Get to Know Team MR: Meet Yvonne, Content Strategist

Where were you before this?

J.Crew as a women’s sweaters merchant. Before that, I was in school.

What did you go to school for?

I went to Stanford and majored in Art History.

How did you find/get started at MR?

On a whim, I sent Leandra a handwritten letter “wrapped” in a box instead of an envelope with the hopes of standing out. Leandra emailed me back, I interviewed, and here I am.

I am just as surprised as you are that it worked.

Favorite part of your job?

The weirdos who work at Man Repeller. And getting to be so involved in content — not that I’m creating it, but I love getting to read it and look at it and give my opinion.

Least favorite part of your job?

Similar to Harling, audience development is very 24/7 because people are always on the Internet. But overall, it’s what makes this job exciting and keeps me on my toes.

I feel like I would fall behind if I had a job that completely shut off on the weekends.

What’s one thing that surprised you in your path up until now?

That I am here, at Man Repeller. And that when someone asks me, “Do you like your job,” I can say yes.

I always thought I would move to New York City for a 2 year ~*adventure*~ out of college and move straight back to California after it was complete. I surprised myself by making strong friendships at my previous job, by setting down roots here (or whatever that means in this city), by putting myself out there to get this job and that it worked.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Bill Murray. Or just myself but older and exclusively in Céline neutrals and Chanel No. 5. (Currently exclusively in mom hand-me-downs, J.Crew and deodorant.)

What’s one piece of advice you have for someone who wants a job similar to yours?

Work your buns off and quietly observe. Have integrity and have an opinion, but let your opinion be malleable when it needs to be and speak up when the time is right.

Have any advice for someone who has no clue what they want to do?

Don’t sit around and get stressed about what you want to do; no convincing yourself that “finding a job is a job” — that’s being lazy. The longer you wait to start the harder it will be to get going. Start something. Sometimes figuring out what you don’t want to do is just as important as what you do want to do.

Anything else you want to add?

Trust your gut, always. Also, don’t let it guide your decision completely, but think about the culture of your workplace and if it works for you. You spend a lot of time at work and it’s way better when you like, respect and trust the people you work with.

What’s one fun fact about you?

I was an athlete in a former life and won a NCAA championship. Also, I hate feet.

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


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  • Rebecca Murphy

    You go girl!

    • Lauren Stephenson

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  • Alarive

    Hi Yvonne! I love your advice on people that don’t know what to do yet.
    How do you juggle all those different facets to your job – keeping up with just the social media while also managing the content side of multiple streams in incoming articles? Like, are you basically a living calendar/agenda, but for words instead of people? I struggle with this a lot in my (similar) role.
    Also, since you’re probably also the person to ask, how does it work to send in content to MR? Like, if I were to submit something does it publish quickly, put in a pile, or just abandoned?
    Loved this piece!

    • Yvonne Dunlevie

      Hey! Thanks so much for the kind words! I juggle everything by making a lot of to-do lists! And, actually, the editorial team handles all content — you can send to and they will read.

  • Beatrice

    Yvonne–your job sounds exactly like what I want to do! I too am an art history person who is actually quite good with numbers and strategy (approaching right brained stuff with left brain savvy amirite). How did you pick up so many skills critical to a content strategy job? Just learning as you go? Great work advice in this piece!

    • Yvonne Dunlevie

      Hey Beatrice! Thanks so much! Sounds like our jobs have a lot in common. TBH — I think I am still learning as a go. It’s a lot of fun though.

  • Amelia Diamond


  • Harling Ross

    Me quietly observing Yvonne

  • “Don’t sit around and get stressed about what you want to do, no convincing yourself that “finding a job is a job” — that’s being lazy. ”

    Very true words. Things changed for me when I realized that applying to dozens of jobs that I was mildly qualified for was a form of procrastination. I was interested in a position that involved design, drawing, and photography – but I wasn’t actually designing, drawing, or doing photography.

  • Julie

    I always wished I had gone with my gut and studied Art History! That is sound advice on procrastination. I’m having a difficult time figuring out a career change and procrastinating everything to the nth degree.
    Also, I hate feet too – so so so much. I always feel like they’re everywhere, just in your face on Instagram, on tv, there’s nowhere to hide!

  • Hi Yvonne, I like your attitude towards work, and your gumption!
    Tell us – in your expert opinion, when is the best time to post on Instagram?

  • Liz

    Hi, Yvonne! Fellow Sagittarius and Pac-12 alum here with a question: what advice would you give to someone who’s been in the corporate world wanting to make a career change to something creative like MR?

    • Yvonne Dunlevie

      Hi Liz! Woo go Pac-12. You’re very kind to ask for my advice — I basically just looked at all the companies I really liked and was passionate about and thought about where my skills could fit in. No matter how creative a company is, they still need a business oriented and strategically thinking mind. I feel lucky to get to look at both strategy and creativity!!!

  • Milda Zim

    Yvonne is cool :)) inspiring! 🙂

    • Yvonne Dunlevie

      You flatter me, Milda

      • Milda Zim

        Aaww:) ?

  • Tess

    Hey, out of curiosity are you killer at strategic board games?

    • Yvonne Dunlevie

      TBH no — I am very impatient and usually google the strategies. Woops.

  • 1614omra

    I feel like art history majors always develop their careers out of a random bundle of life-stuff. We observe, analyze and hustle, baby. We hustle.

  • Senka

    Great to meet you Yvonne! Your advice on starting something, before even knowing what it is you want to do is so spot on, especially for young people figuring out what they want to do. Also the look with the sweat pants and red lipstick makes me want to try sweatpants and white button down at least on weekends (I already push the limits at work with almost constant jeans). looks so chic.

  • Aggie

    I HATE FEET (and sometimes I judge people on what their feet look like and why they picked shoes that made them look so horrible)

    • Yvonne Dunlevie

      SAME! Getting a pedicure is SO difficult — it brings out the worst sides of me.

  • It’s been so cool getting to know all the roles that are at Man Repeller! I barely remember when ye was but a wee blog.

    As someone who has usually worked for (very) small businesses/clients, a lot of these job titles usually sound like the strawberry de-stemmers and hot dog toasters of the workplace to me– even though they’re specific, they’re definitely terrific! They’re useful and crucial, to be perfectly truthful! Ok I’m out.

  • Rachel Dlugatch

    Oooh, what’s the dress code at Man Repeller? (am wondering after the caption about the sweatpants – sweatpants are life, honestly)

  • jyui

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