Is That A Zebra in Sight or is Rihanna Just Happy to See Me?
minor cog

Rihanna stepped out in cloaked head to toe Tom Ford last weekend looking like a walking emblem of that rudimentary joke about shit that is black, white and red all over.

I don’t remember the punchline unless it was a highly prophetic joke that was waiting for a moment nestled into the second half of 2013 to reveal itself in totality.

Now, I hate to make this a game of Who Wore it Bests but in matters of the model vs. the model vs. the exotic animal not pictured, who, uh wore it best? My money is on Ri.

  • I think the zebra wins this one

  • Amatoria Clothing

    Not flattering, and she may need some Vagisil. It looks like she either has the vaginal itch or is trying to pick out a front wedgie. She’s so hot. She needs to show that body! Let that vagina aerate!

  • andrieya

    i consider hate a strong word, so i choose my words carefully……hate the lewk, hate the hair…….howEVER, i did read that it was for a video shoot in which case the costume look gets a pass.