How Many Cups of Coffee Do You Consume Daily?

Gone are the days of pretending I am a marathon runner who needs not the third party aid of caffeine on the account of sufficient natural energy. Long live the French roast! I love coffee more than what’s her face loved her Prada backpack and I have proof. It’s stained across at least six of my favorite white blouses, all of which I have yet to retire (crimes of passion, I call these blunders) and guesstimate I will not until soy sauce does us part.


Let me ask you a question: how much coffee do you consume daily? I ask because we’re putting together a Man Repeller guide to the best iced coffee in New York City and as a result, I’ve been consuming at least three cups daily (when hard hitting journalism calls, I never put my phone on silent) whereas, if I’m being really honest with not just myself but humanity at large, I only typically drink the liquid acid until the point of poop, which arrives like clockwork at 10am daily, at which intersection I lose interest faster than that guy, who was in therapy for losing interest in women after he slept with them, lost interest in Carrie Bradshaw, incidentally after they slept together, during season three of Sex and the City.

I’m sorry, what?

Currently, I feel not vaguely but saliently off my rockaAaAaAaAa. This post comes immediately following sip #4 of iced coffee #1, from Gasoline Alley on Lafayette Street. Said outpost has proven itself most pungent in and around Noho — it does this nutty thing (literally, there are hints of the flavor of nut, and I don’t mean genitals!) that keeps you going back though it also loses at least two points on a scale from 1 to 10 because of its almond milk deficiency. It might actually recuperate both those points based simply on the fact that if I wasn’t chained to this desk like an accountant during tax season, there is a 0% chance that I would not be up and running around, much the same way I did on that day Amelia and I tried The Sugar Diet. And you know how I feel about being up and running around, right?

Great. I feel great about it!

Mayo Clinic says I’m good for up to four cups of brewed coffee daily but somehow I think they’re overestimating my body’s relationship with the stimulant, chiefly because I experience all of the symptoms they say occur after cup #4 by the early stages of cup #2 (e.g. restlessness, fast heartbeat, it doesn’t say headache but I get some of those too) so I’m just curious about whether you’re on that page with me, too. How much coffee can you consume before you feel like your heart is about to explode out of your chest? And when the 5 o’clock sleepy face comes around and your body is rejecting your mind’s suggestion to endure cup #whatever (that’s number, not hashtag), WHAT DO YOU DO?

Asking for a friend.

Gtg, bye!

— Leandra Medine

Image Courtesy of, shot by Milton Green, 1953

  • Kris Peterson

    Cafe Grumpy in Midtown West lives up to its name in terms of staff… BUT, they have some of the best iced coffee I’ve ever had (and I’m a coffee snob from Seattle). Put it this way: the coffee is so good they don’t have any flavored syrup selection. None.

    • Amelia Diamond

      Haha wait. Is this the one on 39th and 7th ave? Behind the button?

      • Kris Peterson

        Yes, I’ve heard there is one in Chelsea, too, but 39th and 7th is my go to. Just be warned, the staff is grumpy!

      • Rebeka Osborne

        Wait X2 is this the Café Grumpy from GIRLS?

  • Wow, the second paragraph has the longest sentence ever. I’m guessing it’s one train of caffeinated thought. I’m actually not a coffee drinker, maybe once a week (twice if I’m feeling like it). Coffee is an extreme laxative for me, so halfway through the cup, I gotta make a trip to the ladies. I prefer tea, which I can have 2+ per day on days I drink it. :] // ☼

  • starryhye

    I never really drank coffee until I moved to Seattle. I lived there for 5 years and every year my coffee consumption grew. Those random coffee stands on every corner just made it too damn convenient! I now live in AZ but I’m still a full blown addict. I try to stay within 2-3 cups a day, and none after 4pm (I’m old. It messes with my sleep). I usually will have 1 or 2 cups in the morning post breakfast or workout. Then a cup after lunch b/c it just hits the spot.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I can’t do after 4 PM either

  • Emma McLaughlin

    I just turned 18 I watch a lot of Netflix and read a lot of blogs and leave my house as little as possible because this is small town, rural America that we’re talking about! I have at least 4 cups a day though because at heart I’m some business person that doesn’t get any sleep!! I probably get too much sleep actually, but the coffee doesn’t seem to make a difference…I drink it like water? It is my main source of water?

  • Quinn Halman

    I have two cups a day. One at breakfast because I’ve been doing that since I was 11 and started on my quest to be more European. This has left me 1.5 inches shorter than I should be and A headache at 10 if I don’t have my coffee. Then I have the next cup at 4 because I go to high school. If I could have more than 2 a day I would but I’ve learned to put my ulcer before my cappuccino.

    • Amelia Diamond

      she’s back!

      • Quinn Halman

        Don’t be fooled, I’m still in Israel! Next week I’ll be really roughing it as I hike through the desert sans camel so I figured may as well say “hey”.

    • Shalom!!!!!!

  • I usually have one (or none) cup per day. Anything more than one sends my body, mind, and spirit into an uncontrollable tizzy. My personal favorite iced coffee spots are Van Leeuwen in Boerum Hill. I know they’re known for their gelato, but holy hell, their iced coffee is quite delicious – it has that nuttiness that you described above! If I don’t feel like walking the half block in the wrong direction from work in the morning, I get my iced coffee at a new spot that recently opened in Fort Greene, Baba Cool. Looove their iced coffee and their avocado toast and their kale salads – I can basically get all of my trendy food fixes in one convenient (and cute) spot!

    • baba cool

      we love our iced coffee too and find that we are never uncontrollably caffeinated, but if any of us are in the mood to shake our bodies a little we’ll have a bit of our cold brew 🙂 thanks kate!

  • MrsWayne

    I have three cups a day. One in the morning to wake up. One after lunch, to give me a boost, and one at 5 – 6 pm so I can get stuff done at home.

  • Jenna Calderone

    I have to commute an hour to my internship, and the days where I don’t have coffee before the car ride are nothing short of miserable. I usually have between two and three cups a day, and never after 5 PM…anything outside of those guidelines makes me act like Kramer in that I spill things, behave violently toward entryways, and exclaim much louder than I should

  • Kelly’s Gross-o

    As an English teacher in Paris with severe acid reflux and an abnormally active colon, I am locked in a daily battle with this beautiful black beast.

    At the beginning of each class (and I teach around 5 per day) without fail, at least one of my students dutifully offers me a coffee. And, as always, I try to decline. But after three or four “Mais, you are sûre?”s I give in to the inevitable. I mean, they’re so tiny, and I’m usually feeling pretty tired, and carpe diem, and pourquoi pas, right?

    Suffice it to say, I spend the end of each class, butt-cheeks clenched, agonizing over how I’ve fallen into this familier trap AGAIN. My relationship with coffee is so unhealthy, I am no place to give advice. Because the place I’m in is the bathroom. Again. Merde.

  • Kelly’s Gross-o

    As an English teacher in Paris with severe acid reflux and an abnormally active colon, I am locked in a daily battle with this beautiful black beast.

    At the beginning of each class (and I teach around 5 per day) without fail, at least one of my students dutifully offers me a coffee. And, as always, I try to decline. But after three or four “Mais, you are sûre?”s I give in to the inevitable. I mean, they’re so tiny, and I’m usually feeling pretty tired, and carpe diem, and pourquoi pas, right?

    Suffice it to say, I spend the end of each class, butt-cheeks clenched, agonizing over how I’ve fallen into this familier trap AGAIN. My relationship with coffee is so unhealthy, I am no place to give advice. Because the place I’m in is the bathroom. Again. Merde.

    • Leandra Medine

      I love you

  • LilBeavis

    I drink 68 cups a day.

  • Aubrey Green

    I drink a full cup, or sometimes just half a cup. The thing is, coffee doesn’t do anything for me, except for my psychological state – it makes me think it’s waking me up, but really it’s not doing a damn thing. I just like the concept and taste. I haven’t had coffee after 4PM though, so maybe I should test it out and see if it keeps me up at night.

  • While I can’t offer up any good suggestions (Ohio’s lucky to even have Starbucks, which is suspect at best), I can say I usually only have one cup in the morning and that’s it. I’ve always been sensitive to caffeine, so a little bit goes a long way.

    I was pulling 2-3 cups a day when I was teaching 12 hours a day, and that wrecked me. So no coffee after about 10am for me!

  • Usually one cup. I am not dependent, but on days where I wake on minimal sleep, sometimes I down a cup just to make it through the first have of my day. My already-present foot tap gets more rapid. It’s not a nice feeling, but I have to sip once and a while.

  • ee_by_cc

    I tried to drinking coffee at a very young age before my dad told me it would stunt my growth (I’m currently 5’6″, but I’m CONVINCED I could’ve been at least 5’9″ without that brief 2 week period I spent consuming coffee when I was 8). I swore it off, being mostly of the tea persuasion. However, I went to Mexico earlier this year and took it up recreationally. I’m not full-blown addicted, though…I probably only drink 2 – 3 a week.

  • Alicia Arkell

    if we’re talking cups as in a strict 8oz then I’m not telling. Let’s just go with I buy ~ 3 coffees a day. Sidenote: almond milk in coffee? ew. Unless you’re up on some brand that doesn’t taste like what I imagine white glue + water does I can’t abide it…. Do tell! I know soy milk is so 2009, but it is still the #1 diary alternative of choice for me when it comes to coffee.

    • A few winters ago I got into a daily coffee + almond milk + coconut milk + chocolate syrup habit and it was like a bunch of Almond Joys every morning. Reckless, I know, but that’s what the wild years of college and 8 AM classes are for, right?

  • Lizzie

    Tip of the Tongue in Park Slope near the Botanic Gardens. A little pretentious but what can one expect?

  • Esther Levy

    Black in the morning and milky and artificially sweetened around the miserable hump that is 4 o’ clock

  • Tami

    Between one and three cups, with the last being decaf. Yes, decaf is largely pointless, but I know my caffeine limits. I use a Nespresso machine and just add a bit more water than a lungo would call for.

  • Shoshana Edelman

    I consume one cup with breakfast (every morning since freshman year of high school) but that doesn’t count. I usually follow with another around 10 o clock and occasionally one in the afternoon (especially before a workout). My favorites in the city are Joe’s, Stumptown, The Bean, and Oren’s Daily roast.

  • 3, sometimes 4 cups, whenever I feel like it, even in the (early) evening. I believe coffee is the stuff my life is made of, but if I skip a cup or two and exciting things happen, I don’t really miss it at all … These days, I am enjoying fairtrade coffee beans bought in Denmark … 🙂

    Coffee and French mineral water (V….c), they are the best things that can happen to a hard-working gal- ehm: lady of certain age, day by day. That and salad. And sunshine 🙂

  • I drink a cup in the morning, and I used to drink an afternoon latte when I was big firm lawyer who NEEDED it to plow through dry doc review, but now I’m mostly foregoing it unless I stayed out too late.

    If I still worked right by a Blue Bottle though, all bets would be off. You should def include their New Orleans iced coffee in your guide – it is AMAZING.

  • Claudia

    I have a large iced coffee in the morning on my way to work, which brings me to the same “drink until poo” stage. It’s always from Cafe Duke in Midtown because 1. I refuse to go to Starbucks and 2. they have my favorite hazelnut blend. I usually get another one around 3-4 PM, depending on my coworkers and we all head over to Stumptown at the Ace Hotel to indulge on their $5 small iced coffees (tiny). And that gets me going until….about 7 PM. Rawr.

  • Ashley Alt

    This post, like most of TMR, is fabulous. ps I drink 4 cups in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. It’s what I’m 88% sure my brain is made of.

  • I start getting heart palpitations by cup 2. i’m lightweight like you, leandra.

  • Bonnie

    Yes to Kriss, Grumpy’s is good and the one in Midtown is the one I call home ;). But back to the story at hand, I think ice coffees are more potent and should be handled with care. No more than 2 cups for me please. I will be bouncing of the walls at that point.

  • Tash Levy

    One of the best articles ive ever read! If I’m writing, I drink around 6 long blacks a day (and lots of water).

  • Natalie

    1, decaf. I used to do 6-8 a day (epsresso! Italian mother..) but started getting the shakes all the time and heart palpitations. Not good.
    .. but no way I am not drinking real espresso when at Nonna’s!

  • Christina

    When the inevitable crash hits, lately Ive found myself switching to ice cream sandwiches. I could assume its because of the heat. Although, typically its a cookie or two (if I’m feeling a little crazy).

    My coffee choice here in Bahhhstin, is the grungiest pot coffee I can stain my teeth with. Usually found in questionable corner stores, where you’d probably think twice about purchasing from their Fresh Produce section. Its only requirement is that its baked down to a delicious sludge that I like to call “Coffee Concentrate”

  • Omar

    3 words Saturdays Surf NYC (ok two words and an acronym) on Crosby. Those guys can sure brew

  • Effie

    Does coffee with your tequila count? Because, Patron XO.

    But typically one coffee a day in the morning. If I have any more I find there is a direct correlation between how many I have, and the smaller the cup it comes in as the day progresses… i.e. start the day with a cappuccino, and end up finishing the day with a double macchiato…..

  • Margaret

    I work in a coffee shop, so my tolerance has wildly increased over the past while. I drink around 4 coffees a day, average, but can drink (and handle) up to 6 or 7. Often times, however, coffee doesn’t do it for me, so I just play around with the espresso machine and make weirdly flavoured espresso beverages (with way too many espresso shots to be healthy).

  • Cinamaron

    I actually end up drinking more coffee on the weekend than then week, because during the weekend I will inevitably make a whole extra-strong french press in the morning and then spend the rest of the day drinking it over ice. I usually stop when I start to feel shaky? Then I drink a lot of water and think about how Sunday morning I am totally going to be more moderate and responsible in my caffeine consumption.


  • ShanIsRad

    When I was attending FIT, I used to have a venti latte/iced coffee from Starbucks before every class, at one point I think I was up to 3 a day (I needed it to get through Cosmetic Chemistry!). Now, I have 2 cups in the morning when I get to work, and I’m usually good for the day. When I have my 2 hour ballet class after work (7:30-9:30), I’ll get a cup of coffee before it, because I’m exhausted if I don’t, and then I can’t concentrate.

  • Lindsay Wells

    My realization that coffee is the life-giving liquid came in the heat of my junior year of high school when I had more biology homework than brain cells. My coffee intake had escalated to 4/5 cups a day in senior year (so I cured the 5 o’clock sleepy face with another cup-o-joe). I’ve weened mysled back down to 2 cups a day…for now.

  • How do I start liking coffee and why am I romanticizing it so much?!

    Magee /

  • um, this post is the perfect illustration of a brain on fresh, piping-hot caffeine. bravo, good writer!

  • Nicole

    I don’t drink any coffee! But I also sleep way too much.. Maybe I should and then I wouldn’t yawn half the day away. I quit doing it to save money though so hooray for more money for capes and less on coffee!

  • stephanie

    I’m way worse! I only have one cup of coffee and I experience mild vertigo. The coffee lifestyle is clearly not for me

  • Michelle Lim

    Can’t do without at least 2 shots of strong espresso from my Nespresso machine(can’t live without it!) before I head off for the day. Then it’s another cup when I get to work and tea after lunch. If I’m heading out that night, it’s a macchiato to keep me going or I’ll fall asleep at the dinner table.

  • Melissa

    I drink coffee all day at work. Err day. I have yet to find my limit. I think I am completely caffeine desensitized.

  • donn

    sure, coffee make me awake in office
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  • john