What a Fashion Market Editor Wears to Fashion Week


Gabrielle Prescod is the Fashion Market Editor for Interview Magazine, which means for her, New York Fashion Week is more than just showing up in cool shoes — it’s a critical part of her job. That’s not to say she doesn’t look bomb while doing so, though, which is why we selfishly asked her to do a NY Closet for us over the course of her six busiest days earlier this month. (Sorry Gabby, but we needed this!)

Above is some serious outfit mastery: the seamless mixing of high and low, the creative braving of the elements, the candid skirt swoosh that somehow looks editorial and the casual Barneys photoshoot (what?). Click through above for an incredibly varied batch of outfit inspiration and I’ll meet you at the Denim & Diamonds party next year when we’re all definitely going to be invited!

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  • tmm16

    Love Gabrielle & Danielle! They’re power sisters for sure. Outfits in 4 & 5 are my fav.

  • Aydan

    Had to do a double take on the steve madden shoes! Girl is looking awesome in that look!

  • ladybirda

    Thanks for being honest about the coats that were borrowed.