Open Thread: Use This As Your Group Chat About the Election

Hi <3

Consider this a post-election group chat of friends and strangers who could be, of broken-hearted people and those who feel emboldened by challenge. Everyone with an open mind is welcome in this conversation; different opinions will only help to convey the wider picture that is our current America. Share what you are thinking. Share what your friends and loved ones are saying. Ask questions and answer them.

Think of the comments section under this post as a place to have open, honest and frank discussions with one another about the election and about the outcome, how you plan to take care of yourself, how you plan to take action (while we work on rounding up some links for you — hang tight there, please; we’re in research mode).

If you are feeling really pissed off and angry for any reason, great, here’s your place for that, too.

For anyone unfamiliar with Man Repeller and how we operate, kindly note: vitriolic language, threats, abusive speech and any sort of hate rhetoric will be deleted.

Illustration by Emily Zirimis.