Have You Seen #ChristmasJammies? Why Is It Going Viral?

Remember that Will Smith song where he brags about how he’s going to Miami? It’s equal parts catchy and annoying because the chorus gets stuck in your head but at the same time you’re like, everyone goes to Art Basel, Will. No need to sing about it.

Well, lucky for the Internet, a family straight out of a stock photo created their video Christmas card to the tune of Smith’s Basel anthem. And in an unusual twist of fate that proves how volatile the Internet truly is, it went viral.

As I write this, the Holderness Family’s e-card has 7,484,535 views on YouTube. That is more views than this baby holding a kitten. I always thought the recipe for breaking the Internet was either to A) be Beyoncé or B) combine kittens with babies. Then a modern version of the Partridge Family, what with their singing and matching outfits and infectious happy smiles, proved me wrong.

But I’m still confused. WHY IS THIS GOING VIRAL? Why, I want to know, did I watch this 4 times and then email it to 20 people? As is always the case, this is a place to work through the things that confound, amuse and sometimes bother us, so, work we will.

We. Right?


Let’s start at the 00:00 mark. Immediately they cold open with the world’s most adorable toddler. I’m in.

00:04 — A familiar song begins. Strategically intelligent — the viewer instantly feels included.

00:11 — This dad is hot.

00:14 — Hot dad is dancing which also means he is fun.

00:17 — A Californians reference? That was totally my boyfriend hot dad’s idea, wasn’t it?

oo:30 — Well, the Lola Sequence straight up impressed me. This child looks like an angel, who ran a triathlon, counts in Chinese and she’s clearly one of those rainbow loom prodigies.

00:57 — I’ll let you decide what to look at.

1:26 — Jesus this little boy really is adorable.

1:45 — When the mom shows up with her face for television and low-register reporter voice the Holdernesses (Holderni?) start to lose me. I’m not going to say it’s jealousy, but I’m also not going to say it’s not that either.

1:49 — Is the IPA drinking “hipster” Kirkpatrick’s long lost twin? Just wondering.

1:52 — Here’s where the adult bragging begins. Kid bragging = cute. Adult bragging = zzzz.

2:10 — They live in such a nice neighborhood!

2:19 — TMI.

2:29 — I get confused here because Penn is the little boys name, but it is also the dad’s name. Once I figured it out I was back on track but then it was just more bragging (humbly!) at this point.

2:43 — Call me.

3:00 — Suddenly this quirky, fun loving family — who previously, I’d thought were my friends, all of us just hanging out and dancing in our Christmas jammies — blind sights me with a promotion for their new life venture! How did that happen?! This Christmas Card is basically a commercial! I feel cheated, confused, lied to…

3:12 — But then they made a gel joke (because news anchors wear gel. Get it?) and I’m back on board. This family slays me.

3:14 — Look at Kim (that’s the mom’s name who I was originally a little jealous of) doing a funny mom-putting-gel-in-the-mailboxes-dance. LOL. She’s great.

3:33 — Man I love you guys. Group hug!

Wait. Did…I just get brain washed? Is everyone else sharing this brainwashed? Maybe it’s just actually endearing and funny and nice to see something supremely, 1950s-wholesome again. Or! Or or or, is this just a cold case of Hate Following?

You tell me.

[Family Makes Viral Christmas Card]

  • I watched it this morning! I think is cute…lol. The little girl is my favorite.

    “Suede biker jacket and patent pumps” New post on:

  • figandthewasp

    Why is it popular? For all the above reasons you mentioned. This guy lives in my town and I can’t believe his video made it on national news programs! Guess it is still better than watching someone twerking on Santa. 🙂

  • omg thats freaking amazing! I want to do something like this with my kids one day 😛

    Hayley xx

  • RT

    how cute! and embarrassing..

  • CDJ


  • dp

    ughhhh amelia.

  • Anna

    I love it! They are funny, they put it ALL out there… TMI and all. The lyrics are clever. And the kids are so freakin’ adorable! It is waaaaayyyyy better than the “Holiday newsletters” my extended family send us every year (its a Midwest thing).

  • Emily

    That right there. That’s what took the Christ out of Christmas for me.

  • Brie

    Holy jeeze that dad is hot. I’ll take him sans gel.

  • Quinn Halman

    I think it’s popular because it’s a family living the “American Dream”. Cute kids, nice car, good neighbourhood, fun jobs, special PJs, the kids are enrolled in extra curriculars to peruse their hobbies, they’re fit and attractive, and the special PJs, again.

  • Amanda

    It reminded me of one of those family newsletters which is really just a ‘hey everybody come see how great we are and all the cool stuff we did’ but you’re right they hid it very well behind the cool tones of Will Smith. Put anything to one of his songs and I’m hooked, and the dad is rocking that grey hair!

  • RPrin

    cute… but reminds me far too much of the braggy Xmas letters we get from my husbands aunt and uncle every year. Oh, you just bought a yacht and spent the Winter in Florida? That’s great, we just spent $11,000 on vet bills and my biggest purchases in the past three months have been from the dollar store. Merry Christmas to you, too!

  • Oliver Lips

    I just checked and it crossed the 10 Mio. line.. wtf?

    • Amelia Diamond


  • SashaBasha

    Ok Cool, so it wasn’t just me who thought the dad was hot?! phewwww, was kind of scared there….!

  • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

    The dad was a CNN news anchor who was quitting his job to work with his wife, in their production company. CNN initially ran clips of his vid repeatedly, probably giving it quite a boost.

    • figandthewasp

      He actually works at WNCN in Raleigh, NC, an NBC affiliate.

  • bumblejeaniepie

    OH! This must be why I keep seeing young (but not young enough to make it ok) people doing their Christmas shopping (and, ya know, just running errands) in Christmas onesies. Well, this must be their excuse anyway.

  • http://stuffeninbavaria.wordpr

    I do not like it. They are corny and they think that they are the coolest family ever, when they are not.

  • Ryan

    He is my local news reporter. He said he quit and my heart broke … What will I continue to watch the news for ? New and stuff ??

    • Ryan

      News *

  • hellpellet

    brainwashed over here. made-for-tv-photogenic-family

  • Brooke

    omg this was actually the funniest article! So glad you guys covered it