How to Wear Tie-Dye & Sequins Now

We have broken all the rules. You can now mix black and navy. Black and brown. Silver and gold. Denim at a fancy dinner is fine, and the post-Labor Day white ban is so long-gone that to “generously” declare, “Go ahead, be a rebel: wear white this winter!” feels just as antiquated — if not more — than telling someone they can’t.

And yet, we still find ourselves playing Mother May I.

Mother may I wear those shoes even though it’s September and they’re open-toe?
Mother may I pair a turtleneck with shorts if I’m not Diane Keaton?
Mother may I mix media, prints, patterns, and in the name of my outfit, forgo a coat?

Attention: the fashion world can be nurturing and will get mad at you for not doing your chores, but it is not — I repeat, not your momma. Do what you want!

But I know, I know. We humans like rules. I’d date a hall pass monitor if they made ’em my age. So when the question of tie-dye and sequin timeliness came up after appearances on both on the Spring runway (a bit of a trickle down effect from Resort, if you remember) and in the street (hi Leandra!), I made it my business to debunk yet another myth:

Yes, Virgina, you can wear tie-dye and sequins in the fall.

Let’s start with the sparkle first: as seen at Tibi, Rosie Assoulin, Marc Jacobs, Altuzarra, Calvin Kelin and J.Crew, sequins are neither reserved for New Years nor da club in August. Wear them whenever, starting now.

Here’s how: pair them with equal parts texture and nerd. Think nubby knits, wooly skirts, educational shoes. It adds interest without nosey-inquiries; no annoying, “Ooo, where are you going after this?”

To the go-away store, Moira. They’re having a sale.

Now the tie-dye: Treat it as your new neutral; the stain-camouflaging alternative to gray or white; the go-to instead of your old go-to tee.

Then take a note from Altuzarra and pair with leather for contrast, or give in to every store and swap leather for suede. Wear jeans under a tie-dye dress! That would look cool. The point is to make the surfer-vibes less literal if only for the sake of some calendrical adherence.

…Unless you’re surfing the web, in which case, tubular. Here’s a playlist to accompany you. It sounds just like the glittering ocean.

Photographs via Vogue Runway

Feature collage by Elizabeth Tamkin


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  • mollie blackwood

    My most hated phrase to any outfit I wear is “Why are you so dressed up?!” — umm I’m not, I’m just not in pajamas??? I feel like any amount of sequins might do that for me. I like your solution of nerd-ing it up a bit. I might have to try it.

  • erin

    that first altuzarra look. i want it on me. now.

    • Amelia Diamond

      #2 for me so hard

  • BK

    “educational shoes”

    • Amelia Diamond

      got some books on ma feet

      • BK

        You and me both sis

  • Altuzarra’s looks are definitely standing out from the NYFW! Amazing skirts, as always

  • Kelsey O’Donnell

    Sequins in tie dye pattern! Comming at you Spring 2017? Great post, killer playlist.

    • Amelia Diamond