Get to Know Team MR: Photographer and Creative Asset Manager Krista

Where were you before this?

School! Barnard College. And I interned at Man Repeller my junior year summer through to graduation. My internship before that was at Garance Doré where I helped out wherever I was needed and learned how to take the subway with my eyes closed.

What did you go to school for?

Art History with a Concentration in Visual Arts, which means I did fine arts for my thesis (I made a photo book!) and learned as much about 20th Century Art as I could stuff into my brain.

How did you find/get started at Man Repeller?

Good ol’ Charlotte Fassler was my freshman year astronomy lab partner. She knew I had been reading the blog since high school when she started interning with Leandra before she graduated. A couple of years later she asked if I’d want to intern for her, and the rest is MR history.

Favorite part of your job?

Learning how to make strangers feel at ease in front of the camera and getting to relearn and relearn this each time I meet someone new. Everyone we feature is so fascinating and intelligent and wonderful to talk to. Part of my job is befriending interesting people, and I feel so lucky each time I meet someone new.

Least favorite part of your job?

Having to make great slideshows under a time crunch. It’s stressful to take something you’d normally do over the span of a few hours meandering online and compress it into as little time as possible.

What’s one thing that surprised you in your path up until now?

Looking back, it’s most surprising that everything seems like a natural progression. I interned all throughout school and made each job a chance to figure out what I could see myself doing. But at the time, I felt like I was jumping around and just trying to watch people whose work I admired and had NO idea how I could turn my interests into a paycheck.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A fashion and art photographer. Maybe even a creative director or furniture designer or anything else that involves making a beautiful little world. I want to make photo books! I want to make photographs that mean something to me (emotionally, politically, or aesthetically) that someone random can look at and see a sliver of what I hoped they would get from it.

What’s one piece of advice for someone who wants a job like yours?

It feels like everyone else is trying to be a photographer these days (admittedly, I’m a little biased) so work hard, but don’t tire yourself out. Once you figure out what you’re interested in photographing, don’t stop. Keep making work even if you think it’s shit. Don’t ever destroy your negatives; you could end up loving them in a year (or 10). Having a hard day? Try again the next time. Make sure there’s a next time. Use your self-criticism as a push to try new things, to be better at them. Give yourself time between taking photos and editing them. Most of the time, as little as a day is enough to give you a clearer mind.

What’s your advice to someone who has no clue what they want to do?

What’s the first thing you want to do when you have a day off? Ok, after sleeping in? Find a way to make whatever it is into a job, which might mean assisting, interning, reading about other’s career paths in a related field or making things on your own while you work a job that doesn’t feel like a condom-fit glove. It’s not going to be instantaneous, but it will keep your brain moving. Eventually, you’ll figure it out.

Anything else?

Take time to take care of yourself. Your mental and physical health is top priority (and if you need to make an argument to a boss, health is central to being a productive and innovative employee). This will look different for everyone, but figure it out as soon as possible. No one gains from overworking yourself to impossible lengths.

Tell me one weird thing about yourself.

My stripper name would be Beau The Strand.

Photographed by Amelia Diamond (!!!).


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  • First off, I love Krista’s photographs! Her advice about making sure there’s a next time and using self-criticism as a way to move forward is key, I love it. I’m not a photographer but as a little fledgling writer I think it’s really positive advice 🙂

    Terri x

    • I totally agree. I think her advice is spot on! As a writer sometimes I question whether my work is good enough or even relevant. But writing another phrase, sentence or even paragraph when my self criticism pushes me to do everything else but that is definitely new to me. I guess it’s more like seeing your passions and interests like a committed relationship. You’re both stuck to each other like glue, for better or for worse.

  • Amelia Diamond


    • I love her so much it hurts! Hay!

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  • Funny, but I am sure I would feel at ease while being photographed by you … you look like someone who can perform this kind of magic 🙂

    (To put things into perspective: I actually don’t get photographed much, never did, and if I do, I tend to make strange faces showing my doubts and pouts – not in a good way.)

    I have also learnt to simply say “I cannot do the job you need me for because I don’t want to work this weekend” in a nice way and then simply do it. By now, everyone should know only a sufficiently relaxed translator is a good translator 🙂 It works!

  • Carmen

    I’d love to hear your advice for becoming comfortable in front of a camera. I abhor playing up to a camera, for which reason I avoid pictures like the plague. But there are so few pictures of me out there; my (future hypothetical) children will have no idea what I once looked like.

    • Amelia Diamond

      She’s a master at it. She just makes you laugh!

    • Krista Anna Lewis

      Amelia’s right! Laugh! Don’t pose, just wiggle around to get all of the nerves out and then don’t stand still after that. The best pics come when you’re not thinking about the camera, but instead interacting with the person behind it.

  • Lebanese Blonde

    Wore that same top/jeans combo to work yesterday! Except with heeled boots and a blue suede jacket. Lemaire is the best.

    Also, go Krista! Inspiring me to dust off my high school dark-room negatives.

  • Next to Eliza’s job THIS is my dream job

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      THAT’S what’s up.

  • Kirsten

    Beautiful to read your descriptions of each of the photos in the slideshow. Love your work!

  • Hey Krista!! You forgot to mention one vital component of your dream career/life which is living with me in a lil adobe style house in L.A. with lots of natural light and succulents and iced coffee! xo

    • Leandra Medine

      East coast (I) need her. sry!

    • hi hi, crashing in on this roomie situation xx

  • Allie Fasanella

    KRISTA !! loving the sheer sweater/trench.

    i love hearing about the different connections and how you guys got your start. also i was doing some mild stalking of u and i want to buy your book?! please hmu if i can do that!

    also your slideshows are awesome!

    • Krista Anna Lewis

      OMG UM YES. DM me!!!

  • Leandra Medine

    …Amelia shot these photos!?

    • Amelia Diamond

      yes! suck it

  • Yvonne Dunlevie

    I am just gonna leave this right here [praise hands emoji]

  • Harling Ross

    Krista, YOU give me ASMR tingles.

  • Living Paula Blog

    It was great getting to know her!


  • The bleached blonde crop! So babein!

  • KRISTA u r too cool and your photos of Maryam for vogue are refreshing. HI!

  • Dear Krista, can you tell me what version of Photoshop do you use for your collages? They are simply amazing, always so funny <3

    • Krista Anna Lewis

      It’s CC 2014. Nothing special, it’s all about the lasso tool and knowing your layers 😉

  • sam

    I loved this article, and your work is brilliant Krista. #Realtalk though – I just bought a vintage Burberry trench nearly exactly the same… how about styling that bad boy up with some different combos for some rad photos / styling inspiration

  • I am looking for my very first internship, and this article was very helpful for me. Thanks a lot.