Interview Mag’s Julia Gall Wears Menswear, Makes it Look Easy

Julia Gall is the Senior Fashion & Accessories Editor at Interview Magazine, and she says she’s on a “getting dressed kick.” It’s the exact kind of expression that makes no sense but also total sense, and it feels especially apropos when you click through a week of her outfits above. You’ll find menswear-inspired blazers, perfectly tailored cigarette pants, houndstooth shorts, a velvet duster, fitted knit sweaters and silk scarves — all the necessary ingredients to appear v. “put together.”

But that’s not to say she’s buttoned up. In fact, her ability to make these items look casual and easy is exactly what makes her style feel so cool. Ex: Under one blazer is a Juicy Couture track jacket. Those houndstooth shorts have a paper-bag waist. A silk scarf is the icing on top of a Canadian tuxedo. She’s just…cool. Click through above to corroborate. Please and thank you.

Follow Julia on Instagram @juliasgall; follow Interview Magazine on Instagram @interviewmag. Photos by Philip Stockton, follow him on Instagram @philipstockton.

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  • Clara

    Oh God, that Tibi suit! I’m in love.

  • I really love the androgynous look! x

  • That suit is outfit goals, I’m trying to get more mensweary in my wardrobe but still attempting to keep it relatively feminine

    – Natalie

  • Hilary

    Channeling this for the rest of the year/forever

  • Amelia Diamond


    • Alanis

      I love the blazer too! It’s gorgeous, love the boyfriend fit

  • Alanis

    I love all these outfits! Especially those trouser shorts 😍

  • I can’t handle this. I can’t handle this!!! Too. bloody. good.

  • me

    excellent slideshow ! the silhouettes shown here are fab/wearable in every day life (unlike some MR looks) : even though i dont have $$ designer stuff, i do have pieces that i could put together to get similar looks.

    thanks for sharing , julia !

  • Emma St.George

    I am lowkey obsessed with Julia Gall shh don’t tell her. this is everything I needed