Back to School: Welcome to New Beginnings Month on Man Repeller

Sometimes when I think about summer, it feels a little like New Years, only in a warmer climate and with fewer fireworks at its culmination. Because we reflect, right? On whether we had The Best Summer Ever, or just simply survived. We develop superlatives to rate our experience. We try to gauge whether we’ve changed. What have we done? What haven’t we done? Did we execute what was placed on our bucket lists? See, do, help, wear, eat, think about The Things we said we would?

But so what if we didn’t? Does going back to school — to life — mean we can’t still do those things?

And hey, while we’re at it, here’s a short list of feelings it’s okay to feel now that we’re in September.

+Nervous chills down your spine

+Heart palpitations

+A little bit like a sailboat just sunk in the depths of your heart

Or maybe that’s just me! You know, I used to think that graduating college immunized people from feeling like they were headed back-to-school, but now I don’t think that feeling ever goes away. September will always smell like the inside of a brand new pencil case, but is that so bad?

When I think about the end of the summer — the end of what formerly felt like terminal fun, vacation, a quiet inbox — that thought is often met with what manifests as crippling anxiety: a reminder that Real Life starts again soon, that we can’t let our hair down again for another nine months. But here’s a question: why not? This month, I’m throwing away “can’t”. Emphasizing the good parts of getting back into the school-groove, like the fact that it’s the sole reason our summers become a cluster of wonderful memories that we get to take with us wherever we go. A new beginning! The chance to reflect before the technical end of the year and to treat time like it’s starting over. Blank slates for all.

And as for us — you, me, the community? This a great time for us.

Dressing tutorials and fashion week and conversations about procrastination and new horoscopes! and a fresh perspective to rejuvenate a conversation that got a little quiet and a little lazy while the sun beamed down so hard that Fridays became Freedays, no matter what we were doing. There might even be a series of interviews with a group of Kindergartners but I’d rather say less, and have you share more. So now here’s the mic — take it with conviction, and let’s talk about how we will turn back-t0-school into The Best Month Ever.

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis; creative direction by Emily Zirimis.


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