What Superpower Would You Choose?

When I finished reading Matilda I was so convinced that I too had telekinesis, I’d sit and stare at things for hours trying to make them move. My friend Zoey was also in on the action. Sometimes, the inanimate objects of our concentration would actually move — we both lived in old houses where a slammed door upstairs could mean a shift in the floorboards downstairs — and just a hint of a wiggle in whatever vase or pen we were staring at was enough to confirm that we most definitely had a superpower.

It must have been the same year (The Age of Adorable Delusions, perhaps?) that I also read A Wrinkle in Time. Even more so than Matilda, this book convinced me that I had the superior ability of time travel within me, if only I could master the alternate dimensions of the “tesseract.”

I-was-a-weird-kid-aside, everyone wishes they had a super power at some point in their life, don’t they? Sometimes I wish I had the ability to know exactly what someone thought about me, or instantly make myself excellent at any skill in the world. I wish I could speak every single language and run faster than anyone or anything. Flying would be fun, but shooting fire from my eyeballs would be awesome. Walking through walls or having night vision is sort of boring to me, but if I could get a little Doctor Doolittle action and talk to animals? That would be cool. Until the chirping birds outside my window started sounding like a gossipy cafeteria — then I’d be like, Can I get those fire-eyes back?

One of my friends said she’d like to have the ability to touch a book and instantly consume its material. Can you imagine walking down the aisle of a library, pressing your fingertip to anything (War & Peace, The Double Helix, Everybody Poops) and immediately know it by heart? You’d be UNSTOPPABLE at trivia nights.

The best thing about considering your imaginary super power is that the opportunities are endless, and where the same bookish friend noted most people’s choice of super power is often a self-indulgent one, it’s essentially common knowledge that you don’t get a super power without understanding that you’d have to use it for the benefit of society, right? (Except for the “bad guys,” and don’t the always loose, anyway?)

So if you could have any superpower in the world, tell us what it would be. And then, if you’re feeling the good vibes, tell us how you’d use it to help others, even if just to make someone smile. And finally, because this is The Man Repeller after all, tell us what your superhero alter-ego’s costume would look like.

All I know is mine will definitely involve a cape.

— Amelia Diamond

Coco Rocha as Poison Ivy in Vogue, May 2008; Photographed by Craig McDean.

  • This is a good one. I think I’d like to have the time travel ability and the telekinesis. I’d use telekinesis to help people by lifting heavy objects, parting traffic etc. I’d use time travel to go back in time to solve crime. Maybe even prevent it from happening. My “costume” would be more of an outfit. Something super chic like a shift dress with pumps and an overcoat…think 60’s spy. Oh, and I couldn’t forget the fedora. (^_^)

  • Leandra Medine

    Mine would be to cure cancer by holding anyone who is afflicted’s hand. (The power would be two fold – I’d also be a human purrell dispenser) DONT TELL ME THAT SOUNDS PLATITUDINAL.

  • The disappearing act would be my favorite. Apart from simply sitting or lying around unnoticed, I could help anyone in need I would encounter (damsels in distress, white horses, poor purchasers 🙂 …)
    I’d wear this special, chunky ring I’d just turn around on my finger and whoopsadaisy, I’d be invisible.

    I might or might not have stolen the ring idea from an old Czech series I used to love.

  • 25highClothing

    Super power. Definitely has to be seeing the past and future. if that’s even an option. My outfit would be very edgy, very masculine, with feminine details. like all black like batman, with pink piping or something.

    25 highclothing.com

  • Jas

    When I was kid, I was obsessed with Rogue but her superpower was actually a curse in retrospect? I’d say telekinesis or teleportation a la Harry Potter since it would make my life a whole lot easier.

  • Natella

    I loved Piper from Charmed, so I always wanted to be able to freeze the time…

  • Amelie J

    Love this. I would go for being able to grant wishes infinitively. All those people I have known for so many years wish for something that they feel they can never have. I wish I could fix that.

    The Neon Guava


  • Liz Caruso

    Love this article. I did the same after watching Matilda the first time <3 Sometimes I pretend I have superpowers just to get every-day tasks done; it makes life a little bit more fun. Like, it sounds really corny but pretending you're Productivity Woman is pretty fun.

    xo, Liz


  • Bloomaglow

    I will love to have Peter’s Pan imagination and be able create and accomplish anything. Specially use it to help feed people that are hungry and empower women. Kind of achievable though if I think about it. My custom? Somewhere between cat women and wonder women of course!!

    P.S when you wrote ( Except for the “bad guys,” and don’t the always loose, anyway?)
    Shouldn’t it be THEY? And LOSE?

  • robert

    I would choose the ability of adaptation i would be able to climb trees and help people by adapting my strength tho be able to lift heavy objects i would also help cops in gun fights by adapting my skin so bullets cant damage i . that would be so awsome.

  • Thery Barja

    Force of Nature :0 and that is to control the weather, earth movements, the different bodies of water, volcano eruptions, fire, lightning and snow….

  • TheCedarFox

    I would love to be able to speak every language fluently.

  • Sonja Easterling

    I would like the power of telekinesis, flying, granting wishes with my ring, invinsabilaty, have a real wish fairy, and the power to control water.

    • Sonja Easterling

      Also I will pretect everyone I love.