Buy Your Belts Two Sizes Too Big and Do This

Whether or not you’re ready to concede that our parents’ golden years have now co-opted ours, you cannot deny that the pants of the 1970s are back. Please believe me when I tell you that trousers and their denim renderings simply will not feel right unless they are coming just within a blip of your belly button.

Skirts will develop the same complex.

In fact, dresses will likely nip in at the waist too, because as Leandra pointed out, this was a time period that celebrated and flattered the female form.

But similar to the same phenomenon wherein if you give a mouse a spray tan he’s going to want to go on vacation and if you give a dude a kale chip he’s going to send you an article about it from The New Yorker, if you give your body a tapered shape it’s going to want an accessory that emphases it.

Which brings us to this: in what has to be the easiest styling tip since rolled sleeves, Milan street-stylers reminded us that a belt can do more than just hold up pants.

Shot by Adam Katz Sinding for W Magazine

I suppose it does that too, but by buying a belt that is two sizes too big (if not more) and then looping the excess so that its tail hangs down, you’re creating one more thing to draw the eye in.

And if you can’t buy, you can always politely steal — but not borrow, because you’re not gonna give it back — a belt from your father’s closet.

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  • Love the looped belted look! Now to find a long-enough belt that’ll suffice…
    xo, coco |

  • Mary Burdgick

    Absolutely in love with these belts. Such an underestimated accessory.

  • Cinamaron

    Man I still don’t know how I feel about ’70s pants being back! They are not my favorite look, and I think that’s maybe because I’m 5’2″ and I feel that 70s pants + being short make me look more squat than lean and hippiesque.

    I do like the belts though, I have a fabric belt SPECIFICALLY so I can loop it and be cool but I suck at doing it for some reason.

    • Amelia Diamond

      Platforms are your friends!! I’m short too. You have to find a pair of flares with thicker denim so they support your mid section, and the waist REALLY has to snip in at the belly button. For me, mid-rise does not work. Also, the cropped-flare thing that’s happening (I think Zara has a pair) is weirdly flattering with sneakers or loafers. It’s just a new look to get used to…

      • Amelia Diamond

        That said, I’ll work on a post that addresses this.

        • Cinamaron

          That would be fantastic! It can be frustrating to see trends that you like but know wouldn’t exactly work on you because of height differences, so I would love to read any solutions you have! And I’ll experiment with your jean advice too! I’d love to find something good to break up the skinny-jeans 4eva streak I’ve been in.

  • YESSSSS! This is so cool, thanks!


  • Shelby

    I really want to try this! The belts look so cool and different that way. Thanks for sharing:)

  • ThisPersonSleeps

    I definitely need a good belt.

  • Aydan

    Goodness girls you’ve read my mind yet again. I have taken belts from my dad that I have been wearing this way for years!! Cool dads strike again!!

  • Always loved this look!

  • Catherine Bohner

    I always tried to use my regular belts at my waist with dresses and I could never figure out what to do with all that excess. Hm…but how do you loop/tie it? What do you do with the tongue? I need a tutorial.

  • Linda

    I’m 62. I’ve seen this come around three times. I still love it! I try to make it slightly sloppy and off a bit so it doesn’t look like I tried too hard! But, we know I did… Perfect for those lucky vintage finds that are too long. Snatch it up!

  • tunie

    Just never liked this look. Too euro-phallic for one thing, but even without that graphic image, it’s just not a part of the 70’s look I think bears repeating.

  • somzdo

    Absolutely in love with these belts. I need a good belt.

  • I have been doing this for years! Now my secret is out!


  • I actually hate belts when worn to hold up my pants and such but I love the looped belt look. I guess that means I have to buy one to try it out.

    • I hate belts too

  • So many people were wearing it the same style. I like it, but I wouldn’t feel good just copying the style. If so many people are doing it, there’s no individuality. I don’t want to be doing what other people are doing.