What’s Your Favorite Part of Summer?

The absolute best part of summer has to be climbing out of the ocean, or the pool, and you’re freezing because the water was ice cold and your lips are blue and your teeth are chattering, and then running into the arms of a gigantic, fluffy towel (probably with some weird print or pattern on it) so that you can bake, bake, bake under the sun like a clay pot until it becomes so unbearable that you absolutely must jump up like a lunatic and run right back into that water.

Maybe it’s being the only friend who refuses to go in the water — “I’ll watch your stuff” — so that you can enjoy a few peaceful moments of absolute silence amid the white noise of laughter and splashing and neighboring conversations.

Or actually, the best part of summer has to be waking up to sunny skies even though it’s as early as 7 AM and then leaving work at 7 PM to a still-bright day.

Then eating dinner outside.

Maybe the best part of summer is being able to grab a gauzy sheath from your closet while still in a yellow haze from the night before, then slipping your feet into the nearest pair of sandals and that, with perhaps the addition of a quick swipe of deodorant, is your outfit for the next 12 hours.

The best part of summer could also be using sunscreen as your only source of perfume, or popsicles as your main source of hydration. It’s leaving your phone at home because you know all your friends will be at the usual spot anyway, and refusing to get sick of the same songs that every bar, restaurant and iPod has played for past 8 weeks.

It’s feeling like a little kid again. And there’s still two long, languid weeks left plus more if you stay true to the equinox so tell me, for the love of a sunny Monday: what’s your favorite part of summer?

— Amelia Diamond

 Camille Rowe shot by Matt Jones for Elle France, Background shot by Matthias Vriens McGrath for Numéro Homme

  • ee_by_cc

    Favorite part of summer is the spontaneity. It always feel like there’s a possibility of getting into unplanned fun, like an impromptu water ballon fight or something.


    • Amelia Diamond

      i totally agree

  • That would be running around barefoot – at home. Unfortunately, we already have fall now, so I have to wear socks and birkenstocks again …
    Oh, and the way naturally ripened veggies and fruit taste – mmmmm … Even in socks 🙂

  • Leandra Medine

    black tank tops/gold neck chains against really tan skin.

  • Aleks Kop

    My best part of summer are dinners outside when it is already dark and you are still sipping cocktails with your friends wearing nothing more than your cute sleeveless summer dress. And he air, you can still feel the heat of the day passing by rumbled by warm evening breeze. Smiles, good food and flattering dresses that’s what is all about!
    Aleks Kop ‘Wandering Minds’

  • grilling, passing off extremely dirty hair as “beach hair”, boats, hoes, drinking by water, lobstah rolls, flowers, bridal showers, and seeing all the happy engagements on facebook.

    (jk about the last two)

  • Tara Jayne

    dressing like a hippie, ignoring my hair and makeup, and essentially to pretend (or at least look like) something or someone i’m totally not.

    laid back? you bet. (yeah right).

  • Emilia Petrarca

    Popsicles for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Alexandra Puffer

    Definitely the sunshine and long daylight hours. I’m already dreading my first winter out of university and into the workforce.

    Warm regards,

    • Charlotte Fassler

      After this winter I have to say the long daylight hours are my favorite part as well!

      • There’s nothing more depressing than waking up before class or work before sunrise and then leaving after sundown

  • Favourite things: Pimm’s on tap, buying loads of travel sized mini beauty products (even if I’m not going away) and yes, the quick process getting dressed in the morning! surreyedit.com

  • Quinn Halman

    The freedom that comes from things like summer camp to wearing bathing suits under clothes. And no school, of course.

    • The things I would do to go to summer camp. You know that’s cruel? The summer (day) camp I went to from ages 5-14 is DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM MY OFFICE. Sometimes I want to run over on my lunch break and take a swim test.

  • My favourite part of summer is that myself and all my friends are back in town on summer break! We all go to schools all over Europe, so it’s so nice to finally have our girl’s nights again! 🙂

  • Aubrey Green

    being tan. later sunsets. ice cold beer. no rain. better moods from strangers and friends.

  • Celeste

    I live in new zealand so the best part about summer is hearing northern hemisphereans complain about the cold… mwahahahha. I’m kidding.

  • It could be forgetting what day or time it is because none of these things are important. Granted, I’m a recent college grad enjoying the last “real summer” before the call of the working world in t-35 days.

    It could also be third-wheeling with my parents. Never gets old.


  • Eating dinner outside, for sure! And the late-night sun. I also love warm evenings. Like, completely dark out, stars shining, but it’s still 85 degrees. Then a little breeze picks up and Em’s in heaven.

  • The long daylight, going to the beach every weekend (Greece is the best place for that!), sandals, no makeup, only sunscreen, watermelons..And the list is never ending!

  • My favourite part of summer is its ending. I’ve never been much of a summer person and I don’t do well in the heat or sun. But, having said that, I actually really enjoy taking long drives in the summer. Being surrounded by greenery and blue skies really perks me up!