London Closets: Katie Kova

Katie Kova is the Founder and Creative Director of Kova Jewels. She’s also the Queen of the Fun Twist, if you ask me. It makes sense: one peek at her jewelry and you’ll see she has an eye for a simple and yet somehow surprising kind of beauty. The exact same could be said of her wardrobe. Her style, six days of which you can click through above, is clean and almost minimal, often drawing your eye to a single stunning accent piece.

At first glance, you might think she’s just wearing jeans and a t-shirt, an all-black outfit or a plain white dress, but you’d be wrong! Not that you’d miss it — how could you miss a colorful coat, rainbow tassels, fringed piping? She has an eye for detail and is the perfect example of how playful editing can be.

I really mean it, click through above for proof!

Follow Katie on Instagram @katiekova. Check out KOVA Jewels and follow the brand on Instagram @kovajewels. Feature collage by Lily Ross.


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