NY Closets: Jayna Maleri

Jayna Maleri can’t remember a time she didn’t love baggy clothing. “I’ve always worn pieces that fit large,” she says. “I think it comes from having spent my teenage years and early adulthood as a patchwork-dress-wearing, hemp-necklace-making, frenetically-twirling-at-shows Phish head. I used to sew my own clothes back then and always erred on the side of humongous.”

These days, as the digital style editor for Condé Nast Traveler, she’s making oversized dressing work for her 9-to-5 in the fashion industry. Think less earth mother muumuus, more super wide trousers with clean lines to wear Monday through Friday. As for the weekends…hop around the Slouchy Express and see for yourself in this edition of NY Closets, a magical place where you can wear your pants loose and have your sweatshirt, too. Don’t forget to send a postcard!


Monday: I know I’m supposed to “balance” oversized pieces with sleeker ones (I’ve seriously written that styling advice 8,000 times at work), but I kind of love to pile it on — a huge pair of pants and a massive fleece jacket? YES! Especially when it’s gray and rainy and colder than it ought to be and I have to head into the office early to get a bunch of stuff done.

(Emerson Fry coat — another sherpa coat here, Uniqlo sweater, EDIT pants — another option here, Adidas shoes, Coach bag)


Tuesday: We have this crazy underground passage at work that you can use if you want to get lunch at Brookfield Place, but you don’t want to go outside. It’s like an airport, as imagined by Kubrick, and I love walking through it. But what I really wish I could do is sneak in there after hours and roller skate. I’d definitely get arrested/tasered, but it would almost be worth it. As for what I’m wearing, I love patterned pants more than anything and I tend to get compliments when I wear them, which is always a plus.

(Uniqlo top, Ace & Jig pants, Tretorn shoes)


Wednesday: This is my desk at work. I try to make it feel comfy and homey and like my apartment does since I spend the majority of my time here. Little things like a lamp and a couple of framed prints go a long way for me and honestly make me work harder I think. I’m really done with winter at this point, so I’ve been lightening up my palette and trying to sneak in white/cream pants wherever possible. And open toed shoes – yay!

(Warby Parker glasses, J.Crew shirt and sweater, Black Crane pants, Rachel Comey shoes)


Thursday: I live in Fort Greene, and I am always stopping by French Garment Cleaners. They carry all the brands I love, and the owners, Alec and Greg, and just about the loveliest two people in the neighborhood. Plus, they let me walk around the store with that amazing hat on for like 20 minutes. It didn’t quite work with my outfit — which is yet another pair of light, cropped wide legs and a sweatshirt that I adore by a brand that sadly doesn’t exist anymore — but I might have to get it so I can wear it to the beach.

(Samuji hat, Brooklyn We Go Hard sweatshirt — another here, Citizens of Humanity pants, Adidas shoes)


Friday: My best friend lives across the street from me, which is amazing and makes me feel like I live in a sitcom. I’ll often run over to hang out or grab something from her, and I never dress appropriately because it’s seriously 60 steps from my door to hers, but then if she takes her time coming down to let me in (she has a one year old, so she gets a pass), I end up sitting on the stoop and shivering. My top is made by my friend Lena Corwin; she has an amazing line with Jen Garrido called See Sun, and my sunglasses are brand new, from SALT. They feel like the pair I’ve been searching my whole life for. If I lose them I’m going to be devastated, so wearing them feels a little high stakes (relatively speaking).

(SALT Optics sunglasses, See Sun top — another option here, Whistles pants, Rachel Comey shoes, Lotuff bag)


Saturday: Saturdays are for drinking good coffee from WTF and walking our insane dog, Merle. They’re also for wearing paint-splattered everything and a billion layers so I can try to get away with not wearing a coat. I love these old J.Crew pants (they came pre-splattered, which is kind of a cheat, but they’re so comfortable I give them a pass), and there’s seriously no softer t-shirt in the world than this one by Clare V.

(A Peace Treaty scarf, J.Crew shirt and pants, Clare V. t-shirt)


Sunday: My husband and I have a Sunday morning tradition: we head over to Red Hook for breakfast at Fort Defiance, I order the huevos rancheros, he orders the All American, if we’re feeling like monsters we also order a piece of French toast, and I wear these overalls. Seriously, every weekend. If I could wear them every day, I honestly would. Or at least three days a week. I love dressing in my most comforting clothes on Sunday; it helps me feel ready for the week ahead. That’s why I also often wear this flannel, which is my dad’s from the ‘70s.

(Vintage overalls from Etsy, L.L. Bean flannel, Saint James striped top, Birkenstock shoes, AANDD bag)

Follow Condé Nast Traveler’s Digital Style Director Jayna on Instagram @jwmaleri; collage by Emily Zirimis. 


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