What Phrases Need to Die?

I do not care how you woke up. I don’t care if you arose via rooster, fresh faced and sunny-eyed, or if you were jostled awake by a pigeon having sex on your air conditioner as my roommate has recently been known to do. I don’t care if you have a pimple. I don’t care if you look hungover. I don’t care if you look perfect. I especially do not care if you’re already in a cab on your way to work, because how you woke up is basically irrelevant once you’re already in transit.

“I woke up like dis” needs to die.

Beyoncé memes have a longer shelf life than others do so I’ve let this carry on past my usual limit. It was definitely funny for a while. But now, as I scroll through my Instagram feed each morning only to be barraged with a plethora of self portraits all captioned the same — the Queen B lyric and its purposefully misspelled version of “this” — I’ve reached my limit and can see it/hear it/read it no more.

I’m also prepared to serve my time in jail for whatever actions I may demonstrate the next time I come across, “Sorry not sorry.” This was amusing once in 2012. Now it’s a poorly constructed sentence that must make absolutely no sense to a non-English speaker. It’s like using a middle-finger emoji to project bad-assery. It’s the Good Charlotte of insults. If you’re truly not sorry and would like to demonstrate wild anarchist tendencies, just let the photo of you double-fisting Appletinis speak for itself.

Finally, no more “I remember my first ____.” I know that I just spilled a little bit of beer on my shirt. I know I just tripped. I know, for heaven’s sake, that I put my sweatshirt on backwards and actually, I did that on purpose because it looks better this way. I don’t need you to point it out because guess what? I remember my first JOKE, and it was actually funny.

Now I turn the mic to you. I know you’re right there with me, sick of all the hyperbolic “EPICs” and dramatic “FMLs” and every other annoying yet viral trendy one-liners that leaked into our lexicon and then refused to go away. Tell me. Tell us

What phrases need to die?

— Amelia Diamond

  • “fierce.”

  • JillianRS.


    • Great one. Just say “sunglasses” all the way.

    • Natalie

      Hahaha Australians always say “sunnies” – it’s in our DNA.

  • kate

    “but first, let me take a selfie” NAH

  • “THAT TIME WHEN….” and then the person finishes the statement with something so uninteresting about what they just did. “That time when my cab driver told me I looked like Britney Spears…” JUST FUCKING TWEET “MY CAB DRIVER TOLD ME I LOOKED LIKE BRITNEY APPROXIMATELY ONE SECOND AGO”

    • btw: no one has ever told me I look like Brit 🙁

    • Amelia Diamond

      OH MY GOD I HATE THAT. AKA “That one time I humble bragged.”

      • This goes along with “That awkward moment…” CANNOT.

  • Taylor

    “I’ve been drinking, watermelon” is increasingly captioning every photograph that includes a beverage.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I wonder if Beyonce’s annoyed.

      • Charlotte Fassler

        She is, she told me.

        • Watermelon

          “Watermelon” is a euphemism for cum. I think people need to be more aware, or maybe they are aware, so now I’m wondering, does everyone really swallow that much? (http://rapgenius.com/Beyonce-drunk-in-love-lyrics#note-2616901)

          But also, I don’t think any Beyonce phrase should ever die, as long as you’re using it correctly, which most people are not. No one woke up like or as Beyonce, so they have no right to say they did.

          • Nikki Stout

            Urban Dictionary defines it best.


            Watermelon is referring to male sperm that contains a lot of seeds (KIDS)

            “I been drinking…watermelon”_Beyonce song Drunk In Love

            Translation…I been sucking dick and he came in my mouth and I swallowed.

            I won’t be able to look at watermelon juice the same way ever again.

  • LaRaeRae

    oh god i have so many. “that awkward moment when…” is my worst. and when people make a status or tweet something along the lines of “Dear inanimate object or low-wage employee, stop doing random thing. Love, me.” Like “Dear Starbucks baristas, stop putting whip cream on my no-whip mochas. Love, me.” STOP.

    • Amelia Diamond



    • FeministFatal

      YES. WORST. NOT CUTE. Also pretty usually bitchy.

    • emily

      “Dear X, Love, me” is the WWWWOOOOORRRRSSSSTTTT

  • @voxALISHA

    ” Turn down for what?!”

  • Elenita

    “Feels”… Not a word!

    • Lauren

      only made worse when experiencing “all of the feels”

    • FeministFatal

      its like an awkward way of trying to make emotion funny and not emotional or create nonexistent bonds with people

  • Katelyn Milley


  • Leandra Medine

    “That _____, tho”

    • or its evil stepsister: “dat ____, doe”

    • Rebeka Osborne

      I HATE THAT. There is a girl on my Instagram feed that is constantly posting selfies with captions like “dem eyes tho.” Please stop.

    • Aubrey Green

      I HATE that, HATE it. I don’t like any of them. It’s not so much a phrase, but I also don’t like husby, or hubs for husband, or preggo/preggers for pregnant. I also don’t like, “I’m all____ and she goes_____” No one is all, or goes anything when talking, it’s he said she said. It all drives me mad.

    • yes

  • Dana

    “that _____ , tho…” fill in the blank for something you think is unique/exquisite.

    • Dana

      shoot, Leandra! you beat me to it while i was creating my profile.

      • Joshua Ogden J.

        If you created your profile just to say this, you have my approval. This phrase needs to be eliminated from the popular lexicon. It’s even more obnoxious when someone says it in person, complete with the “dat.”

  • yolo and turn down for what just need to die. They needed to die before they even happened. I also agree with all of the ones you mentioned 🙂


    • Amelia Diamond

      wait guys, what’s turn down??

      • Is it because of the song by lil john & DJ snake?

        • and yes it is from that song 🙂

      • The opposite of “turn up”, to get high and drunk and reckless. It’s along the lines of yolo as in why stop doing stupid things we only live once! I hope that made sense haha.

  • Sabah

    I am sorry but ‘ It’s the Good Charlotte of insults’ hahahah

  • Sabah

    But really ‘sorry not sorry’ is so conceited and unlikeable.

  • Lauren

    I have so many! I “cant even” begin to list them all. Does anyone else feel like the resurgence of all things 90’s is, in some crazy way, mirrored by linguistic trends? I haven’t heard so many demographics cling to pop phrases since (the last time) i was wearing overalls and calling everything THE BOMB.

  • Rebeka Osborne

    #blessed kills me.

  • Charlotte

    “…. meets ….” . For example: It’s rock and roll and chic. It’s like (another thing I don’t approve of) Kurt Cobain meets Coco Chanel. It hurts every time. I have the feeling it hurts Kurt and Gabrielle too.

    • Agnes

      Calling anything “… chic”. Please don’t.

  • or when someone starts their statement with “casually….” and the thing they are doing IS SO CASUAL. “Casually going through the burger king drive thru because I’m hungover” how else would you go through? forcefully? erratically? LIKE, YOU’RE NOT SLY!!!!

    Amelia, you may need to get me a restraining order from this post because everything is making me so annoyed.

    • FeministFatal

      Casually living my life pretty much

    • Carly


  • Emma

    I’m on a school team with a lot of my friends. These are a few phrases they can work into every sentence:
    “Ratchet ass mess”
    “______ game strong”
    We say these phrases about 1,276,976 times per practice and I’m surprised the coaches haven’t killed one of us yet.

    • Amelia Diamond

      (i’m into the ___ game strong but am now putting it on high alert)

  • lavieenliz



  • Michelle Glassow Schroll


    • nicnak


  • Cutty3000

    I wish everything could stop being “dope”. Also: This.Needs.To.Stop.Immediately.

    • I could have swore things stopped being dope in like 2002? I guess I was wrong!

  • VIBES!!: #springvibes #campvibes #blissvibes #crystalvibes #handmadevibes

  • Dat azz do. That necklace tho.

  • Ew, and how bout hash-tagging pictures of your boyfriend with #lovehim. F-ing gross.

  • Alli

    The “…nbd” right after you talk about something super amazing you just did.

  • omg and this thing >>>>>>>>>> school<<<<<<<<<<<<

  • Millie Cotton

    “I can’t”…deal with this post

  • Kandeel

    “WHAT IS AIR” yes hello I’m not sure if you’re stupid but air is
    the invisible gaseous substance surrounding the earth, a mixture mainly of oxygen and nitrogen.

    “I CANT EVEN DEAL” ……..

    And basically replacing “th” with “d” makes you sound illiterate please stop

    • Kandeel

      ALSO “o tru” “real talk” “no lie” “say word” “holla” and “real n**** wassup”

      • Kandeel

        AND “peasant”

    • Amelia Diamond

      I haven’t heard the “what is air” thing!! tell me more about this one guys.

      • Kandeel

        Its basically like i cant breathe when something is funny/surprising but instead youre questioning the existence of air??? OOhh and i got another one “A+++++++” when something is funny/true/relatable

  • Lyric

    “I literally even can’t right now.” or “I am literally dying.” No you’re not, you just saw a cool jacket. Calm the heck down.

  • Quinn Halman

    when people say slash because half the time if you wrote out what you were saying there the slash would not make sense to be there

  • emily


    • My version of the middle finger emoji: the cactus emoji
      I especially use it on people who don’t get it.

      • emily

        Interesting… I like it! Thanks!

  • #WhiteGirlProblems…because really, it’s not like I, an Asian girl, can’t relate to you on something.
    Also, any other non-ironic uses of #blessed, #selfie, #hashtagofanythinginthepicture

    • Amelia Diamond

      I REALLY hate #problems after anything and everything. HATE.

    • Kristen

      #girl #hair #eyes #smile #love #starbs #sunshine #summer #vsco #vscocam #brandymelville #americanapperal #live

  • Nycole Sariol

    “Foodies”. ‘Cause doesn’t everyone enjoy the comfort of food? Why the segregation?

    • Jill S

      I always think of foodies as those who REALLY enjoy food…I mean, I do. But my husband collects recipes, plays with seasonings, is much more into the details than I am. I just want my food in front of me when I’m hungry. So he’s the “foodie” in our house.

  • Jen

    Amazeballs, epic (unless you’re discussing Gone With The Wind), sunnies.

    • Kari

      Thank you! I’ve hated “sunnies” since I first saw it used, I can’t even explain why really, too sweet maybe?

  • Aurora

    Dis article doe

  • Savannah

    Saying ‘Beat’ or ‘Snatched’ when your make up is done up are at the very top of my list — I’m convinced that some dramatic Beyonce fan acted as an impetus for those. Also, I hate when people say _______ or nah? And when people say, “This could be us, but you keep playin’.”

  • Hannah B.

    Rachel Zoe’s ‘Bananas’ catch phrase needs to stop. Like, right now.

  • Rachel S.

    This is not a catch phrase but since were all indulging in a little catharsis, I hate when people write a sentence and the period gets a freaking space after the last word. Like, who the hell taught you to finish your sentence like this . <— ARGH!

    • Amelia Diamond

      let it out girl. let it out!

    • LaRaeRae

      Yessssss. Also, I work at a newspaper and a surprisingly big portion of our contributors still double-space between sentences. Hellooooo that was only necessary when using TYPEWRITERS. Thank god for the Microsoft Word “Replace” function.

      • LexoRexo

        …every law school professor on the face of the earth reinforces the two space “rule.” I hate it, but it isn’t the fault of the people who use it! We have to according to people that have more authority than we do.

        • LaRaeRae

          I’ve never heard that before! That’s crazy.

  • Dancingcheektocheek


  • Lisa

    I don’t know if this counts, but I require a moratorium on people posting gross shit that happened to them on the social medias. I do not want to be perusing my feed whilst enjoying my morning coffee only to see “I stubbed my toe” accompanied by a grotesque bleeding nub. Inappropriate and gross. Stop.

    • laprairielily

      I am guilty of this. I broke my ankle, and it seemed like the easiest way to tell all my friends at once. Two weeks later, a friend complained that a picture of my swollen foot in a cast was still popping up on his newsfeed. Lesson learned.

  • cindy kazanjian

    “Right?” after any comment, such as “I know, right?”. And epic. Both are totally overused.

    • Leandra Medine

      I think I use “you know” the same way which irritates me SO MUCH. I’m trying to kick it.

      • cindy kazanjian

        That’s another one. And these are so hard to kick especially after you draw attention to them to yourself. 🙂

      • 702Girl

        I respect your self awareness 😉

    • Kristen

      or “rt” as in “retweet” after everything UGH, like you’re on instagram and you see that in the comments and it doesn’t make sense because this is instagram you’re on not twitter….

  • Saying something is “everything.” Or worse, “LITERALLY everything.” It can’t be everything. It is LITERALLY impossible.

    • Also #blessed. Yeah, that looks like a hella delicious meal/bangin’ party/fun saturday activity, but it seems like if you were actually truly enjoying it that much you’d be enjoying it IRL, not posting a bunch of photos with it. There is, however, a really good chance that I’m just being crotchety about this.

      • Melissa

        You are not being crotchety. It always comes off as trying to hard. It is usually something like “Buying groceries at Wal-Mart” #blessed #ilovemylife

  • Nycole Sariol

    “Foodie”. ‘Cause doesn’t everybody enjoy the comfort of food? Why the blatant segregation?

  • Nycole Sariol

    Or how about “She’s such a Charlotte,” or, “You’re totally the Samantha of the group.” They’re fictional HBO characters for cryin’ out loud. What ever to your friends formerly known as Ashley or Sabrina?

  • Stylish Housewife

    OK…so these aren’t “sayings” or one-liners…but I am so tired of people using “unexpected” or “polished” when describing their outfits. This pretty much seals the deal that I will now never be able to say that to describe any outfit ever. But I will have to ask forgiveness now because I just received a tank as a gift with “I woke up like this” on it. But here’s the best part…I had no idea that it had anything to do with Beyonce. I’ve never even heard “Flawless” (totally just googled it). I think I get a pardon for being 35+. Who are we kidding….I’m closer to 40 than 35…

  • Olivia Martin

    “Not going to lie…”

    WHY WOULD YOU LIE ABOUT WHETHER OR NOT YOU LIKE LATTES OR CLOGS? Don’t lie, but if you are going to lie, don’t tell me about it.

    “Win!” or “Winning!”

    You didn’t win anything. You maybe had a positive outcome. Winning involves actually winning something and getting to eat pizza with your team. No pizza, no trophy, no win.

    “All of the things”

    It’s not all of the things. All of the things would be overwhelming and crowded.

    • LaRaeRae

      YES to all of these hahahahhah.

  • Tinycourt

    “I love….said no one ever.” Mother of effing god that one kills me.

  • Elaina

    “This is everything” and the non-literal use of the word “literally.”

  • Ellie Lambert

    When people say “hashtag” in real life. Or even worse, they make a hashtag with their hands. WHY.


  • Sofia

    Not a phase but I have to pick “like.”
    Makes me cringe when I hear it more then once in a sentence.

  • Hudson Berry

    The phrase “I give zero fucks” can go slide off a slippery cliff.

    Whenever you overhear this phrase, there is a 100% chance that the person speaking does indeed give a fuck. Probably several fucks.

    • Leandra Medine


    • I…… thought that paragraph was….. pretty funny….. #SORRYNOTSORRY (I am a teenage girl in my heart)

  • Courtney

    “THAT MOMENT WHEN…” I could barf.

  • MetalDog


  • BethanyBeach

    “Bae.” Used ironically or not, that term sounds so stupid.

  • let’s just drop internet parlance once and for all.

  • Shade of Red Blog

    Meh. I just hate it when someone says “it was a bit meh”… What, have we run out of adjectives already?

  • Alyssa

    “Good times”
    “the awkward moment when”
    “Truth is”

  • Ladyreaps

    I can’t be the only one who is ridiculously tired of “lol.” Not only can I guarantee you didn’t really laugh out loud, but this usually just indicates you aren’t intelligent enough to come up with any further banter.

  • LAW

    “My perfect ______” and “my _____ is better than yours” have got to go. Everyone thinks their mom/friends/bf/gf is the best and you sound like a toddler claiming something so subjective and personal is better. Also up there: “babes on babes on babes,” when describing a group of girls. I hear this and imagine a stack of babies. HATE.

    • 702Girl

      I loathe better than yours posts! Not sure why but it really gets under my skin

  • Fun Police

    blessed (used sarcastically), the word ‘vibe’, out here, that _____ life, bout that life. so many.

  • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

    Snarky comment or stating the obvious followed by “…just sayin.” Not cute at all and gratingly way past it’s expiration date.

  • Paula McClelland

    It’s a little off topic but I HATE when people add emotions/feelings to their Facebook updates.. . Feeling blessed, feeling happy, it only compounds the banality that is Facebook interaction. *rant over 😉

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  • emma

    “I’m sorry, but…” It’s like saying “no offense.” You’re about to offend people, own it. You’re about to say something snotty and don’t feel one bit of guilt for it, own it.

  • Nikki Stout

    “Because, _______”

  • dontmissmelis

    “AM I RIGHT” …. N.O.

  • I’ll throw my hat into the ring:

    1. bad bitch
    I still don’t entirely know what it means. I hear my students call themselves bad bitches, and it seems like an empowerment thing. Then I hear them in the same breath call some other woman a bad bitch, and suddenly it’s an insult? I don’t get it…and based on the many ways I’ve heard it used, neither do most women.

    2. ratchet
    I know what that one means…I just hear it way too often.

    3. “I haven’t even started your paper yet.”
    I’m an English teacher. Don’t brag to ME about how lazy you are. At least play the game a little. 😉

  • Eva Kuzyk

    TBH needs to die, fast. Along with any phrase taken from a youtube video.

  • Kelly

    I just can’t believe that I still see those ‘Keep calm and _____”. I will die. If i ever. See another. Also – TBT, FBF…. how about just an old picture of you. That’s cool without the lame hashtag.

  • Lauren

    Captions that must die:
    “The struggle is real”
    “Because ___” (ex. “Because smoothie.”)
    “Killing it”
    “That __ tho”
    “No big deal”
    “Shameless selfie”
    “___ vibes”
    “Awkward moment when…”
    “That ___ lyfe”


    “Sorry bout it”
    “Can’t even”

  • Brandon Isaacs

    Yeah get rid of the current annoying crap people let dribble out of their mouths so it can be later replaced with more, different annoying crap that people let dribble out of their mouths.

  • Monique Louise

    “What had happened was…”

  • Kara* Picard
  • Omar

    Using every word as a verb!
    “Thanks Coachella, you sure know how to festival”. What was once cute is now just annoying.
    Also those “do you even lift” gym memes..

  • kelly

    “Just Saying” Always at the end of a sentence ” Pretty nice day in London today, just saying” I KNOW YOU JUST SAID IT!

  • “thank you based god” or just “the based gods” or “based” anything. ENOUGH!

  • The moment I hear somebody say “rage” I zone out. No, I don’t want to rage with you, bro.

  • Lulie

    “This just happened”

  • Alex Muzik

    “that feel when…”

  • radiorage

    “he liked it, so he put a ring on it”

    Oh, this was said a couple of times, but #blessed needs to die!

  • Alina

    if you can take one more: “ANYWAYS”

  • psst!

    omg needs to die

  • Alison

    Picture of some amazing thing captioned by “I die”. Please stop.

  • insidian

    saying “literally” to describe a normal, believable thing. “literally ate the whole thing” …whoa, it’s a good thing you clarified, because if you simply ate the whole thing, there would be leftovers, right? also “just sayin” = “just bein snarky”

  • Gabe

    Sentences which start in appropriately with “So…”

  • Gabe

    Epic fail, please be gone.

  • Jmw

    “at the end of the day”

  • Qwearty

    My top “favorite” ones are:

    – Posting a selfie of your face and hash-tagging #beautiful

    -“That moment when ___”

    -“#blessed #blessedgirl #luckygirl”

    -“#instamood #instadaily #instapic”

    “#like4like #follow4follow” (so lame)

    And ALL of the bellow.

  • Gemma

    ________ Game So Strong
    Or naaaaaaaaaaaw..
    Totes cray


    I will kill you


    “you are hypocrite”

  • Amber

    ‘honing in’. It’s ‘homing in’.

  • LilyP

    “Because ________.”

  • AlexaJuno

    “This/My life is just like an episode of Girls.”
    Stop it.

  • Sarah Fentem

    I HATE fashion magazines’ (I’m looking at you, Marie Claire/Lucky/InStyle) seemingly random use of “decidedly”. It’s a lazy way to round out a sparse sentence with a word that really doesn’t mean anything at all anymore.

    “But this is a different, decidedly cooler look: Patti Smith with a dash of Michael Jackson…”
    “Known for her decidedly anti-glam approach, the actress has been known to turn heads on the read carpet…”

    While we’re at it, no more hagiographic, fawning profiles of actresses having lunch while wearing Lutz and Patmos cashmere sweaters. When I was in grad school one of our professors told us that if we began a profile with LUNCH, he would personally hunt us down and kill us.

  • nay

    I think this maybe goes to girls in LA but I can’t remember when it became socially acceptable to speak like a “valley girl”. So irritating! Didn’t that used to be a bad thing? Yaaaas, girl.

  • Nikki Stout

    “Because, _____”

  • “At the end of the day….” followed by something along the lines of “he’s just immature” or “I just want to find someone who loves me for me”. This phrase is most often used on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Its grammatically correct and everything, I just think its horribly overused. Some things cannot be solved by the end of the day, and I think its a little overzealous to think so.

  • Isabelle

    ´No filter´ selfie and a filter applied. Then I think: you really need it…


  • Richard Vandiamondsworth

    “A” game.

  • Annie

    “I’m gonna be that girl and_______.” Nope.

  • LexoRexo

    Can we kill “that.” or “this”? It must have grown out of “want” or “need” as a caption below something people really want or crave, but it is just lazy! If you like it, explain why, or assume we understand you are posting it because you like it. People right “this” when they share an article or an image. WRITE IN FULL SENTENCES. Or, at the very least, a full phrase!!!

  • “It is what it is.” Mindless filler. Of course it is what is is! If it was something else, it wouldn’t be that! Say something worthwhile, or don’t speak!!

  • “That awkward moment…” We are so over that phrase! http://www.LEZU.com

  • robabeau

    “Everything”. As in: “Oh my god, that vintage brooch is EVERYTHING.”

  • Sully Ann

    “girls be like…” ugh so annoying.

    Also, when someone posts on instagram a picture of the NYC skyline and they use hashtags #NYC #NewYorkCity #NY #NewYork … uuummm we get it!!

  • yup

    ” I can’t even right now” you can’t even what? FILL IN THE BLANK!!! You can’t even have friends because you have no real personality

  • Courtney G

    “Where you at?” No!!! Cmon!
    “Where are you?” is not hard to get out.

  • dl2013


  • Vivi Peche

    #myboyfriend/bestfriend/sister/cat [delete as appropriate] isbetterthanurs.

  • miss maggie

    “it’s a ::blank:: kinda day.” like when I see a selfie on instagram of someone holding a coffee cup & wearing red lipstick and the caption is “it’s a coffee & red lipstick kinda day.” JUST LUMPING STOP.

    • Sarah Fentem

      100 percent behind this unless it’s someone “having a Chico’s kind of day.”

  • Ondine

    killin it

  • “humble brag”

    Just fucking brag or shut up.

    There is no such thing as a humble brag.


  • Kristen

    I don’t know if it’s just teens my age, but a lot of girls are adding “idk” or “kinda” or “I guess” to the end of EVERYTHING like, “I guess it was fun, idk” or “you’re kinda pretty, idk,” but FOR WHAT?!?!?! I honestly don’t get it and it makes me so angry sometimes, as if it makes them sound more aloof, or what? I have no idea. Teen girls, please explain.

  • Marina

    Keep calm and do something stupid no one cares about…. These keep calm phrases drive me nuts!

  • Carly

    read the minor cogitation then the hilarious comments and am left with this: since when did everyone stop speaking english? (ps totally creature to some of these horrid statements #sorrynotsorry)

  • Guest

    Dear {Inanimate object/event/idea/anything you feel like at the moment},

    Please stop making me {something you shouldn’t do/something that annoys you/something you want to do but think it’s cute to make fun of yourself for so you can brag to your friends}.


  • Sally Esposito

    Spoiler Alert!!!!

  • Sally Esposito

    Also “Bahahahahaha”

  • Evvie Clare

    Please tell me I’m not the only one a little scared by −

    18 hours ago
    I will kill you
    0 Replies

    In the comments above. I personally wouldn’t consider that an overused, cliché phrase…..

  • Alice

    “Boom”. I don’t even know how this happened. Why do people say “boom” all the time?

  • Sarah Hale

    “that ______ is everything”, “YOLO”, “can’t even”.

  • Apryl Electra

    The word “HATE” in general needs to die. Can we please start being more positive instead of overusing the “H” word?

  • JEM

    “Veggies”- when did vegetables get too difficult to say?

  • Sarah Dodds

    “______hair don’t care”.

  • Rachel C.

    “Turn Up”

  • BethanyL

    I’m sorry but the phrase, “I can’t even” following the sentences of every pubescent girl and all women alike is just…… I can’t even……

  • Gina


  • Georgie

    When people caption their photos with “I’m on a boat”, EVERY time someone is on a boat. Oh, you’re on a boat? Thanks for solving that mystery for me. There are currently 205,557 hashtags of #imonaboat followed by #imonaboatbitch and #imonaboatmotherf***er… No. Just no.

  • gr9

    “k bye”

  • not cool

    “my life is a joke.” I cringe every time.

  • Arielle McManus

    “basic bitch”

  • Julie Meowmeows

    “You do the math”

  • amg

    “You do you”

  • Alisha

    “ship” As in relationship. but not quite.”Oh, Mary and Matthew! Do you ship them?” No, I do not, on a regular basis, transport them on a vessel via sea. I am, however, emotionally attached to their love story. GAHHH.