Kill, Fuck, Marry?

This is a serious one, people. If we were to play the Kill, Fuck, Marry game using Scott Disick, Anne Coulter, and a highly enticing bag of Lays classic potato chips, who would you kill, who would you marry and who would you – hubba, hubba – bone?


In case you’re wondering, I would kill the Lays–probably destroy them with my mouth. Fuck the Lays–literally just let my gastrointestinal system f-shit-up. And finally, I would also probably marry the Lays because, you know, we’ve been through so much at this point.

  • K.B.

    Kill Scott Disick, Fuck Anne Coulter, Marry Lays classic potato chips.

  • Marta

    That’s an easy one kill Anne Coulter, fuck Disick and marry the chips? – maybe not so easy after all;)

    • Amelia Diamond

      I’m with you.

      • Charlotte


  • JP

    Kill Anne Coulter with wild abandon, bone that stud Mr. Disick (which Auto-Correct wanted to understandably change to “Dipstick”), and marry all the Lays.

    • Leandra Medine


  • Kate Barnett

    easy: make anne coulter no longer exist, fuck the potato chips, marry scott. marriage is pretty reversible. sex, not so much.

    sidebar: i’m too guilt-prone and superstitious for the ‘kill’ designation.

  • Carmen

    marry disick
    marry disick
    marry disick

  • Aly

    Well lets see…bone that sexy Scott Disick, kill Anne Coulter, and definitely marry those lays!!!!!!!!!