What’s Your Actually Secret Beauty Secret?
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Last week I basically wrote a dissertation on why I love self-tanner. When I set out to write it, the concept seemed so revolutionary — like I was sharing a dark secret in confessional form even though it’s just self-tanner, which is basically the gel-manicure equivalent of bronzer if you think about it. Would I be embarrassed to share that I get gel manicures? Probably not. It got me thinking about all the other beauty rituals that, at first blush, we’re embarrassed to talk about. Where does that shame come from? Is it shame? Amelia routinely gets her eyelashes done, and I have seen her graciously accept the compliment, “Wow, you have amazing lashes,” without ever explaining that they were glued on. It really makes me wonder about her hair, but that’s an exposé for another time.

Harling shaves her stomach but doesn’t really talk about it. I’ve done that before, too (sometimes I still lie to my husband when he asks if I shaved my arms), Yvonne used to whiten her teeth incognito. A member of our business development team says she gets her sideburns threaded. Leslie is embarrassed that, occasionally, she uses a curling iron to stretch out her natural curls. It seems like a lot of the hang-ups we carry pertaining to our beauty routines correlate pretty directly with the pursuit of looking natural. We don’t want to try to look natural because it’s supposed to be effortless — but so what if it’s not?

Without sounding too cliche, or like I’m wearing a T-shirt that reads, “Empowered,” I have to say: What’s the BFD, which I think stands for big fucking deal. The longer we pretend we don’t do the things that really make up our beauty routines, the harder we are going to be on ourselves about what we look like when we wake up. Or maybe I’m projecting. But what about the youths!!! They need to know my teeth are not naturally this white. I use an electric toothbrush specifically designed to polish them whiter. Also, I pick my eyebrows, so sometimes they thin at the corners. I do not use eyeliner or mascara for their intended purpose, but I do use them to fill in my brows. I hate telling people this because big eyebrows are kind of my thing. It sounds so stupid when I say it out loud, but also really robs the sentiment of any power, which is cool.

So let’s keep talking about it! What beauty things do you do that no one really knows about? Air it out like dirty laundry, share a picture if you want to.

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Feature image by Krista Anna Lewis and photo by Leandra Medine. 

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  • Milk of magnesia as acne fixer extraordinaire. Buying the bottle always makes me feel super embarrassed and I even hide it in my bathroom.

    • Em

      How do you use this? As a topical spray?? Reveal pls!

      • 1) Surreptitiously buy a bottle from CVS where they have self-checkout.
        2)Wash your face as you normally would.
        3) Make sure you shake the bottle really hard, and then when you open it there should be some of the liquid on the inside of the cap which you can swipe up with a cotton ball.
        4)You can schmear it all over your face as a mask, or use as a spot treatment.
        5) Let it dry out and then rinse.

        **Adding: get the original one with no flavor or scent https://www.phillipsdigestive.com/products/milk-magnesia/

        It zaps redness and oil like a dream!

        I almost forgot my other favorite secret: The tiniest drop of Head and Shoulders as a face wash to get rid of post-acne flakes on your face.

        I discovered all these weird things while I was on Accutane and desperate for relief.

        • Ciccollina

          I don’t even have acne and I am making mental note of this so I can tell all my friends. Very good, thank you!

  • Sleepyhead

    I use diaper rash cream to keep my butt smooth and blemish free during summer months. Also, ever since Haley’s article about “dermaplaining”, I totally shave my face and I LOVE it.

    • Em

      This is fab

    • Alexa

      OMG. So down to try this. Of my friends I’m the one always testing out “unconventional” ~beauty tricks~ and I’m not quiet about it, but I’ve never thought about trying this. Gonna need to show the booty some summer love, thanks for this idea!

    • Ola

      I’ll try this too, thanks! 😚

    • Amy Brumbpo Tungus

      I am SO glad you shared this. Hellloooo smooth ass in the summer

    • Sheila T.

      this is genius and will surely save my life

    • Ciccollina

      Wait what! When and where and how do you use the cream? I need to know this!

      • Sleepyhead

        I just take regular diaper rash cream that you buy in the baby section at the drug store, and put on my rear after the shower. It really keeps things smooth, and the red red bumps from perspiration, away.

  • Imaiya Ravichandran


  • routinely pluck a single, robust, long chin hair

    • Louisiana Gelpi


    • Katrina Elizabeth

      My boyfriend helps me check for Chin Whisker. How does it appear overnight but also super long all at once?

      • Gina Fuchs


      • Molly D

        I’m sure it appreciates you using it as a proper noun though. Respect.

      • doublecurl

        boyfriend points galore

    • Same x7. I have 7.

      • Molly D


    • SAME. It just grows out of nowhere.

      • lily

        god this whole thread makes me feel better about mine

    • Bo

      Yes! Mine grows out of a mole

    • Calli


    • Natty

      same, and it always re-sprouts overnight? wtf?

  • don’t worry about it

    I occasionally use a nose hair trimmer to shave off the peach fuzz I get between my eyebrows and on my forehead

    mortified to be even typing this

    • alansa

      ME TOO, it’s just so efficient

      • don’t worry about it

        so glad it isn’t just me!

  • Gina Fuchs

    Admitting that I waxed my peachfuzz used to really embarrass me, especially stepping out of the nail salon a young chil’ with a red + delicate upper lip. Everything got worse when I began to get some gnarly chin hairs in my freshman year of college (hormones, man).

    I eventually learned to, not love, but not *hate* the fuzz. Now, I shave my upper lip and pluck my chin hairs. Cheap + easy, even if they “grow back thicker”

  • Other than plucking all of the damn hairs off my chin and upper lip way more often than I’d like to admit, I don’t have any beauty secrets. Honestly? I’m too lazy with my beauty routine to warrant having anything to hide.

    My best friend, however, routinely tries new beauty trends and will admit them to me in hushed tones over the phone. Hair extensions, dermaplaining, eyelash extensions and, most recently, microblading. I listen to her stories in total fascination and when she tells me she keeps them a secret from the rest of the world I’m like, girl, WHY? Share the wealth of your knowledge with others!

  • Aydan

    bleach my face hairs and side burns…

  • Abby

    Arm shaver over here. I did it once on a whim when I was 16 and now I can’t stop because the regrowth looks weird.

    • Rachel

      Yes!! I always try to grow it back out but the in between looks so gnarly that I always cave and shave them again. Except for a spot on the back of my elbow that I can’t see and thus inadvertently let grow into a freaky elbow soul patch

      • Liz

        Wax!! its not bad at all. I do it at home.

    • Shaved my arms for like five years – the regrowth period was HARD. My boyfriend at the time would like rub up against me and be like Why is your arm a cactus?! But I stuck it out and now I have nice, light, soft baby hair.

    • Chelsea Adilia Rojas

      SAME HERE!

  • Lindsey

    Every once in a while I’ll get some kind of reaction on my lips from a lipstick, to the point where it’s itching and cracking and there’s some kind of like…goo…that comes out (I seriously can’t believe I’m writing this). But I have found that preparation H makes that shit go away so quickly. I made my husband go buy it.

    Not sure that even counts as “beauty secret.” More like, secret I should’ve kept to my damn self.

    BUT, I will say, that my ACTUAL beauty secret is to not use conditioner or a comb and to sleep on wet hair. That’s how I get volume and that whole annoying French girl hair.

    • Terri Mallett

      Oooh, I will use the hair tip! Love Chip Basket’s estranged French wife’s hair. Amazing!

    • AC

      this happens to me toooo! my secret cure is an antihistamine. works like a charm every time

    • Emma Connelly

      Same but i smear monistat on my lips *yikes*

    • BarbieBush

      Omg my derm told me that the cracking at edges of your mouth is just chapped skin that your mouth yeast infiltrates and so its a mini fungal infection. Fun! But that’s why products like that work

  • Hope

    I spent a small fortune getting laser hair removal (I saved up for a year too) – I think that it was worth every. damn. penny.

  • T-Fierce

    I shave the hair off my toes. And when I cut my big toe while shaving I told my friends and they were like wtf why do you shave your toes… But I gotta look good in my Birkenstocks.

    • Sleepyhead

      I totally shave my toes, and tops of my feet too!

      • ihaveacooch


    • Kattigans

      Haha I do this too!


    • Hellbetty666

      I shave my toes too! And apparently hairy feet are a sign you have good circulation, so something to be proud of.

      • snakehissken

        I have terrible circulation, my feet fall asleep in seconds and they’re always cold… totally hairless.

        • Ciccollina

          Me too! And I was always so proud of my hairless toes!

    • Shave my toes and tops of my feet. One time I tried plucking my big toe hair and I almost died from shock.

      • OMG this. How is plucking toe hair more painful than eyebrow hair? But it is. I’m getting chills just thinking of how much it hurts.

    • Nicole

      I shave my legs but wax my toes/feet with the sally hansen strips in a box from the drugstore. I feel like it lasts WAY longer and requires similar effort to shaving. My legs, that’s a different story.

  • Hopefully not just me…

    plucking hairs around my nipples… so embarrassing but has to be done !

    • Basil

      Me too.
      I also have a whole army of hairs on my chin that are ALWAYS there no matter how frequently I pluck (pulling them out with my fingers is very satisfying and I do it a lot). I’ve given up on my upper lip as they’re not that noticeable and when I’ve had threading done there, I had a huge reaction and it was more noticeable than before. I’m more than happy to field “oh so you want the moustache” comments from beauticians

      • Bo

        Lol. “Oh, so you want the moustache.” Classic passive-aggressive beautician negging

      • Mollie Ward

        I’ve been getting my eyebrows done by the same older french lady since I was 13 and EVERY SINGLE TIME she asks if I want to do my stash… No thanks Martina, I’m good.

    • Thank Fuck I’m not the only one who does this. I thought I was some he-woman for having hair there.

      • Heather Chambers

        Nah, they’re actually really common.

    • Beasliee

      Me too. How do they grow so long so quickly! They’re nearly as luscious as the ones under my belly button…

    • mine can grow soooo long. I remember in high school I wore a low cut top and one of the hairs peeked out through my bra, out of my tee! one of my male friends pointed it out to me, I lied that it was a head-hair that fell and got stuck, I was mortified oh my god I’m cringing just typing it up

  • AG

    So I label this as a “beauty” secret since it’s more vain than medically necessary…but I sweat excessively (hello hyperhidrosis!) and have spent $$$ on Miradry procedures – very basically, microwaving your sweat glands until they disappear. I get super bruised/swollen for about two days after each time, so I lie to everyone and say I’m on some fun weekend trip when really I’m curled up on my couch watching netflix with frozen water bottles under my armpits.

    • Beasliee

      Urgh. You poor love.
      I sweat a lot too but this is dedication!

    • Grace B

      I feel you girl. I suffered from hyperhidrosis from age 15 to 22 – it was so sucky. I remember buying some stuff Rachel Ray promoted on her show – this epic deodorant. It DID work for about two or three days. I’m glad the miradry is helping though! what a headache for you.

      • AG

        Does that mean at age 22 it ended for you? that’s amazing

        • Grace B

          It did! Quite frankly COMPLETELY out of the blue. I moved from the east coast to the Bay Area – a super temperate climate so I was suddenly wasn’t dripping with sweat all of the time. After years of getting sweaty just thinking about it. I also lost some weight (that I’ve since gained back & more). Even when I moved to HOT texas it didn’t come back? Although I definitely sweat a lot and easily when exercising. And this is random – but I remember Ramona on a season of RHONYC saying she had experienced it too during college, it ended, and then came back in her fifties. Hugs!

    • Ciccollina

      Poor thing 🙁 Can’t you get botox? My girlfriend got botox under each of her underarms and said it works perfectly. I do know that the sweat comes out elsewhere though (in the groin) so I guess maybe the Miradry doesn’t do this?

      • AG

        Hi! The reason I went with miradry over botox is that miradry is permanent whereas you have to go back every 4-6 months (i believe, depending on how effective it is for each person) to get more botox injections. And, supposedly, miradry doesn’t make you sweat more in other places. Even if I made the post treatment sound a little horrific, I stil recommend it!

        • Fernanda

          Botox is awesome.. though you do have to go back every once and a while. For the armpits, however, it lasts longe than on the face. About 6-9mo. And after a few times, it is said to last up to 12mo!

  • Molly D
  • dietcokehead

    Rubbing avocado oil into my tits and other nethers on the reg to keep the hidradenitis as calm as possible (DON’T GOOGLE IMAGE THAT TERM, IT’S AWFUL, MINE ISN’T NEARLY THAT BAD BUT IT STILL SERIOUSLY SUCKS)

    • Lemonlime

      Does that help? The only thing that ever worked for me was a prescription for spironalactone and a topical antibiotic. Still have scarring :-/ I’ll have to try the avo oil!

      • dietcokehead

        Oh really? My gyno told me there was really nothing I could really do other than buying better-fitting bras, but I haven’t seen a derm about it. The avo hasn’t gotten rid of the old scars or anything, but keeping moisturized well (I use it at the end of my shower) helps prevent itching, which generally seems to have kept new spots at bay (as have the new bras in sizes outside the shitty VS range!).

        • Lemonlime

          Definitely see a dermatologist! I found one who had treated it before and I wish I had done it years ago.

        • Alice

          Please see a dermatologist. If avocado oil is helping you, my sense is that you may have been misdiagnosed. As a sufferer of quite effed up HD, I am hoping that you actually don’t have it. While on this topic, turmeric and tea tree oil help me a lot every time I have flare ups.

          • dietcokehead

            It’s helpful in general for the old scars not itching, and in general keeping moisturized and not having underwire digging in at the wrong spot seems to be beneficial. But yeah I definitely need to see one to be sure. My gyno seemed pretty confident (also that it wasn’t cancer), so … idk. Thanks for input! I just started taking turmeric capsules actually and have some turmeric cream; are you doing like a poultice or taking it internally?

          • Alice

            I took capsules every day for something like three years and I am pretty sure that sort of made the disease manageable. And now i use the capsules for some periods, and rest some others, and use some turmeric cream pimped up with turmeric powder as such and tea tree oil as a (rather messy) spot treatment when it gets bad, or just tea tree if it’s “normal” lump. My latest strategy is to treat some areas (underarms, for example) with anti acne skin care like BHA, based on completely nothing but my own non scientific hunch. We will see. Good luck! And no matter what, keep it up. These things usually thrive with negativity.

        • Have you tried changing your diet? My derm told me my only option was to be on antibiotics forever, which I was not going to do. Once I cut nightshades out, my entire life changed. I have had 1 or 2 flare ups over the past couple years (as opposed to before when I would have 4-5 at all times) I rarely meet others who suffer from HS, so just wanted to share my experience!

    • Ciccollina


    • Jolie

      WAIT I HAVE HIDRADENITIS TOO and i didn’t know about avocado oil!!! I get it mostly in my inner thighs and groin which is a real disaster

      • I suffer from HS too and have not tried the avocado oil, but Vitamin E oil seems to work pretty well.

        I’m going to go ahead and share what worked for me (apologies if this is something you’ve heard a million times before, but my experience is that HS and it’s remedies aren’t talked about enough). Once I cut nightshades out of my diet, my flares went away and I haven’t had more than 1 or 2 flares the last 2 years. Nightshades are tomato, potato, eggplant, and peppers. It was hard to cut out those foods, but worth it because I got my life back!

        Also there’s a great Facebook group called Hidradenitis Suppurativa Warriors where people share tips and advice for living with HS. Sometimes it’s too sad for me to read the posts about the severe cases, but I have picked up some tips.

  • i just got my brows microbladed and i’ve been telling strangers on the street so i’ll throw it in here too. NO SHAME, i just like talking about it. oh also i do kind of “shave” the hair above my lip with one of those mini razor thingys and then i put coconut oil on it and i look smooth and ish.

  • freudianslippers

    I’m mostly just embarrassed about the amount of $$$ I spend on beauty stuffs, rather than any particular beauty secret. But, for a super close shave (and because I’m hella lazy), I shave my legs in the bath, even though the little hair bits get everywhere and stick to me (now that I live with my bf I’m totally busted on this one tho)

  • Camila Restrepo

    I use to bleach my upper lip and every once in awhile wax it at home. When I was in college, I had it threaded (awful pain, I would have tears when the lady was done doing it). Then I went abroad and had no way to have it threaded and so what I did was get some tiny scissors (the same one I use for my eyebrows) and literally just cut my upper lip hair. I haven’t cut myself (yet) and even though it’s not perfect, at least I’m not crying of pain or suffering from inflammation/bad pumps due to the wax.
    I’ve also stopped threading my eyebrows (it’s been since August of last year) and I don’t regret it one single bit. I thought they would become giant, unruly caterpillars but thankfully with some digilent plucking once or twice a week, my eyebrows look great. I even had a makeup artist and my esthethician compliment me on them! Yay for finally being comfortable in my thick Colombian eyebrows.

    Also the person that talked about plucking hair from their nipples *raises hand way up in the air* That has been me all my life! I feel you sister!

  • Greenborough

    I don’t wash my face. Like ever. I exfoliate once a week and wash my face only after wearing make-up with is less than once a month.

  • Beasliee

    I epilate my legs (below the knee only, too painful above) snd it doesn’t matter what I do I still get terrible ingrowing hairs.
    They don’t come up as spots but I can see them in my leg & when I squeeze them – I swear some of them are almost 4cms long when they pop out.
    Gross but satisfying!

    • Diagnosaurus rex

      After epilating , rub your legs with a mix of equal parts tea tree oil and sweet almond oil. Add a drop of eucalyptus oil if you can’t stand the smell. Exfoliate the next day with a Moroccan hammam mitt. Perform two or three times weekly.

      • Teresa

        I know this was a while ago but I feel like I have to tell you guys that because of this comment I google what epilating is, bought one, and started doing it. My life is CHANGED. Thank you!!!

  • Inaat

    Not really a secret, but the skin on my legs react so badly to shaving and waxing so I’m currently getting laser. It works good on me so I started on my bikini line after the first appoinment.

  • Elizabeth F.

    My brow hairs are pretty long and thick. If I go to bed with wet hair/brows, which is most nights, I wake up with crazy/curly brows. I use a gross amount of coconut oil to make them lay flat and look tamer.

  • Grace B

    Aside from showering and dry brushing, I don’t have a beauty routine. Like another poster said, I don’t wash my face. I also only wear makeup like once or twice and year and that is when someone else is putting on my face (like my Mom, who did my wedding makeup).

  • Sara

    Raging case of keratosis pilaris on my upper arms for which I apply Paula’s Choice bha body lotion religiously, as well as a retinol (the fancy kind meant for your face) every other night, and try very hard not to pick at (rarely successful). Ugh…such a bummer during tank top/swimsuit season. Any recommendations for getting the resulting hyperpigmentation to fade are most welcome.

    • Rebecca B

      Try Buffy from Lush!! It’s the only thing that’s cured my bumpy upper arms. I use it daily and my arms are even coloured and v smooth which is insane compared to how they were. Also it comes in a huge brick that lasts for ages.

    • Crystal

      Korean scrub mitts! Steam for 10 minutes and buff away your outermost layers of skin. It seriously peels off in little rolls, it is profoundly gross and it rules.

      If you have access to Korean spas, you can have a terse lady in a bikini do it for you!

      • Ciccollina

        The terse lady line is killing me 😂

  • Hellbetty666

    I don’t wash my hair very often. I keep it going with dry shampoo and argan oil and only wash it when it really stinks (of piss and puke usually).

    I also obsess about bum spots and spend as much time cleaning my butt cheeks as I do my face.

    But my biggest secret, and I’m only sharing here because I fucking love this site and everyone on it, is to avoid black fishnets – go for brown instead. They make your legs look phenomenal and the colour is softer so you avoid that bluish unhealthy looking tinge you get with black ones.

  • Azusa

    My secret is … facial exercises! I found an antique book (from the 80s) by an odd-looking British woman named Eva Fraser, and taught myself the whole routine. I swear it works, sort of. Completely got rid of nasolabial folds. This is a huge secret–I lock the bathroom door. Husband v. curious.

    • Ciccollina

      Oh wow……this is gold.

    • Peter

      Is that book called facercise because my mom has that and I used to steal it.

  • Mya

    I ignore the fact there is hair all over my body. Like ALL OVER. And its visible, and i don’t shave it becuase my skin would look patchwork becuase my hair makes me look darker. stomach hair don’t care *pulls party popper*

  • Margo

    I take great, guilty enjoyment in using a bobby pin to squeeze/scrape the blackheads on my nose

  • Grace

    one of my favorite comment sections ever

  • alexalexalexLA

    Bleach the hair on my stomach and pluck my nip hairs. PCOS for the win!

  • Spandangle

    I find plucking sebaceous filaments out of my tits really relaxing. Oh and when I’m tired I run my fingers over my sideburns hunting for whiskers. Then I can’t sleep until I pluck it!

  • Rebecca Arenstein

    I shave my whole face. It makes it so smooth you would not believe it!

  • prairie dogs

    It is WILD how much of this is about body hair. Not to shame anyone for feeling a little body hair shame– I also pluck my upper lip and feel embarrassed about it, and I’m generally hair af! But it’s so telling, isn’t it? We have such ingrained ideas about women being Barbie-hairless.

    I stopped shaving my armpits on a whim this spring– it felt like a little project 🙂 I’m used to them now and don’t think of them much. But it’s interesting to occasionally notice someone noticing my pits!

    And full disclosure, I’m thinking of shaving them before a big graduation-related presentation I have to give, because the dress I’m wearing (and obsessed with) is sleeveless. So again– no shame for feeling shame, I’ve also drunk the hairless-koolaid.

    • I stopped shaving my underarms 2 and a half years ago and it makes me feel so powerful and sexy. The only time that feeling goes away is when I have to wear a formal sleeveless dress. For some reason those 2 things seem incompatible in today’s society. It is getting easier to ignore the social discomfort, though.

    • Heather Chambers

      I stopped shaving my armpits after an allergic reaction to a deodorant liker, 7 years ago or something. I’ve shaved them a few times since, like for my wedding, and I HATE IT. Seriously, I whine about the itchiness and the quick growing stubble so much that my husband is under orders to tell me not to shave them (every few months I get kinda curious about what bare armpits would feel like again. He reminds me.)
      I find they feel less sweaty and smell less–with one caveat: once they get smelly, the hair absorbs the odor and you have to wash them thoroughly. But it takes a lot longer to get there than it did when I shaved them, and I get waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay fewer irritations than I used to.
      I still shave plenty of other parts of my body, though.

      • I too feel that hairy armpits are way less smelly. I shave probably once a week (is this normal? No idea…) and I’m always extra careful to wear deodorant on those days…. Which I don’t always remember to do.

  • me

    0mGggggg. …. I’m lying on my couch (sick with a disgusting sinus infection) and crying/laughing at the comments.

    The stupendously GLORIOUS comments: In all of their outrageous amazingness!

    Seriously: This comments section goes down in the “MR HALL OF FAME.”

    Heartfelt thanks to all for sharing your wildly delish secretz.

    P.S. I wont tell anybody…. Promise 🙂

  • j

    I sleep with jojoba oil on my face instead of a moisturizer, when I wake up my skin is radiant and any spots that looked like they might become a pimple the night before have disappeared. Also good for spot treatment or any skin ailment is witch hazel.

  • tiabarbara

    When I’m in the shower I scratch my chest and neck to get rid of dead skin. Works better than any exfoliating scrub that I’ve tried. Also these days I’m on the hair-free bandwagon, but I’m super prone to ingrowns and can’t be bothered fucking around with wax/waxing strips so I pluck the hair from my bikini line and bulk of my vagina (definitely not from the labia, because I’m not a masochist). I started doing it in my early teens when I first hit puberty (because wtf were these hairs doing there???) so the ‘pain’ doesn’t bother me at all – I actually find it kinda therapeutic!

    • That’s really interesting because I went through the same thing when I hit puberty. I started getting a few hairs and was like WTF ARE YOU DOING HERE and just kept plucking them. Now I wax all the time but it’s funny looking back on that experience. Like I really just didn’t understand what was going on for a really long time.

      • tiabarbara

        and here I thought I was a lone wolf! hello, friend.

  • Emily V

    I twist my wet hair into two buns so the curls fall nicely

  • Jolie

    Used to shave my “happy trail” (what a cringe-inducing phrase) but then just got laser hair removal all over, which is kinda a secret? I mean, I don’t tell everyone about it. I pluck a ton of chin and under-chin hairs regularly (like, so regularly). I used to bleach my mustache but then it just stopped being dark and now I think the bleach is permanent?? #GOALS

    Hmmm, I try to get rid of stretch marks (anyone have any tips?) and, oh! I also shave my big toes because for some reason, genetics decided to make hair grow there.

  • Jessica Swinburnson

    Miracle cure for hormonal acne – betadine!

  • Dzenita Ferizovic

    I use coconut oil to make my lashes longer but I’ve recently admitted to that on my blog. I also have to pluck one nose hair that I only notice when it tickles the outside of my nose.

  • Heather Chambers

    When I remember I have my husband shave my back. There aren’t a lot of them, but the ones there are are like chin hairs–long and dark. Thanks, PCOS.

  • I just thought of a new one- not sure if anyone else has mentioned it before: I used to get a brazilian wax (don’t anymore, the ingrown hairs can cause the most painful bumps), and would love to squeeze the little black ingrown hairs about 2-3 weeks post-wax. It was the most satisfying feeling seeing those little tiny curled up hairs pop out! yuckkkk