NY Closets: Fallon Nachmani

Fallon Nachmani is the founder and president of Grayscale, which promotes lots of the luxury brands we know and love (Gentle Monster, Tokyobike and Deborah Pagani, to name a few). Her love for accessories comes through in her work as much as in her wardrobe. Although Fallon leans minimal — all five of the outfits documented above share a similar silky, comfy, monochromatic quality — none quite fall into the camp of “simple.”

She wears a white dress with a polkadot scarf knotted around her neck, an oversize green shift punctuated by pink (foot, wrist, hand) and a black dress with chunky silver rings. The common thread is that she keeps it simple and she knows what she likes. And that’s nice, isn’t it? Click through above for some outfit equation inspiration.

Follow Fallon on Instagram @fallonnachmani. Visit Grayscale PR site here; feature collage by Emily Zirimis. 


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  • Mallory

    Love all of her dresses and shoes!

  • Mariana

    Can I steal her closet, please? THANKS