Flashy or Trashy: Overall Edition

Code red. White flag. I have to tell you something and I have to say it now.

After my book came out last September, denim overalls sprawled across the cover, I was 99% sure that I would never be able to look at the once-praised hero of my closet again. But then, as if directly from a mythological Greek deity who warns mortals to be not sure of anything, that single, forlorn percentage point shined down upon me. And so, for the last two weeks I have been consistently rotating a pair of “shorteralls” and the photographed white pair of “painteralls” on my body like it is the sun and you, you are its orb.

Though I like to think that I am fluent in wearing overalls and have heretofore cracked every code there is to splatter across the ground floor of Condé Nast on how to wear them, I also like to think that I invented the word FOMO, which is to say, I can probably use the help of your opinion.

Just last week, I walked into the office wearing the white overalls with absolutely nothing underneath them. Before I left home, I did that thing I do and looked into the mirror and said to myself, Self, go on now, you look fine. But once I was released into the wild that is The Bowery, I realized that to wear a pair of overalls directly over my birthday suit is to invite a sexual deviant into my FUPA.

Of course, once the hypothetical deviant is to get past the layer of fabric and make contact with my bikini line, he or she is liable to experience a hugely dangerous sight that may or may not impair his or her vision but let’s cut the chase: overalls with nothing underneath them — flashy or trashy?

In the event you’re unfamiliar with the definitions of either word, I invite you to take a step back in time to the immortalized morning of June 17, where in a pair of white high waist shredded jeans, Amelia asked you the very question being presented again right now. If you’re still uncertain about the definitions, here is a simple sample guide: trashy = not good, flashy = ranging from decent to awesome.

So, tell me, world: would you wear overalls with nothing underneath them?

Horses Atelier overalls, R13 denim jacket, Isabel Marant sandals, Anna Coroneo wrist scarf, Paula Mendoza bracelet. Text me — bye!

  • Melissa Santorini

    Whatever you did, it worked! I just received the last 10 MR posts on my bloglovin’ feed.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I was JUST about to ask you! Fantastic.

  • Tara Jayne

    Hi Leandra!

    I know you posted a link to ‘shorteralls’ that were similar to the ones you are wearing in the other article, but I want the EXACT ones you are wearing! Are they a discontinued Stella McCartney never to be found again?! I’ve been scouring the internet like a yeast infection desperate for monistat.


    • Amelia Diamond

      Amelia here — Leandra is actually out of the countrayy but I’m gonna check on this for you. Check back in a few days!

      • Amelia Diamond

        (but i am pretty sure they aren’t around anymore i looked hard myself..)

        • Tara Jayne

          Oh man, what a crisis this has turned out to be. Thanks for looking, I will indeed check back!

  • Cherie

    Mine would be out the sides.

  • BethanyBeach

    I think it works! It shows off your tan quite nicely 🙂

  • jas

    i don’t think that is very man repelling, but it still looks pretty good to me!

    reckless abandon

  • Claire

    32H cup size here, that would be very vulgar.

    • Tara Jayne

      oh wow. you win lady.

  • maybe if overalls came with a built in bra. fla$hy and flo$$y on you, though.

  • Camille Newbern

    The appeal is in the flashiness/trashiness of the overall!

  • you look SICK…. in a very good way! LOVE these overalls with nothing underneath them, you really know how to take a trend and make it your own, Leandra 🙂
    xo, coco | millennielle.com

  • Jessica Peterson

    If I were you, I would wear overalls with nothing every day of my life. Since I am me, in all my large, supple-breasted glory, I will forsake. However, I must ask, did you surprise flash anyone that day? I feel like you are the one who would sneak up on an unsuspecting friend with a nipple showing, just for kicks.

  • can, have, will again!!

  • Kelly Esformes Alvarez

    i did for my birthday! I wore the rag and bone black overalls with leather straps and nothing else. It was a big hit

  • Love them with nothing underneath!


  • monkeyshines
  • Artemis Grey

    The way YOU’RE wearing them? FLASHY! The way so many of my southern sisters wear them… well, suffice to say they take trashy to a whole new level, with which I refuse to claim any geographical association.

  • Sarah Jo

    It all depends on the overalls….
    The straps are the only thing covering your nips = trashy.
    Your white painter overalls = flashy.

    If there’s a serious possibility of a nip slip, I would just throw on a bandeau.

  • Autumn

    I would feel like Sideboobs McGee if i wore nothing under my ‘alls. Though since they are called Over Alls they should cover everything so do yo’ thang, gurrrl.

  • kate

    only you can reinvent the overall time and time again. flashy!!! i freakin love it. and the cut of these overalls are perfect, i kind of can’t imagine wearing anything under. i was worried you were over the overalls, but i’m so glad to see them back in action.

  • andrea

    I was really ready to write “trashy” down, but then i saw the pictures and i have to say it looks pretty good on you; otherwise i`m totally certain than i would not be able to rock that look in a million years.

  • I am a firm proponent of the idea that there are no wrong bodies for any trend or style, but this just would NOT work on me with nothing underneath. I’d need some sort of boob containment system, be it a bra or the unexpected bikini top you make work so wonderfully. But I love it on you Leandra. Flashy all the way.

  • Depends on the type of overall, the geographic location of the pair of overalls, etc. But you only look flashy, honey.

  • Emma

    I love it! I think I’d be too scared to go without a bit of boob tape though… not that I have much in the way, but for me, straps and shoulders rarely get acquainted for long.

    Emma x

  • For my body type, I know I couldn’t pull it off (I’m pretty busty if I’m being honest with myself)…but on you?! Definitely flashy! Somehow you make this risque choice look super chic. I love it!

    | jordancathleen.blogspot.com

  • Alexandra Puffer

    You have enough accessories on & I love those sandals. Also – SIDEBOOB

  • Anna


  • Caroline

    I think to a bystander, there is nothing inappropriate about freewheeling it in JUST a pair of overalls. What might feel awkward about the ensemble would be the actual feeling of having nothing on besides the overalls. Denim on boobs isn’t exactly comfortable.

  • nick

    beautifull !!

    sepatu pria

  • jonh

    i love the back style ,
    kemeja pria

  • Mariah

    I feel like it’s flashy if you can keep from flashing any skin that isn’t socially acceptable to flash. Otherwise, definitely trashy.

    Theatricality by Mariah

  • It’s flashy and I love it!

    x Karen

  • depends on the overall. some of them provide as much coverage as any regular summer dress, and if that’s the case I am all for it. I am not for side-boob situations though. nuh-uh.