New York Closets: Kate Foley

Stylist Kate Foley is a true fashion nerd. What does that even mean? It means she reminisces about design houses under their former visionaries with reverent nostalgia, doesn’t care what her fiancé thinks about her less than sexy sandals and has a full on Marni obsession. It means that not once, but twice (and probably more, undocumented) she has hunted for a pair of shoes with the same dedication the CIA might a deadly fugitive. Intense? Yes. But for us fellow nerds, it’s like Foley says below, “Oh, for the love of fashion.”


Monday morning meetings in the office. This is my favorite Marni skirt, which I have to try and stop myself from wearing every day. It’s my version of jeans! These Prada shoes are from the Fall 2014 runway. I have them in red and gold but was never able to find these ones until recently when I spied them on Vestiaire Collective.

Stella McCartney top, Marni skirt, Prada shoes, Marni earrings


Dressing for a day spent on set can be a bit of a challenge; you want to be comfortable as you’ll be on your feet the whole time, but it’s kinda important to try and look nice if you’re the stylist. These Céline sandals are a bit crazy — my fiancé certainly seems to think they’re a bit too “fashion-y,” but they’re so comfy I fell in love with them!

Marni earrings, Zara dress, Céline sandals


You might have guessed by now that I have a BIT of a Marni obsession. I love this dress. It’s so simple in its shape but the long sleeves and mock neck really make it. I was delighted to find out it comes in green, and I also bought the top version in a floral print. Wearing another pair of Marni earrings here, super heavy but worth it!

Marni dress, Marni earrings, Céline sandals


Off to dinner in my beloved Suno dress that I’ve been wearing all summer. I launched a hunt that spanned all corners of the earth to get my hands on these pink Louis Vuitton heels. I tried them on in NY and stupidly didn’t buy them then and there. A week after I decided I had to have them but of course, they were nowhere to be found. I eventually managed to locate a pair after calling a million stores and sending emails out to everyone and anyone I knew that could help. Oh, for the love of fashion.

Suno dress, Louis Vuitton shoes


In LA for a cocktail event to celebrate Vestiaire Collective. I ran past the Marni store and bought this floral top before stopping by my FAVORITE store in LA, Irene Neuwirth, to pick up some insanely beautiful jewelry. I had brought my Isa Arfen black shantung silk pants with me and they worked perfectly with the top (not pictured: my new white Céline wedges that I just discovered on the Vestiaire Collective site after years of searching!)

Marni top, Irene Neuwirth earrings, Isa Arfen pants


Heading to an event tonight after the shoot. This Miu Miu dress is incredible. I am totally and utterly obsessed.

Miu Miu dress, Jimmy Choo heels


Finally made it to vacation! Sitting here in Modica, Sicily in the early evening before heading down a million steps into the town to have dinner. I found this Saint Laurent dress on Vestiaire Collective and was surprised as it feels more vintage, more Yves Saint Laurent than Saint Laurent; it’s much more me than the rest of the current collections.

Saint Laurent dress, Isabel Marant sandals

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Feature collage by Elizabeth Tamkin


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  • Allie Fasanella

    her style is KILLING me its so damn good. each look is fucking sublime. & a new person to follow on instagram, thx mr

  • Well with such an interestingly agitate life i think you would really appreciate our full line of bags, purses, necessaires, clutches… where you could fit your busy life with comfort and style!

  • Well with such an interestingly agitated life i think you would really appreciate our full line of bags, purses, necessaires, clutches… where you could fit your busy life with comfort and style!

  • YES a woman who really knows how to DRESS THE DRESS. Makes me want to throw all of my pants away.

  • This might be my favorite closet to date. Kate Foley, your dress collection is dreamy!

  • Amelia Diamond

    that day 5 marni top and all those big-foot sandals ahhhh

  • Dreamy collection…

  • Brielle Saggese

    Epitome of the vintage cool girl

  • Claire

    All of these looks are perfect. If she’s a fashion nerd, then I want to be a fashion nerd.

  • allie

    Hey guys! Amazing closet as per usual. I’ve noticed that a few of the links (ex: Zara dress from Tues) aren’t directing to the same clothing/brands mentioned in the description. Just wanted to give you a heads up as this is somewhat of a pattern on the site. I love knowing where to buy the exact same thing!

  • Sophie

    This entire closet is to die for!! I hope one day I can get my OOTD w/ my Marni skirt, too ;-‘)