Did You Know That There is An App For GIFS?

I was texting with my friend Emily yesterday about random things and noticed that her previously-lacking GIF-game was suddenly on unparalleled fire. If I mentioned the word banana she was like, BOOM, banana GIF. If I said the word dolphin, SLAM, dolphin.

She wasn’t missing a beat, and equally as impressive was that the GIF-sources were completely varied. Most GIF collectors, like myself, tend to have a central theme. (For example the vast majority of mine revolve around Martha Stewart, Oprah and 1980s teen movies, whereas my friend Conley keeps a tightly curated grouping of RHOBH’s Camille and her various emotions.) Emily’s GIFS were so good,and so fast — normally one needs at least a minute locate an appropriate response — that I started to get suspicious.

It was after I said the word “socks” in a throwaway mention and she sent this back immediately:


— that I was like, Emily. The GIF-gig is up. There’s no way she randomly sought out a moving image of Chord Overstreet wearing a headband in a men’s bathroom declaring that he needs “more socks.”

I got her to “confess” the GIF’s point of origin, and so it was that there’s a relatively new app, changing lives, one animated figure at a time.

It’s called Riffsy GIF Keyboard and I suggest you download it to your phone before reading any further. (Note: you don’t need the new iPhone but you do need an iPhone and it has to be operating on iOS 8.) You can read more about the app here and download it here.

I’m still playing with it, but basically you install it like an Emoji keyboard and access it the same way. You can browse through an overwhelming library of GIFS, or, you can search KEYWORDS (hence her heroic reflexes re: banana, sock, dolphin and sneeze). The app retains so many GIFs that I almost feel like using it is cheating. After all, part of the fun of finding arbitrary GIFS of Martha Stewart drinking a 40 is having people write back “…why do you have that?”

Then again, though, you really just never know when you’ll have less than 5 seconds to locate and send Chord Overstreet in a men’s bathroom declaring that he needs more socks, so, have fun, and happy T.GIF!