If You Could Have Anything Named After You, What Would It Be?

In reading Nora Ephron’s I Remember Nothing, an important question arose right around the time the prodigious author and greatest cinematic gift-giver of all time (When Harry Met Sally, anyone?) started to talk about her friend Graydon Carter’s (the editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair for the uninitiated) downtown restaurant.

Carter consulted Ephron on the details of his imminent menu and she suggested he include a meatloaf. In return, he put said loaf on the menu, called it “Nora’s Meatloaf” and that’s when the wheels of the cogitation train were put in motion.

Ephron discusses the perks and perils of having something named after you (on the one hand, if people respond well then you, the supposed proprietor, feel like a great success; on the other, if they don’t respond well, there’s a sense of defeat and hunger [pun intended] to disassociate yourself from the thing) and talks about what else she’d have wanted to have named after her which, of course, in a bout of true narcissism only reminded me that there are plenty of things I’d like named after me, too.

Wondering what?



First, a Dries van Noten collection. I’d love it if one season the Belgian miracle worker would call his collection “une homage a Leandra.” Also — and of course I understand this is incredibly ambitious but tomato, to-mah-toe — I’ll happily take New York City’s skyline being referred to exclusively as Leandra’s Skyline any night of the week. (Except Sunday when the Brooklyn Bridge would go by The Brooklyn Leandra thus rendering me that which connects two entities between a body of water.)

Come to think of it, actually, I think I’d be perfectly okay if just white sweat socks were named after me but enough about that, what about you? In an ideal world, WHAT THE HAM WOULD YOU HAVE NAMED AFTER YOUR FINE SELF? If you say sucking candy, I will feel inexplicably disappointed.

  • Rebecca

    Girl, I happen to remember reading an article where you’ve had more than one thing named after you. http://www.elle.com/news/fashion-style/leandra-medine-inspiration

    Doesn’t mean you still can’t reach for that skyline!

  • yolanda evans

    well I have a cocktail or Two named after me and they are quite tasty if i do say so myself

  • Amelia Diamond

    I’d like Botticelli’s “Venus” to be renamed Amelia and I wouldn’t mind if my name replaced the word “music” because people are always saying things life, “Imagine a world without music. It would be awful.”

    • Mattie Kahn

      Oh, brilliant. I might replace “caffeine” with “Mattie” for the same reasons.

      See: “I can’t live without caffeine!” “I’m addicted to caffeine.” “Caffeine is the first thing I want to see when I wake up in the morning.”

      Also, have you heard that “caffeine” may prevent cancer? Stop, guys. Really! It’s embarrassing to be so completely essential.

  • Damn! Am trying to say something to make you swoon (a little) and all this time this damn little voice whispers “a vegetable! a vegetable!” in my ear.


    I want a vegetable to be named after me (= my real name, which is a secret to all but nsa, alcessa already meaning “Lady Moose”, more or less)

  • The act of dipping concession stand popcorn into nacho cheese, because no one else thinks this is socially acceptable and i’d love for other gals like me to have a point of reference.

    “uh, what are you doing over there you cheese finger disaster?”
    “duh, I’m Carlye-ing. It’s so much better than dipping fries in a Frosty.”

  • Charlotte Fassler

    I’m with Amelia in that a world renown art piece would be pretty snazzy to have named after you. Did Lisa of the Mona Lisa ever think the whole world would know her name?
    Also wouldn’t mind if Paris or London became “Charlotte” (though I realize it is a city that exists in North Carolina…)

    • Oh no … I have developed a dislike for Paris (long story no time :-)) and something tells me I might not be the only one. But you can have London 🙂 why not?

  • Tamara

    On the small side, a lipstick or nail polish color…maybe a running shoe.

  • SaraConstance

    I think I might have had this existential dilemma some time ago myself, or maybe I was caught by some “Oprah Winfrey” bug, as apparently I decided to have a blog named after myself. although the decision might have more to do with a moment of inspiration crisis. still, I kinda like to think it wasn’t the worst idea..but must admit I sometimes fear facing massive judgemental behaviour from the outside world. so here it is..


    best wishes,
    Sara Constance