn’t talk to me because she thought I was gross, ‘just use a tampon!’

    The other time was when I was 22 in Berlin. What a beautiful city! I was wearing a short floral dress waiting to do a walking tour. A brazillian woman from my hostel had come with me and she seemed normal. The tour group is 30pax and we’re all about to leave when I feel a trickle of blood slide all the way down my thigh and pool in my shoe. I grabbed the brazillian woman, explained what had happened and asked her to help me. We could easily grab the next tour group in 30minutes. They were free after all! She looked at me and said Ok, then kept walking with the group. She eventually gave in and tried to find a bathroom for me, but not without complaining how I’d ruined her day. She was 36yo and soulless. The whole thing was a nightmare. Keep in mind it was my second day in Berlin, I didn’t have a smart phone and didn’t speak a lick of german.

    Nicht gut.

    • Jessica Downing

      Omg I think that first story wins, that sounds so bad!!

  • maggie12

    I was in Death Valley doing geology field work and had no running water. And for whatever reason I had a super long period that lasted over a week. It was the. absolute. worst. thing. ever.

    • additionalmayonnaise

      Forgot to mention I have also gotten my period during a camping trip in the desert in Morocco! TBH I was on jolivette for 2 years and it was the greatest because I never got my period.

  • klynb

    At Denver Comic Con, in line waiting for Stan Lee’s autograph. Luckily, I bought extra supplies that night and got his autograph the next day.

  • Joana

    Worst, and most ironic, was my first one at 11:
    After an entire day at school hiding the stain of my pale pink pants, my mom picked me up at school and started crying a mix of sad and happy tears. She then added that i could have anything I wanted as I had just become a woman…

    I asked for a Barbie.

  • Brittany Marino

    I got my period the summer of 7th grade at bowling camp. I was wearing Old Navy jean shorts and and Paul Frank shirt. Every time I would get up to bowl and I would hear laughter and faint whispers. I didn’t realize that every time I went to bowl, bending over in attempt to better my form and gain a strike, my fellow campers were seeing my red soaked behind. I only noticed when I went to the bathroom and pulled down my shorts to the horrific sight. Bowling camp definitely ruined.

  • Claire

    I was getting a spray tan and the lady had just finished bronzing me when a trickle of blood ran all the way down my inner leg and pooled on the free white flip flops hahaha. She was very nice about it and cleaned it up for me before re-spraying me so I wouldn’t have it immortalised for the next 2 weeks

  • Rachel

    Got my period the first day of my bachelorette weekend in NY, which was like, 2 weeks ago. 👹

  • Rachel

    I also got my first Lady Week on my 15th birthday.

  • Jolie

    I once got my period in the middle of a gynecological exam. I was 20 and the doctor played it so cool that I barely felt embarrassed.

  • lois

    I definitely thought this was going to be a plug for LOLA’s new first period kit! (https://www.mylola.com/products/first-period-kit for anyone who’s curious)

    Got my first period in Hawaii, didn’t realize that the tampon applicator went INSIDE before pushing so basically spent the entire vacation in severe discomfort any time I sat down…

  • Vida Rose

    I was in a village a couple hours outside of Katmandu in Nepal, filming a music and dance festival. The festival was in a huge field and all the neighboring villages came out to see the show. My period showed up unexpectedly and in full force, and there were no tampons or pads for miles and miles. I used an extra pair of underwear as a pad. There were about 3 thousand people at the festival, and there was one toilet. I was lucky to have access to it because I was with the performers. But whilst using said toilet, my makeshift underwear-pad fell in. I should say here for western readers that is toilet was essentially a hole, and the underwear were forever lost. The day was hot and the energy was high; the day was such an extreme mix of highs and lows. The performers were incredible: dance and music troupes from all over Asia and Eastern Europe. There was such a feeling of good will and peace. Also some festival-goers were really rowdy and annoyed that I was front and center with a camera, and they started throwing garbage at my head. I found a place on the side of the stage where I was safe from the garbage rain, meanwhile free bleeding all over my imposter designer jeans. I stopped filming and just joined the party, and one point a Rajastani Romany troupe I’d fallen in love with invited me to dance with them on stage and it was insanely fun. Afterwards a group of teenage girls came up to me while I was in line for the one toilet and told me I had “a pretty face but a fat stomach”. It turned out the toilet had been clogged and was out of service. I sourced some pants from friends as mine were totally destroyed by now and we had 3 hour car ride in front of us. I just bled all over the borrowed pants and then the tour van. When we stopped the van to pee on the side of the road I was attacked by leeches. It took me 20 minutes to find them all.

  • Julia Falko

    It was one of the first days of my second sales campaign as an intern at one American fashion brand (named X), its Milan branch. On that joyful September morning I woke up feeling way too energised, thinking about all the clients I was going to meet and all the things pending on my to-do list. However, I noticed that I was looking kind of pale, but didn’t pay much attention to it.
    It was a hot day (September is usually pretty hot in Italy). The atmosphere at the office was lively and I was looking forward to having a productive day.
    By 11AM I had written about two dozens of emails and finally took a break to go to the bathroom.
    To my surprise, I discovered I got my period started, even though it wasn’t even close to the dates that I was forecasting.
    All of a sudden I began feeling weak and decided to take a little sit on the sofa on our showroom (FYI that American brand’s interiors in the flagship stores and in the offices are all the same, so its was a big green velvet sofa, spacious enough to accomodate a family of four people + a dog).
    Was it the psychological panic attack of loosing control of my period’s predictions, was it low pressure or the aftermath of the fact that I was only eating soya products and green leaves for the past couple of days, but the next thing I remember is me waking up to the whole sales department standing above me holding plastic glasses with water and orange juice.
    I fainted…
    It had happened to me several times before, when I wasn’t eating well or was having a series of particularly stressful events. I’ve always hated it but I knew how to handle myself in such situations.
    So as I woke up from my faint, realising what had just happened, I apologised and tried to joke it off.
    It was the most embarrassing situation ever happened to me at work!

  • La La La

    First time I got my period. Summer after 7th grade. Went on a day trip with my family. Wearing white shorts! Could not bring myself to tell my mom the entire day. Luckily I had a long t-shirt and my period wasn’t too heavy. Blood all over my shorts. Other incident was on Spring Break in Jamaica. My friends and I were catching a boat to go snorkeling that day, and I unexpectedly started my period that morning. I had brought some back-up pads, but nothing substantial. I took what I had on the boat, but it wasn’t enough. I had to kept checking to make sure I hadn’t bled all over. I couldn’t go snorkeling either. Sulked the whole day. The captain of the boat kept calling me “Sista Cool” because of my aloofness and not wanting to go in the water. This only made the whole thing more uncomfortable. It totally sucked.

  • CDC

    I got my period trying on shoes at Nordstrom. I didn’t know I had it until I stood up from the seat to find a red puddle shaped like my bottom. I was also wearing white jeans.

    The end.

  • Madmoiselle Catastrophe

    It was a rainy day in Brussels. But that is redundant. It was in Brussels. A guy I had started casually dating picked me up in his car and told me we would go find some sun. The GPS said Amsterdam was the nearest sunny place that day. When I got off the car in our destination, I saw this big puddle of blood on my seat.
    He bought me tampons. He happened to have a bag with some clothes in the car and gave me some of his underwear to change too.
    I sincerely would have understood if I had never heard from him again. But it’s been three years and we are getting married.

    • meme

      Soo sweet

  • Lauren Helen

    I get really horrible periods- intense pain, cramping, and nausea. The first time I got my period I was walking through a mall and suddenly felt faint and nauseated and crampy- my aunt drove me home right away and I ran to the bathroom and vomited. But the real horror story… I was late for a group therapy appointment (it was a group for social anxiety) and was running to catch the bus. I completely wiped out and hit the ground in front of everyone at the bus stop (and everyone who could see me through the bus windows. I stood up and tried to act casual despite everyone asking if I was okay. Turns out they were asking because I was bleeding everywhere- my knees (I still have scars on them from this occasion), all up my arms and hands, on my chest and hips, even my chin. I somehow stayed calm and made it to my appointment, and I sat there, completely humiliated, covered in blood, when I felt a familiar cramping, nausea… I guess I really was bleeding from everywhere! Let’s just say nothing I wore that day could be saved.

  • AReallyMoodyTeen

    Aight, so I have 2.
    One happened today, and one happened yesterday.

    Yesterday we had this trip. Two states away from home. So while we’re all waiting for food, I just feel it.
    My period.
    I ran to the nearest teacher and I bolted to the bathroom. No one had pads, so I made a makeshift pad. That would have been bad enough, but as we were walking around, I felt something on my leg, through my pants. It wasn’t blood, or any liquid, so I saftely assumed it was a bug. When it got out of my pants through the bottom of my pants, I see I piece of my “pad” on the ground, and I proceeded to run into the bus and make another in the bathroom, only this time making sure it was thinker and wouldn’t break as fast. That kept me alive for the rest of the day, and I went home extremely embarrassed.

    So today. I woke up, and being mortified on what had happened yesterday, I decided to wear two pads, one placed normally, and one near my rear, just in case.
    by the time we got to lunch I sat and asked if we were allowed in the bathroom, to change. Everyone rushed me to go, and as I got up, I saw blood stains, all over the seat.
    EVERYONE, told me to take of my sweater and wear it around my waist and run to the nurse.
    I did, and my mom came in with a pair of pants and pads.
    She didn’t bring me underwear.
    So I had to go through the day, awkwardly, I might add,
    With all my friends not saying a word about it the whole time


  • Johanna

    I was in California with my family and we had stopped at a hotel for a little before we could go to the house we would be staying in. I had started my period the night before in the car but I thought I would be ok. I was wrong. When I woke up in the morning and got up I felt all of the blood just pour out of me. I quickly and awkwardly walked to the bathroom where I surveyed the damage. I had soaked throughout My pad, underwear, and the pair of very thick sweatpants I had worn to bed. Not like there was blood on the inside of the sweats, no, I had bled to the other side of the sweats. Blood was all over my thighs and it was a mess. Then I had to go back into the hotel room in front of my family and act like there wasn’t blood all over my pants so I could get another pad.