Get to Know Team MR: Haley, Digital Editor

Where were you before this/doing what?

Before this I was working in talent experience at a design firm in San Francisco. I would explain that in more detail if I didn’t think it would bore you. There is almost no overlap in duties between that career and this one unless you include my unpaid side-gigs which were writing for my blog, helping my friends with creative projects and vigorously reading the internet.

What did you go to school for?

I went to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and studied International Business and Spanish. DOES THAT SOUND AS RANDOM AS IT FELT TYPING IT?

How did you get started at Man Repeller?

I’ve been obsessed with Man Repeller since 2011, but it wasn’t until 2014 when I decided to get less hypothetical about ~following my dreamz~ that I even let the idea of contributing enter my field of vision. Fast track to earlier this year, after several attempts (and failures!) to contact MR, when I found myself on an email chain with Leandra and Amelia (via my friend, angel and writer Carlye Wisel). I sent them a bunch of my writing and a cheesy powerpoint deck and then hyperventilated for a few minutes. When Leandra eventually offered me the gig I quit my job and moved across the country. I’m an indecisive overthinker and I’ve never had to consider something less.

Favorite part of your job?

Getting to (1) express myself with words (2) within a context that very organically interests me (3) with a team I admired, loved and respected before I even met them (4) for a company whose ethos I align with completely. Down to every last stupid bone in my body. It takes no effort to find the joy in it and that’s nothing short of dreamy.

Least favorite part of your job?

When I know the answer or insight I’m looking for is somewhere in my brain but I don’t have the time or spark or mental energy to coax it out.

What’s one thing that surprised you in your path up until now?

That I actually could do what I wanted to do, rather than just dream of it from another career, another life, another world.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

An author with a cozy home full of soft blankets, cool hats and flat-faced animals.

What’s one piece of advice you can offer to someone who wants a job like yours?

First: care about stuff and read about stuff and learn about stuff until you have something interesting to say. Then: write. For yourself, for a blog no one reads, for your mom, for anyone who will listen. Be forgiving of your shittier tendencies because you are a person and then just keep going. Lastly: find an in, however loose it might seem.

What’s one piece of advice you have for someone who has no clue what they want to do?

As Nora Ephron said: “Everything is copy.” What you’re doing now, however pointless it might feel, is part of your story. All you have to do is keep exploring your interests and take care to evolve. In my experience, people who are willing to critically examine themselves and the world around them seem to grow and move forward much faster than those who aren’t. But also I know how annoying advice can be so feel free to ignore all of this! WHO AM I EVEN?

Tell me something weird about you.

I’m really good at winking. Not in a sexy way but in a creepy doll way. I’m also obsessed with orangutans and animals in general. I’m trying to create an animal vertical at Man Repeller but Amelia and Leandra aren’t having it.

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


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