Is It Ever Not Open-Toe Shoe Season?

Let’s dip our toes back into the literal and figurative pond of weather-related fashion today. (If you happen to be near the corner of West 4th Street and Cornelia, please refrain from dipping into what you may think is a pond but is actually a pool of stagnant water that has not once been drained since maybe 2005.)

Our industry has been debunking sartorial rules for quite some time now. Gone are the days of sticking to your color season or not clashing prints, of wearing clothes only intended for your gender or being forced to choose between skirt or pants when it’s obviously more fun to wear both at the same time. Once the rude-ass mandate against white post-Labor Day was torn up it signaled anything really does go if it floats your sailboat.

But what about the standards that exist for practicality, like wearing tights in the winter to avoid hypothermia? (Though we’ve found a loophole.) Or eschewing sweaters in the summer unless you’re Diane Keaton’s character in Something’s Gotta Give? (I’m working on this one.)

Let’s say you fall in love — and I mean head over heels, who cares if you’re a Montague and I’m a Capulet type of love — with a pair of shoes that are the very definition of everything save for the fact that they’re missing something: toe closure. And it’s winter. Or rain is predicted for the next five hundred years. Are you supposed to forget about them? Or do you buy them and place them on your shelf, only to stare at them with the longing of a recently diagnosed gluten intolerant person in Dominique Ansel’s bakery? What about a pair you already own, like your very favorite sling-backed, open-toe mules that you bought at a sample sale for an insanely low price and they are as beautiful as that gluten intolerant person in a non-gluten-free bakery is hungry. Do you just pat them on the head and say, “Not for a few more months, my friends. Hope you like dust.”?

To me, this seems ridiculous. So to that I say: just wear them.

Open-toe shoes may technically have a season, or at least weather-appropriate conditions that tend to span the months of May though early October (if you’re pushing it). But love is love, and if I’m to consider myself the OkCupid of fashion then really, who am I to tell you not to go for it? So go for it. Go get ’em, tiger! Run to your shoes, prepare your toes for the impending cold and tell them to suck it up, spray a little waterproofing solution on them (ask your shoe-guy first!!!) and take those babies out for a spin.

(But of course, if you completely disagree or have alternate ideas, let us know down in the comment section below.)


  • Alma

    On the right in that Dries skirt and leopard mules is Ila from A Portable Package! She look amaze!

  • Murph

    I love open-toe shoes in the fall and winter with fun, crazy, colorful, printed socks!!!

  • aynur
  • Connie G.

    I would say open toe shoes are never appropriate.
    I mean who wants to stare a gross toes all day? Not I!
    Boots FTW!

    • Ginger Hartley

      I beg to differ here…
      I have been championing socks with heels since the 80’s and was thrilled to see the resurgence of this trend at Saint Laurent among others. Open toe shoes can sometimes look more attractive in colder seasons because you cover your toes with tights and socks and the shoes become more versatile.

      • Lydia

        I would venture to say my black open toed shoes look BETTER in the winter. Especially ones that have traction on the bottoms 🙂

    • mpinflorida

      So sick of nasty feet showing in the office all the time..

    • fireonthewater

      Ridiculous statement. Open toe shoes are feminine and sexy and most civilized ladies get regular pedicures….so quit looking and stop being judgy.

  • ChiarafromItaly

    amazing post! had fun while reading it!

  • Kirsten

    What does everyone think of wearing tights with open toe shoes? say an open toe black bootie with black tights?

    • Magda McCann

      As long as no seams are showing, I like it. Exposed seams (unless it’s along the lines of the retro back variety) discomfort me.

  • frkdahlsunde

    Black Givenchy shoes on the left worn by the amazing

  • Marie

    So cool! That’s Irina from on the left, that girls has been featured everywhere! I actually saw here during PFW in Prada sandals and socks. It looked fantastic. Absolutely for the open toe no-matter-the-season!

  • Sasha Jane Shanks

    I wish my blue-hued, frost-bitten toes looked a bit more attractive in the open toe. Bring on Australian summer!

  • Natalie

    I say go for it! A good pedicure paired with open toe heels is an unstoppable combination.

  • Brie

    I’ve always told my friends they can wear their open toed shoes all year round. that’s what tights are for! or a pair of socks! or just rock em with out either and take the cold on your toesies like the woMAN you are.

  • Portia

    We live in New York. It gets COLD. I love a well dressed woman but cannot stand to see one in cashmere, a fur and open toe shoes. You know you’re uncomfortable. It’s making me uncomfortable. And you’re a walking oxymoron. Stop it!!

  • Brie

    There is something really cool about a chick who dares to wear tights with open toed in the dead of winter.

  • Laura Robinson

    The open toed bootie has confused the issue for me.

  • Lavina Bonar

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