Have You Started Road Mapping your Fall Clothing Strategy Yet?

Loaded question, I know, but inquiring minds (or is it mind — as in, the singular one that belongs to me) are curious. Chiefly, I might add, because it seems like no matter how extensively I broadcast my putrid hate for the cold (last winter, I threatened mother nature by resolving to leave New York only to realize that longterm, I’d only be hurting myself), or how hard I beg for the sun to shine down on me, with its partner in crime: divine humidity, or for the wind to subside, or the snowflakes to take a hike, by the end of July, every single summer, I am ready for boots.

Sometimes I feel like a masochist in the same way a single girl might while she waits and waits for a potential suitor to call her, having been sure she didn’t even like him that much (as in, at all). But with every additional hour she waits, empty text message she does not open, Facebook notification that won’t pop-up, the affection grows.

Fundamentally, it’s growing out of pride or perhaps a fear we’re all familiar with: that of rejection — because, really, what’s worse than being afterthought-ed by someone you don’t even like — but when it comes to my boots and the hankering for them, why is my pride involved? Where is the scale of rejection?

Maybe my attention has just grown so spectacularly deficient that it takes not three, not four, but a simple one month and some for me to believe that without substantial change, I’ve got nothing.

Whatever the reason, here I am, gawking at the metal-padded black suede boots of one Saint Laurent, determining that I own at least five pairs of pants I will still want to wear into the distantly imminent season, wondering whether I will want my sweaters to come banded at the waist or loose — you know, for layering dresses and blouses and long tees and the like.

Will I finally want to wear dresses? Even though I convince myself of this every single season and then two months in remember that black tights are not for me? Will I wear skirts? Of the calf-length pencil variety? Wool crop tops? They’ll layer so romantically!

Or will I simply fall back into the navy blue hole of yonder, locating complacency at Uniqlo, with the help of distressed dark denim and boots as simple as those with a two inch heel and a pointed toe that hail from Zara.

Or will they be knee-length?

I guess I won’t know until I get there but that, my friend, is why we road-map. So here is mymap, let’s see how often it changes between now and then.

…Now show me yours or pay the price (purportedly, I suppose, of my map?)

Image shot by Ryan McGinley for W Magazine

  • I am in no way ready for fall. I’m really enthusiastic about enjoying each “season” we get here in California, so I’ll get to fall when it creeps closer. But I do have a plethora of cardigans & sweaters I will be glad to bust out once more. :] // itsCarmen.com ☼

    • sf.mama

      There are no seasons in CA. 🙁

      • Annette

        hahaha I moved to California for a few years and remember my first fall/winter fashion change. Dressed in the morning for the cool weather and by noon it was summer again……..had to move back to Texas:-)

  • Tanushka

    Totally fall-shopping:) mentally, of course! – no, not really, went into the store three weeks ago to inquire about the SW Lowland boots- I want them now! Even if able to wear in 3 months only. We’re all sick creatures here)

  • Zoe Penina Baker

    I was all excited this week because I just inherited 2 gorgeous capes from my grandmother but now you’ve got me thinking about all the other items I need to buy. As someone who spends their Fall season in the Hudson Valley and Summers in the city, by the time it starts to cool down, I’m eager to ease off the upkeep of a sweaty urban uniform. Why does it always feel so effortless and exciting shopping for and wearing clothes for Fall when it’s such a chore looking cute through July and August? The back-to-school mentality still has me in jitters. You’ll find me at Target buying Hello Kitty pencil cases…

  • Aubrey Green

    I’m always fall shopping and I live in California. I love boots. I think a jacket/coat always pulls an outfit together. Plus if you gained 5 pounds no one really notices.

  • Myra Huggins

    I wait for fall every single year only because of the warm tones and layers. I kill for heavy coats.. bring on the cold.

  • Not prepared for fall. Why don’t I live in a location where summer is a year round season?
    Much Love, AnnCates xx

  • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

    Yup totally shopping for fall…though for some reason going very heavy on the shoes/boots thus far. There is some fall preview stuff from For L&L that I’m dying for and will pounce on as soon as they become available.Loooove fall shopping!!

  • Stephanie

    So this morning as I was walking through Macy’s and they had back to school out I thought, well, Labor Day is only 6 weeks away so fall shopping now would be the equivalent of Christmas shopping in mid-November. Not too outrageous, although I am nowhere near so organized to start my holiday shopping in mid-November!

  • I am a victim of the uniform in the fall but I can’t say I hate it because sometimes all navy, black, and grey makes me feel 2 chic 2 handle. Also, I have this glorious pair of Frye leather riding boots; soft as a baby’s ass and a beautiful shade of reddish-brown. I am already anticipating the first crisp day so I can break them out.

    • Annettte

      You have great basic with navy, black and grey…..mix in some camel with any of them and you will have a really rich look!!

  • Cinamaron

    I am already fall shopping- I bought two sweaters in the Barney’s Warehouse sale. They are men’s sweaters but idc because oversized sweaters = best sweaters. Fall is my favorite and this year I am going to be PREPARED and AWESOME. And I’m excited to wear my burgundy leather boots!

  • The great/weird thing about living in Southern California is that fall doesn’t really start until late October. For most of September last year it was in the high 90’s. My clothing seasons are less winter clothes/summer clothes and more clothes/no clothes, since for much of the year everyone walks around in jean shorts and tank tops trying not to burn alive. I can’t even think about wearing jackets and boots for another three months, which is a little sad…

    Love, Gigi
    Dolce and Gabriella

  • monkeyshines

    amazing picks!

  • Mariah

    Oh I am looking forward to fall. I can’t wait to break out my sweaters and the amazing coat I found at the thrift store towards the end of winter. I love layers. I am honestly so excited 🙂

  • donn

    picture is amazing !
    tas selempang wanita

  • Sandy

    Knee to thigh length socks work better for me than tights with winter skirts.

  • Cristina Estupiñán

    I’m with you! I started my Fall wishlist Pinterest board this week. Bring on the boots and the falling leaves!

  • Allie

    I didn’t think I was ready for fall shopping… and then I hit up the Nordstrom anniversary sale. http://www.alliesfashionalley.com

  • Jennie

    Darn you. I don’t need to go shopping. Now, I have to or I won’t sleep at night!

  • Sam

    Fall shopping (and everything else) is my favorite! I spend Summer practically naked and save all my gold doubloons for Autumn. I’m trying to squeeze all the fun & sun I can out of this season… but I am SO ready.

  • Laura Mitchell

    We have to start shopping now! 1. You have to know what to save for and 2. Some really great things sell out early

  • john

    like always, you have post grat articel
    jam tangan pria

  • Kandeel

    I’m in a fall state of mind most of the time (don’t blame me i live in Canada). I own way to many jumpers, and I live for peacoats, button-ups, denim and ankle boots. Those skirts and dresses though………. (*enters credit card number*)



  • Summer Allen

    I’m a shoe shop owner in a small city in Maine. We’re not coastal so business is crap all summer. Fall is where we shine (aka sell stuff and pay billz) and BOOTS are where it’s at.

  • Sweetyft

    I have started shopping for fall last march so I am more than ready.