Are You Obsessed With Movie Montages, Too?

What does it say about the human psyche that our brains practically light on fire when we watch a montage? The quick cuts, the overlaid music, the feigned appearance of productivity: they’re everything my mushy, limited-attention-having, before-and-after-loving heart could ever ask for.

I’m not a doctor (officially) but I’m pretty sure that when I watch one, the dopamine levels in my brain quadruple. A list of things I could probably do post-montage-viewing: lift a car, solve a rubix cube, tolerate slapstick comedy, hang shelves, like tomatoes.

Some people say they’re the stuff of cheesy-ass movies, but I say they’re a cinematic cure-all. So I asked Team MR about their favorites — a request has never been met with such joy — and then curated and categorized all of our picks for your bliss-seeking pleasure.

Which is your favorite?

The Makeover Montage

A classic wherein a character goes from “ugly duckling” to hot piece of a$$. Bonus points if it’s super obvious the person was already attractive.

The Shopping Montage

A character goes on a shopping spree and spends a shit ton of money. The key ingredient to the shopping montage is obvious: successive opening and closing of dressing room doors.

The Studying Montage

What’s more satisfying than watching someone get smart inside of five minutes? The studying montage sums up hours of tedious and awful work — perfect for the laziest of viewers.

The Seasons Montage

The passage of seasons is never more poetic than when set to music and done extremely quickly. Winter looks so easy!

The Training Montage

Watch someone go from novice to expert without so much as wiggling your left pinky.

The Running Montage

If you’ve ever been a runner, you understand the satisfaction of a running montage. All that distance, none of the cramps or questioning of your sanity and/or survival!

The Dancing Montage

The dancers go from bumbling idiots to graceful performers. Creative outfit changes and very obvious body doubles required.

The Competition Prep Montage

It’s the night before the big day and everyone’s preparing their minds and bodies. If someone doesn’t growl in a mirror, it didn’t happen.

The Cleaning Montage

Montage nirvana. Unnecessarily manual labor such as scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush is preferred as is a time crunch.

The Morbid Montage

Sad but somehow still so good.

The Love Montage

The romantic montage that could make you cry regardless of your knowledge of the characters or context. Piggyback rides more than welcome.

Please please please link us to your favorite montages in the comments!

Feature image via Movie Clips; carousel image via YouTube.


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