How Hungover Are You Right Now?

Being in my mid-twenties feels like life is just one perpetual hangover.

In college, I used to think people were lying about feeling like shit the day after drinking. My two roommates used to lock themselves into black caves on Saturdays, avoiding anything slightly reflective or bright. A mere ice cube could send them into a fit of trembling fear because god forbid it caught a hint of light and shined into their eyes. They wouldn’t watch television, listen to music, or smile. Meanwhile, I’d be running around like an over-sugared toddler, banging pots and pants together and singing “All By Myself” at the top of my lungs until SOMEONE on campus would wake up and hang out with me.

But oh how the bliss of ignorance passes. These post-grad years have proven that I too am mortal, and now two measly glasses of wine means a full brain explosion in the AM, guaranteed.

Seeing as we’re now a full day past the New Year’s hangover, you’d think I’d be fully recovered. But I’m not. And you’re probably not either, are you? (UNLESS OF COURSE YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL DRINKING AGE IN WHICH CASE YOU SHOULD BE BOUNCING OFF WALLS AND CHUGGING NOTHING BUT ORANGE JUICE, YOU YOUTHFUL SPRITE.) It’s just that everyone knows the only way to get past a hangover is to have a beer, and after a week of vacation you’ll find that one beer quickly turns to five and shot, because why not and the diet starts tomorrow.

SO, seeing as we’re always honest with each other, tell me:

On a scale of Bacon, Egg & Cheese bagel to Can’t Keep Anything Down Not Even Water, how hungover are you?

Are you at a Taco Bell 5? Maybe a Bloody Mary & Sunglasses 7? A Bedridden 8?

Currently I’m down to a Coffee AND Diet Coke 2, but yesterday I was a full Can’t Talk Can’t walk 11.

Your turn!

Photo by Fanny Lantour-Lambert

  • Nah! I kill my hangover with a shot of tequila. I feel good today. I just had a Honduran seafood dish πŸ˜‰

  • NY is over

    Burger&french fries 15

  • ashleymaciejewski

    Yesterday, woke up a please peel me off the couch 12 or so followed quickly by a doses of mimosas 4. Today it’s more of a zombie at my desk wondering where my phone went 7. Cheers!

  • Jessica Rose

    I only like Vodka and Coke… I wasn’t too bad…although too much doesn’t make me loud and confident but drowsy and ready to fall asleep…some people I guess just weren’t born to rock and roll……;)

  • Leandra Medine

    Amelia, not to blow your cover, however, since I am not only your profressional comrade but your social one too, it must be said: two glasses of wine is your WARM UP WATER.

  • Diet Coke & Paracetamol 5 & Slowly deteriorating x

  • Have We No Wine Here?-1 and loving it. πŸ™‚

    (Happy New Year to everyone πŸ™‚

  • Q
  • LittleJ

    im so sick from nye. i feel like absolute shit. i have a sore throat, my lymph nodes are on fire, my toenails hurt, and i’m aching all over (esp my ass from dancing in heels…). anyways, it feels like i did 100 squats/got brutally beaten up. i’ve been in bed for 2 days already and ive been eating a ton of brie cheese with crackers and cranberry jam…yes i’ve been ripping farts

    • Girl get you a coconut water…or gatorade. Hope you feel better.

  • Def a coke…then if you are still living the day like a moron alka seltzer is perfect!

  • Rebeka Osborne

    I slept until 11:30, chugged coconut water then had pizza and beer for dinner. So I’d say I was probably a 3-4 which really, really wasn’t too bad for NYE.
    Glad you’re feeling better! XO

  • pterridactyl

    Yesterday, not so bad. Today, however… trapped nerve from dancing like Queen Bey (unsuccessfully) 99. Oh woe be me!

  • CDJ

    Here’s the hint: drink only vodka sodas, (approximately 12+ if you really want to be fun- the bars water them down, anyway), take a B vitamin, two advil, and a bottle of water to the face before bed, and wake up feeling like a semi-refreshed 22 year old approx 3 months post college. To feel 19 again: do the above mentioned, drink a glass of homemade baileys and two mimosas in the morning, and then go to McDonald’s about an hour after breakfast.

    i SWEAR the diet starts tomorrow.

  • Heres a little tip for everyone to avoid massive hangovers – before you go to sleep drink a glass of water and you will feel better the next morning πŸ™‚


  • I only had like a bottle of sparkling cider because MY FRIEND’S LITTLE BROTHER (and friends) WERE UNDERAGE SO NO ALCOHOL IN THE HOUSE *sniff sniff* my bladder suffered but my liver didn’t

  • Charlotte Fassler

    A blood vessel in my left eye just popped.

  • Megan

    Yesterday was ‘Attempt A Salad For The Resolution But Get A Side of Fries With That’ 6

  • I haven’t had a hangover in forever. Coconut water as soon as I finish drinking for the night or first thing in the morning. The electrolytes in there hydrate you so fast! I don’t really like the taste but now they have flavored ones so it goes down a little better but you’re literally feeling better in like 2 hours.

    • Leandra Medine

      That is such a good thing to know. I mean I KNEW coconut water hydrated you better than water did but not how quickly

      • CDJ

        You need to see naked and afraid then. They go CRAY with the coconut water.

      • oh yea, my hangovers are bad. I feel like I’ve been kickboxing for 12 hours straight. I got tired of it, add that with the foot cramps/charlie horses and groin cramps. I throw some Orange Juice in there or Cranberry Juice to help the taste.

  • My Chan

    I live in Japan, and the cater to hungover “salary men” very well here, since they have a huge culture of drinking after work, and being at it again at 8am the next morning. I wrote a piece about it on my blog on December 31th. You might be able to order these online. They work like a charm! (And they’re all natural too)

  • DrUnnkkk In LURVE feat. YoncΓ© and my dog, er, dawg (she’s a cute lil old mutt)

  • Sarah Shelton

    I threw up in the Taco Bell drive thru. Cheers 2014!

  • Shabana β™₯

    Hahaa Im usually Dont know what Im saying – 3


    Love, Shabana

  • Celeste

    Taking a multivitamin before bed hugely helps! If I’m ever staying over somewhere with a bunch of people and we’re going out, I’m always sure to bring Centrums for all. Cuts the hangover in half. Last week I forgot them and was a speechless shell of a human that could hardly hold down a bagel. Woof.