Is Orange Is the New Black the New Sex and the City?
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When we miss our moms, we call them. When we miss camp, we chew on twigs. In the case that we miss one of our favorite TV shows after over-indulging in a one-sitting viewing party? First we cry, then we ruminate.

Orange Is the New Black and old standby Sex and the City, consider yourselves missed. In an attempt to satiate the television void in my heart, I will now compare two shows that couldn’t be more opposite. One takes place in a jail, one does not. But a case could be made for the two main leads:

Piper and Carrie are aren’t so different, save for circumstance and location. Both women are equal parts good and bad, brave and cowardly. Both navigate incredibly tricky lands with nuanced paths through the endless verbal discussion of their need to find purpose. Where Carrie’s is a world of imploring West 4th Street-smarts to get past bitchy hostesses and ex-wives, Piper must develop her own mechanisms to avoid getting beat up or all the other weird stuff that comes with living in jail.

A strange comparison when actually considering both shows separately? Perhaps. But that’s what we here at Club Cogitate are all about: gettin’ weird.

And now, for some cogitations in the form of non-round bullet points:

  • -Is lunch at the felons’ cafeteria tables a direct reflection of Carrie & Co as they unpack current events and romantic endeavors over poached eggs and mimosas?
  • -Is Piper’s dopey husband-to-be Larry Bloom the equivalent of Aidan?
  • -And if he is, does that make the inimitable Alex Vause Piper’s Mr. Big? Two viable partner peas, one fucked up jail pod. Right? Or just me? Moving on.
  • -Do you detest the asshole prison guard Mendez with the same fervor we have towards Post-It Note-Berger?
  • -That look of love Aleksandr Petrovsky gave Carrie — those were some Crazy Eyes, am I right? High five me.
  • – Yoga Jones was the voice of Patti Mayonnaise on Doug…nothing to do with SATC just a really fun fact.
  • -Who is Charlotte?

Come on guys, it’s Friday, and thinking about this weird shit is SO much more fun than work.

— Carlye Wisel, edited by Amelia Diamond

  • S

    Lorna is Charlotte!

    • Charlotte

      haha that’s a good call given her obsession with her future wedding

  • Sarah Braden

    who is charlotte indeed. also who is sam jones??

  • Leticia

    I agree S. Morello is Charlotte. I effing love this show!

  • Natasha

    Let’s not forget Taystee and Poussey !

  • what

    …are you kidding me

  • NinjaCate

    I mean, I completely disagree, but this piece wins for that graphic ALONE!

  • Eva Ward

    my mind is kind of blown by this aiden-carrie-big/larry-piper-alex comparison. and natasha lyonne is obviously samantha.

  • Lorna (Morello) is definitely Charlotte, and Nicky is Samantha! Which makes Alex Miranda. Never mind that they are sleeping with each other… 😛

  • hgjhghj

    I think Yoga Jones looks like an old version on Carrie Bradshaw LOL

  • Your parallels of both shows are eerily similar and accurate! I don’t wait to claim TV shows, but it’s true!

    Your Friend, Jess

  • Mojo

    If Orange is the New Black is the new Sex and the City (and I’m convinced by your argument that it is) it shows that we loved Sex and the City not for the shoes or dresses but for the smart and witty portrayals of women’s lives–because we don’t see any high fashion in Orange is the New Black, and we love that show too.

  • Gabi

    I Think miss claudette is charlotte, shes só romantic

  • fbcreations

    I agree with Lorna being Charlotte. But now I have to watch it all over (thanks for giving me another excuse and justify my obsession: “I have to do it for the Man Repeller”) because I am lost with Samantha.

  • NoJustNo.

    Did you really just white-wash this show and then compare it to SATC? Wow, way to miss the whole point of it.

    • Megan Small

      Have to agree. Loved SATC, but the show was exclusively about well-to-do, straight white women. Love that Orange features characters of many different colors, backgrounds, sexual orientations, etc.

  • The Healthy Collective

    HAHA… I’ll high five you…. Petrovsky, Crazy Eyes… Love it… You’re dead on with this!

    Hilary x

  • mmesand

    My first visit to this site and this is what I see…well done! I guarantee this topic came up in the writers’ room more than once. Vause IS a lesbian Big. And it shows that what people loved about SATC was more than just the shoes.

  • Alexandra Darlau

    Where does that leave Girls then? Cuz it sure ain’t the new Friends!!

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