Get to Know Team MR: Meet Amelia, Head of Creative

Where were you before this?

New York Magazine for almost two years where I held three semi-simultaneous jobs: print magazine fashion assistant, Weddings fashion editor and contributor to The Cut. Before NY Mag I worked in PR at Ralph Lauren and before that, I was an assistant at PR Consulting.

What did you go to school for?

Journalism and mass communication with a minor in visual arts, although I don’t think that your major has to dictate your future path. Your undergraduate years are a time to make yourself as well-rounded as possible. If I could do it over again I would have focused more on history, just for fun.

How did you find/get started at Man Repeller?

Leandra and I met at an internship when we were both still in college. I wrote her a Facebook message because I liked her dress and needed friends in New York City. She was obsessed with me so she wrote back. We stayed close throughout the end of college/our respective careers and then she blackmailed me during the end of my time at NY Mag until I joined Man Repeller. Watch our ~*story*~ here.

Favorite part of your job?

– When I cannot wait to write something; when I’m bursting because I have something to say and then I realize I have a place to do so.

– The women I work with. They are truly inspiring and encourage me to see the world in so many ways I normally would not. They have taught and are teaching me a lot.

– The people I’ve had a chance to interact with/meet/interview for Man Repeller projects, recurring columns and stories.

– The Man Repeller community. It’s mind blowing to see the potential we have to spark real change. The readers and commenters foster this environment. They are so smart and engaged that there’s no room for laziness or apathy on my end. It’s terrifying but so gratifying. Also, everyone’s hilarious. I spend more time laughing at the comments section than answering emails. Sorry if you email me!

Least favorite part of your job?

Messing up — the realization of doing so shoots down my spine and into my gut. I’m learning how to learn from it.

Also, sometimes I’d rather be taking a nap than working, but that’s life.

What’s one thing that has surprised you in your path so far?

That I actually do have a voice.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A very happy human who wears straw hats with neck straps so that they don’t blow away while I’m doing outdoor activities.

What’s one piece of advice you have to give to anyone who wants a job like yours?

Always. Find. Solutions. No one wants to hear about problems or excuses. They want to know that it’s fixed. I learned this from my dad.

What’s one piece of advice to someone who has no clue what they want to do?

Because I know that “no one knows what they want to do” is the least helpful (but true!) answer, I will say this: strengthen the skills you already have, develop the ones you need to be better at the things you love and be open to all opportunities. Talk to everyone. Take every interview. And brush your teeth.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Try to embrace what’s “hard” about your job because it’s probably the thing helping you grow. Also: always, always, always assume that you will cross paths with everyone at least twice. You shouldn’t need a motive to be kind, but we all have bad days. Have you ever watched Curb Your Enthusiasm? It always circles back. Keep this in mind.

Finally, tell me one weird thing about yourself.

Leandra had a dream that her husband killed me on Sunday night and then she woke me up with a text about it, so that was lovely. Also, if I’ve met you at least twice, I can probably close my eyes and picture exactly what your hands look like.

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.

(PS: I do not make these flashing bars down below but I wasn’t about to complain about this one.)


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