NY Closets: Stephanie Nass

Like a mathematician, Stephanie Nass sees patterns in everything: clothing, cakes, dinner. She’s the founder of Chefanie, a website where she sells art as cake (or is it cake as art?) and Victory club, a membership-only organization that brings people together over art, culture and food. But her celebration of color doesn’t end in the kitchen, it might actually start in her closet, which is why we asked her to give us a peek inside.

What we discovered was the only thing she likes more than a print is two prints mashed together. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Speaking of which, she’s not afraid to say something with her clothes (especially if that something is “I’m a palm tree” or “I’m a rosebush”). Her motto? “No pattern, no party.”

Take a southbound scroll to see the proof.


Day 1: I love this big scarf. It can twist into a headdress or dress, depending on what it needs to be. Here I’m on my way to a party! In the box? A cake dressed with Chefanie Sheets. 90% of why I get invited to anything is because I always bring cake.

Hermès scarf as dress, Hermès accordion scarf as belt, Loro Piana hat, Prada shoes


Day 2: This is me in my natural habitat. I’m doing what you might [accurately] expect I do: taking pictures of my food. I love these tie-dye jeans because they add a pattern to an otherwise plain look.

Ann Taylor turtleneck, Gap jeans


Day 3: Pattern on pattern! Palm leaves on palm leaves. Jungle on (concrete) jungle. I’m en route to a meeting and about to get in my Uber!

Ann Taylor dress, Alix of Bohemia jacket, Jimmy Choo shoes


Day 4: Here I’m meeting friends in Riverside Park. The majority of my “shopping” takes place in my family members’ closets. God blessed me with being a size that is in between my brother and mother.

Topshop sleeveless turtleneck, Brooks Brothers shorts (brother’s), crocodile belt (grandmother’s), Stuart Weitzman shoes (mom’s)


Day 5: Here I’m in between meetings and admiring my favorite Roy Lichtenstein mural in the 42nd St Subway Station. I love this mural because I love Roy but also because I love primary colors!!! PLUS: they match my outfit.

My favorite nerd pro tip: Always button the top button.

Ralph Lauren shirt — another here, Ann Taylor skirt, Chanel bag, Stubbs & Wootton slippers


Day 6: Shopping for fruits and veggies on the Upper West Side. I love this dress. I wear it everywhere: beaches, parties and, most importantly, grocery stores.

Dolce & Gabbana dress, Chanel bag, Jaipur and Greenwich consignment store earrings — similar here


Day 7: Bringing a cake with Chefanie Sheets to my local fire department half as a mitzvah, half for the eye candy. (P.S. Charlie the firefighter asked for my Instagram. Is that the 2016 equivalent to asking for my number? Hope so.)

Visit Stephanie’s website Chefanie and follow her on Instagram @chefanienass, Pinterest @chefanienass, Twitter @chefanienass and Facebook; feature collage by Emily Zirimis.


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