Haniya Riaz-Khan Knows How to Curate a Closet

Haniya Riaz-Khan’s outfits are full of charming back stories. A little pom-pom handbag from her wedding that was handmade in Colombia; a pair of big, swingy earrings as imagined by her mother-in-law; an old designer bag she found at a flea and dyed herself; an embroidered silk bomber made by her father-in-law. It’s like her style comes complete with adorable anecdotes.

Haniya is an agent at The Wall Group, a fashion and beauty agency in New York. She’s also married to designer Naeem Khan’s son, Zaheen, which explains the in-law hookups. Not that she needs them — her style doesn’t rely on any one item, but rather the way she brings each piece together. Each look is like a 1,000-piece puzzle that makes quite simple sense when you step back and give it some space. Get comfortable and click through above for a week of her outfits.

Follow Haniya and The Wall Group on Instagram @haniyariazkhan @thewallgroup.

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  • diane

    I would wear anything in this woman’s closet, maybe even some of the heels (which for the most part I have forsaken). Out of all the people whose closets you have profiled, she is by far my favorite. Really good mix of timeless, vintage, high and low, which is a combo I strive for in an outfit. And those earrings are amazing (said by someone who has also forsaken jumbo jewelry).

    • Haniya Riaz-Khan

      So nice, thank you so much! <3 🙂

  • Jessica

    Not impressed with this week’s post. It looks like she is desperately trying to promote her in laws- doesn’t seem authentic at all.

    • Haniya Riaz-Khan

      There is no desperation to promote my in-laws or even a need to promote them as they can stand very well on their own feet. I genuinely love to support all family and that does include wearing some pieces designed by them. This is how I dress. I wear a mixture of different brands, high and low, new and vintage, and I think this post did a good job of translating my personal style. I’m sorry you were not “impressed” but more sorry that you felt the need to post something negative and judgmental about someone you’ve never met.

    • Sheryl

      Trolling on the Internet and leaving negative comments is pathetic. She wears everything from J.Crew and Zara to vintage and Chloe. She clearly doesn’t prescribe to any one brand and likes to mix and match, which seems pretty authentic if you ask me.

  • Vanessa

    I saw this girl in another story as well doesn’t seem to get featured without the name of her father in law included. Disappointed in this roundup, the other closet features seem more real.

    • Haniya Riaz-Khan

      Which story are you referring to exactly? If you’re referring to my wedding, which is the only feature ever mentioning me, of course my in-laws were included – as were my own parents, as that’s the nature of a wedding – two families coming together. I’m sorry you feel the need to be negative and judgmental.

  • Roxanne

    Love her style and the stories behind her items. I especially love that she wears a mixture of high and low and lots of vintage pieces.

    • Haniya Riaz-Khan

      Thank you for the kind words!

  • Sheryl

    Silly comments below. Of course she’s going to wear her family’s brand. I love that she peppers in a piece here and there with other attainable brands and stuff I can actually purchase. Love her fun style, especially the green and red striped outfit, and gorgeous girl.

    • Haniya Riaz-Khan

      Thank you :))

  • Jessica Marcus

    I don’t know why my comment constitutes as being “silly” only because it differs from yours. There is a reason for the “thoughts” comments section as MR encourages readers to share thoughts. I am simply stating that this feature read like an advertisement in my opinion. I am entitled to my opinion. Looking forward to reading next feature.

    • Sheryl

      Not trying to start a fight here and you are obvi welcome to your opinions and thoughts but I think there is a polite way to do that and yours seemed a little negative to me. MR community is about spreading positivity not hating on each other for no reason. Just my two cents.

      • Jessica

        Correct. MR is a community about spreading positivity but also about discussions and thought-provoking conversations, even if they differ from other readers. If my opinion and perception on this feature is different than yours, it does not constitute as “hating” or should be name called as “silly.” There is a reason for the thoughts and comments section. Again, in my opinion, as a loyal MR reader, I question the talent featured here and this specific story read like an advertisement, in my opinion, hence the writer in the article made a note to say who her husband and in-laws were and then on almost every slide it included a family brand. As an avid reader of MR for many years, this post seemed sponsored in some capacity, advertised or unauthentic, in my opinion. Why was she not featured on MR wearing these “family brands” prior to getting married if the talent “genuinely” liked the brands? Why did the writer make a note to say who her husband was if it had no basis on the selection for featuring this talent? As MR is a trusted source of news and information for me, it was crossing a fine line here, as a reader, as it didn’t seem organic to me like the other features – like I said, an advertisement or sponsored post. I will conclude my thoughts and comments here and you are welcome to yours. Have a good day and looking forward to seeing the next feature. Take care.

  • Kimberley Boehm

    I loved this closet! Haniya’s style is sophisticated, fun and seemingly effortless. She knows how to balance the everyday pieces-Levi’s–with the exceptional. I especially loved her purse and the jacket–both so gorgeous.