Get Your Shit Together: Food and Eating

We’re fully in the thick of spring, despite some less-than-idyllic weather, which means that The Moment is closer. If you’re confused about when The Moment occurs, consider the following plot line: it is June 1st and you have just woken up. Are you going to stumble out of bed and ask yourself how you deigned to drink so much the night before as you contemplate the row of three rainbow sprinkles stuck to your wrist? Or — and that’s a capital O — by the power vested in your internal alarm clock, will you effectively float out of bed feeling equal parts Pantene Pro-V perfect and — here’s the big one — healthy?

A good synonym for winter could be The Longest Sunday Morning Ever. You’re sluggish, you’re hungry, you’re in a perpetual state of weather-fostered hangover. You’re in survival mode — gearing up for a hurricane that starts to feel like it will never arrive and then one day, almost as if you never actually saw it coming, the metaphor ends, it’s summer and you realize you’ve lost complete control. Of course, there is a way to eliminate this happening and as platitudinal as it sounds, it starts from the inside.

No one knows this better than Danielle DuBoise and Whitney Tingle, the founders of Sakara Life — a healthy living program that highlights precisely the art of nourishing the body. The two grew up together in Sedona, Arizona and faced respective issues with food — while DuBoise saw it as the enemy, attempting any weight-loss craze that would sprout, Tingle struggled with chronic cystic acne. But after “looking inward,” as they put it, the two launched Sakara Life as a result of their frustration in the hugely time-consuming process of sourcing, cooking and eating the recommended daily nutrients.

As part of our Get Your Shit Together series, DuBoise and Tingle share five enlightening and educational tips for eating well.

Eat your water: Fruits and vegetables are an important source of nourishment that hydrate your body. Eat them frequently.

Drink warm liquids with your meals (which should be spaced apart by four hours). They help the digestion process.

Sugar is as bad as we think it is, but moderation is key. As you begin to eliminate foods that are high in sugar, you begin to find sweetness in healthier, more natural foods — like beets or strawberries. This isn’t to say, though, that if you’re craving a piece of chocolate you should deprive yourself. Just remember the concept of moderation.

Listen to your body: The corporate constructs of lunch breaks make this difficult, but your body will tell you when it’s hungry, or when it needs something. Tune in.

Forget calories. The way we value our food according to calories doesn’t quite run parallel to the way our bodies measure this food. Food science isolates ingredients in order to evaluate their worth, but we don’t eat those isolations. “A calorie is a unit used to measure energy, not nutrition,” they say on their site. “Calories are NOT created equal and are not a metric used for how fresh or healthy your food is.” Focus on really nourishing your body instead.

But the #1 tip for changing your body, or getting it to a place of peace? Love. “That love doesn’t have be perfect when you start, but apply the ideology of faking it ’til you make it.

Eventually, you will.

And come June 1st, you just might float out of bed.

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  • Allie Fasanella

    I wish I saw this before I had a shamrock shake.. oops

    • AlexaJuno

      I wish I saw this before I treated my body like a trash can in Port Authority for 25 years.

      • Leandra Medine

        So, when are you going to submit a prompt detailing that experience?

        • AlexaJuno

          THAT…is an excellent question. One I will go ponder now…

  • Yes! No one tells you, but the key ingredient to being healthy (physically and mentally) is love, love for your body. Excuse the cheese!

  • You know what they say: Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

    • Leandra Medine

      Is that something they say?

      • Yes! If, of course, ‘they’ comprises of Michael Pollan.

        • Lou

          My thoughts exactly! Very well-covered, best-seller territory, nothing new here. Just basic common sense.

  • Kahle

    i just finished a bag of vinegar chips and a huge austrian yeast dumpling with plum sauce, and i can’t move anymore… june 1st, let’s do it, i want to be FIT by then. thanks for this motivation manrepeller

  • Andrea Raymer

    I feel like for so many people, healthy eating is such a daunting task. Breaking things down into little tips like these make it so much easier to tackle the whole thing.

    • Yes, like above. I think doing things in increments can be applied to most daunting tasks, to alleviate some of the intimidation….?

      • fattah

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  • Emma McLaughlin

    Goodbye to my all kebab diet.

  • i so need to get my shit together. APRIL IS MY MONTH I CAN FEEL IT…

  • Kelsey Moody

    the problem is my body wont STFU, it is never not hungry and always for bread and cheese in a variety of forms. And if love is all it takes, I love bread and cheese so much it will satiate my soul long enough to get me to a place of peace.

    • Debbie

      If u r always hungRy it’s not because you want bread and chesse. It means your not eating enough

  • parkzark

    It just wants pizza all the time :(((

  • I’ve realized while dating my boyfriend that he doesn’t know much about nutrition (and why he struggles to loose weight) because male-directed media isn’t (as) obsessed with weight loss. I, on the other hand, had a lifetime of obsessing over how my body looked and therefore did a lot of research.

    For example, he had no idea that the 32 grams of sugar in his GATORADE is bad. He had no idea what 32 grams of sugar even looks like. He’s complained about stomach ailments the entire three years we’ve been together, but won’t replace all the take-out, bread, and white rice he eats with greens and veggies.

    I recently started taking homemade salads to work. I prefer heartier greens, such as Tuscan kale or raw collard greens. I highly recommend marinating your chicken breast in buttermilk for about 6 six hours. Perfectly moist for days.

  • Great series!


    Flip Flops and Furs

  • Great article! I love new ways of dieting and staying healthy!

    Green juices for life 🙂

  • Sam

    Love, love, love.

  • I agree with the notion of calories. Does anyone do calorie counting any more? I think moderation is key and we all need to learn how to listen to our bodies. Our bodies are self intuitive and we shouldn’t underestimate the signs its giving us. No one knows us better than ourselves. x

  • I need to get my shit together like crazy. This is perfect. Is coffee really that bad? I’m better than average at listening to my body and it tells me to grind some beans every day. Just one cup! I guess in moderation is the key.