NY Closets: Edward Barsamian

Edward Barsamian is Vogue.com’s Style Editor, which means he perfectly embodies that image of a New Yorker running around town attending work lunches and events, defying logic by looking really, really good every single day. He’s the kind of person you wonder about when you pass him on the street: Who is he? Where is he going? Can I come?

I don’t need to convince you he has taste. Please see job title. And above slideshow, whereby he documented a week’s worth of outfits for us. He mixes proportions (he makes an oversized sweater with tight pants look like the least “college” outfit ever) and materials (cropped leather jacket plus leggings is a yes please) and he’s not afraid to drain the color out of the whole thing (all white and beige, so good). He just looks great.

Feast your eyes above!

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for more closets this week! On the heels of Fashion Week, it sounded nice to dial back on runway for a minute and binge on real life closets. Doesn’t that sound cooler than a cucumber? I’ll assume you just said yes and am glad you agree because we’ll be running a new person from our closet series every single day this week. See you there!)

Follow Edward on Instagram @edwardbarsamian and Twitter @edwardbarsamian. Feature collage by Lily Ross.


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  • Aydan

    YASSS! My fave feature every single day?! Thank you MR Team! Also, this is seriously outfit inspo for the transition weather we’ve been experiencing in Seattle!!

    • Beatrice

      I was internally screaming everything you commented. YAS THANK YOU MR

  • Jacqueline

    He’s super cool.

  • Holly Laine Mascaro

    Yes love this series idea. Thumbs up.

    • Emily Gregor

      Same here!!! Love this!!

  • Beatrice

    Ok, I’ve never been so impressed with someone’s monochrome ensemble.