How Did We Keep Our Feet from Bleeding During New York Fashion Week?
A model takes her shoe off after she fel

Vanity Fair’s Michael Carl (aka @carlscrush) tweeted something brilliant yesterday:

“Are you surviving fashion week?” NO, one survives a war, a fire or even a bad fall. I am going to fashion shows, I will certainly be ok”

The man is right. It’s basically an industry joke that all we do is complain during fashion week. If it’s not about the traffic, it’s about the length of the days. Or how tired we are after last night’s party, or how loud our poor stomachs are growling.

In all honestly, we know how lucky we are. We really do. There are shows that take our breath away and ones that make us weak in the knees and it’s in those moments that we stop and go…Ahh yes. This is what it’s all about.

But I’m not going to lie to you…our feet still hurt.

SO. In the spirit of NOT complaining, here are some ways we kept our feet from bleeding out, falling off and swelling up to the size of a gorillas from the heat and a bevy of blisters.

I, for one, put deodorant across my toes when I’m wearing shoes with a bar of leather across them. I think I got this idea from that Band-Aid brand blister buster stuff that looks like deodorant. I am pretty sure it works. I tell people it works. I’m telling you right now that it works.

Leandra puts lotion on her toes when she has to slip her feet into a pair of narrow, pointy pumps. Essentially she lubes ’em right up.

Charlotte preemptively bandages her feet before wearing a notoriously uncomfortable pair of loafers or heels, similar to the way Robin Thicke was allegedly going to preemptively sue Marvin Gay’s record company before they could sue him first. What?

Tips our moms told us: Use a thick nail file to smooth heel calluses if you’re going to wear a mule and add vaseline to your feet the night before. (This isn’t so much about pain as it is about not looking like a caveman should your feet get shot by a street style photographer…or should they be seen by the general public.) Also, a bit of baby powder to the bottom of your feet can help alleviate that burning feeling after a day in heels.

Michael Carl, you are right. Fashion Week is in NO way a battlefield. But love is…at least that’s what Jordan Sparks once sang to us…and man oh man, do we love our shoes.

So what about you guys? What do you do to protect your feetsicles from the horrors of shoes? And what about remedies for once your feet finally do, in fact, threaten to detach from their leggy counterparts? We want to hear it all, no matter how weird it gets. I promise you: we will TRY IT.

  • gabifresh

    i have so many blisters from FW! hoping everything heals and that my feet still look pretty after this πŸ™ i’ll prepare better next season.

  • Morgan

    Brilliant. Heel pads (presuming the shoe has a heel) and blister band-aids are magical.

  • Keely

    Wrap your toes with tape to avoid blisters. Worked for me when I was dancing ballet, works now!

    • Amelia Diamond

      what kind of tape!

      • Hannon

        KINESIO-TEX tape or medical tape

        • Amelia Diamond

          huh. ok! trying this asap!

      • Laura C.

        I use scotch tape and it’s the best! See through, cheap, and stays on longer than band-aids.

  • To prevent swelling, pop an all natural Turmeric supplement before leaving the house. Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory and Ahhhmazing for the body!
    To take down swelling and pain, drop 2 tablets of the old school BC Powder in warm water, soak for 10 mins and rinse with ice cold water. As former NFL Cheerleader and lover of my sky-high heels I’ve 100% ran into a ton of crazy swollen situations. Hope this helps all the ladies out there! xo

    • Amelia Diamond

      Wow I never knew this! This is actually awesome.

      • Ida Almasi

        Kimmy K didn’t either. She would have been bathing in the stuff.

        • K.H

          I just laughed at my computer screen. Great!

  • Style-Squared

    “Deodorant across my toes….!”LOL!!!!
    The things i ll learn from you L.!;)))

  • Kendra

    A long soak in Epsom salt and some ankle and foot strengthening exercises. Condition those puppies to work for you!


    I stick to flats! I’m sorry but if I will be running from show to show I rather not wear heels all day.

  • Christiana Moos

    for achey feet and sore arches, rub magnesium oil on your feet! It helps to release tension from your muscles! easy trick!

  • mressentialist

    I hate those blister band-aids that are supposed to become part of your skin and treat it. You think you’re good (because you are, temporarily) but then you go to peel it off a few days later and it’s like, woah. Why the farck is my skin peeling off?

  • Lavang

    Preemptively bandaging your toes makes a world of difference. So I second that and using tape. Usually I just wrap a Band-Aid around each big toe, below your toenail. I’d wrap up more for longer wear. Works like a charm! And always have some bandages in your purse.

    I am most certainly going to try that Turmeric trick too!

  • shelley

    Tape your third and fourth toes together before slipping on heels. It helps a lot! You feel much less pain by the end of the day. also, baby powder cuz my feet sweat like a motherfucker.

  • Curvasian

    As a plus size woman I will just admit that I only wear platforms when I know I will be walking or standing all day; for I can have both comfort and style at the same time. My body is certainly worth more than trend and I won’t molest it with pointy narrow heels.

  • Simone Anne

    Love this. Great tips & as always, with a sense of humor haha. πŸ™‚

  • Kay Bug

    In a total emergency I have put chap stick on my finger and rubbed it all over the toe that is sticking/rubbing to the inside of the shoe. Prevents chafing that becomes a blister. Also, keep your toenails brutally short – feeling my toenail pressured painfully down or into the neighboring toe is completely solved for days just by a trim.

  • Andrew

    You don’t- you just clean up the blood with your new Proenza Schouler tasseled clutch.

  • dilekdable

    When the bottom of your feet start to burn, do not take off your shoe to give your foot a break. It gets progressive more painful each time you reinsert those babes back in their fabulous leather restraints. Thanks to the way our nervous system works. Endure, you’ll eventually get used to it. When you do finally get home and free your feet, immediately soak –up to your calves–in a warm foot bath with that green menthol sports ache powder, or baking soda, or salt. Soak until your feet feel no more pain, somewhere between 30 to 90 minutes should suffice. I’ve soaked them longer on a couple of occasions, works like a charm. Not only will you step out of the soak pain free, your feet and legs will fee brand new the next day, as if nothing happened.

    As for preventing blisters, I find using body oil instead of lotion works. As soon as you feel a part of your shoe pushing or scraping your foot. A drop of oil on that part of the foot helps prevent a lot of lost skin.

  • Brie

    i wrap my toes with tape pre-shoes. robin thicke style.

    • Brie

      btw i use medical tape. i learned this while playing college basketball and getting my ankles taped everyday for four years. the trainer would also wrap my toes because i was prone to blisters. i now do it anytime i am going to wear heels out on the town.

  • Caroline

    Oh my aching feet!

  • I WISH I had blisters and bloody feet from enduring yet another Fashion Week… One day.

  • Lisa B

    I’ve heard that rubbing wax (beeswax or melted candle) on the inside of the shoe where it rubs your foot is supposed to help. Have not tried it yet. Curious if that actually works…

  • I hate to take off my shoes, but my solution normally is to…change to another pair. I KNOW, RIGHT?! Blasphemy!

    Your Friend, Jess

  • Michelle

    Bunions, anyone?

  • SinΓ©ad

    I have incredibly delicate skin on my feet. It is SUCH a pain, because most shoes take a layer of skin right off!

    I thought I would be condemned to a life of ugg boots and granny-shoes for the rest of my life until I discovered the wonder that is Opsite.

    Opsite is a thin, clear wound dressing. I stick that sucker all over my feet before I slip into my sweetest stilettos. You can hardly see it, and it basically acts as a second skin. An absolute godsend!!

  • Elena

    Last season in Milan, outside shows, you could find promoters for a company that does feet hygiene products dispensing thier samples of creams, deodorants and patches..

    Really useful for suffering feet!

  • Meg

    I have a pair of gold loafes that are to die for but they are the WORST and blister the shit out of my ankle so I usually put on my wool-iest pair of socks and and then squeeze into those babies and walk around like that for awhile to stretch them out before I wear them out in public…. minus my smart wool socks.

    • Amelia Diamond

      wait actually I’ve heard that if you do this (put on fat socks and then put on loafers) and then blow dry the loafers, it helps them stretch.

      • belulopezchamba

        I tried it! It actually works! And if you do it periodically they end up not being uncomfortable! But you have to commmit.

  • Melanie

    Orajel on your toes… an old dancer’s trick;)