Haniya Riaz-Khan Knows How to Curate a Closet

Haniya Riaz-Khan’s outfits are full of charming back stories. A little pom-pom handbag from her wedding that was handmade in Colombia; a pair of big, swingy earrings as imagined by her mother-in-law; an old designer bag she found at a flea and dyed herself; an embroidered silk bomber made by her father-in-law. It’s like her style comes complete with adorable anecdotes.

Haniya is an agent at The Wall Group, a fashion and beauty agency in New York. She’s also married to designer Naeem Khan’s son, Zaheen, which explains the in-law hookups. Not that she needs them — her style doesn’t rely on any one item, but rather the way she brings each piece together. Each look is like a 1,000-piece puzzle that makes quite simple sense when you step back and give it some space. Get comfortable and click through above for a week of her outfits.

Follow Haniya and The Wall Group on Instagram @haniyariazkhan @thewallgroup.

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