What’s in Your Fridge: Mickey Boardman

“I love cereal. When I go to France, I get the Special K with chocolate in it because that’s all they have at the little grocery by where I stay. What I usually have is like a grilled cheese and french fries so Special K is like eating kale. I don’t always [keep it in my fridge] — I usually keep it on the stove. But this shelf that is usually covered in plates started to collapse, so I had to move the plates to the fridge.

Let me get some Royalty Dishes. I’m officially like that crazy lady who they show on the day of the Royal Wedding…I never cook. Con-Edison sends me e-mails like, ‘You you never use the gas. Can we turn you off?’ And I always say no. And I weirdly hate microwaves, but my boss, Kim, gave me this microwave and I do cook my turkey pot pies in there. I’m vegetarian and when I saw the Tofurky pot pies for the first time, I literally lost my mind. I thought it was a dream come true because I love that kind of food: a grilled cheese sandwich, a pot pie. Very American diner. But you can never get a pot pie for a vegetarian.

The Diet Cokes — I hate Diet Coke — I only drink regular Coke because I feel like if you’re gonna have soda, go there. It’s my thing. Though sugar is the devil. And I do prefer the Mexican Coke, because it’s real sugar, as opposed to corn syrup but an ongoing sort-of joke in my life is that when I order on Seamless, they bring me Diet Coke instead of Regular Coke, and I have a nervous break-down. So, the refrigerator is filled with Coke I would never drink.

I mostly order in but I do go on kicks. Now I’m getting these vegetarian breakfast sausages, so I cook those. But I never use the stove. Twice in the twenty-some years I’ve lived here [in Nolita] I’ve made Weight Watchers Garden Vegetable Soup, and I had a nervous breakdown just shopping the vegetables. I just feel like I have no natural sense in the kitchen. Like, if you taste it and you’re like, ‘That needs more salt, that needs more this’ —  I have no natural sense for that.

For breakfast, I usually get a bagel. Every once in a while, I will have the Special K for breakfast even though I usually eat it when I come home from parties. For me, it’s a much healthier choice than grilled cheese. I do go every once in a while to a place like Whole Foods, though, thinking, I’m gonna get tons of fresh fruit! Or tons of stuff that’s easy to make, but I end up never using it. I have Mickey Mouse chocolates from Belgium in my freezer, they’ve been in there for two years. I haven’t even looked at it. They’re taped shut.”

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Images by Lauren Levinger of The Food Life

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