E.T. Phone Prada

Apparently I was a little bitch at age 5, because when my parents decided to show me Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece E.T., I couldn’t make it past the scene when Drew Barrymore screams at the famed alien.

She screamed, I screamed, my mom shut the movie off and that was that.

It wasn’t until years later that I grew large enough cojones (maybe age 8 or something like that) to actually sit down and watch the movie in its entirety. And then what did I do? I cried. Sobbed like a rat eating onions while waving goodbye to one very penis-y looking extra-terrestrial.

Strangely enough, last season, I had a similar reaction to the Prada Spring 14 show. The collection was was pretty weird if you consider the fact that there were faces on coats and bras as outwear that looked as though they were made from whipped cream. It was beautiful and strange but like many of her shows it had me asking the question, “How the hell did those ideas manifest in Miuccia’s brain?”

You might also ask Steven Spielberg that question. What on earth made him read a script about an alien dressed in drag who is carted around by children (including one boy who made the American Apparel hoodie cool before American Apparel existed), and then proclaim, “Now that’s a movie.”

But it was a movie. It was the movie. E.T. produced a scene so noteworthy that it became Spielberg’s own friggen’ logo: that adorable ass boy (who actually looks a lot like me at age 8…) biking into the sky with his trusty, drag-donning alien sitting shot gun.

And now, it’s a fashion spread. With Prada. Courtesy of CR Fashion Book and one Lindsey Wixon as Drew Barrymore, with Magda Laguinge in Proenza etc. as E.T. himself. Because why in the hootenanny not?


All of this was one very long-winded, albeit prettily-photographed way to ask you a very important question:

What movie would you like to see re-imagined as a fashion spread? (Obviously I vote National Velvet because I’m a one-track oleander.)

Tell me, and just maybe I’ll give my good friend Carine a call to make it happen. LOL.

Images via CR Fashion Book, Issue 4

  • Little Rascals

  • Gorgeous editorial! Really inspiring!

  • Kari

    Pan’s Labyrinth – that movie is equal parts jaw dropping beauty and mind bending terror. Bowie’s Labyrinth would be pretty good too come to think of it.

    • Yes! Pan’s Labyrinth would be awesome, especially since the costumes in the movie itself were really nice.

  • Psycho.

    • Charlotte Fassler

      Such a good one. Vanity Fair actually did a really cool editorial maybe 6 years ago re-creating a lot of Hitchcock films and one of the best was a Psycho re-creation with Marion Cotilliard.

      • Yes! I remember this, with all my favorite films– Dial M for Murder, Rear Window

  • Tayler

    YES. you had me laughing out loud.

  • Chicspace/Marguerite

    Yeah, so I actually got to take Melissa Mathison (ET writer) and Kathleen Kennedy (producer) on a tour of a NASA facility when they were doing pre-production on ET in 1981 (my dad and I met Spielberg et al. at an event the month before–that’s an interesting story, since SS went to my HS and got bullied to hell there). Imagine my scream when they trashed NASA in the film.

    Which movie as a fashion spread? Ronin.

  • Brie

    irma la douce

  • Brie


  • ET scared the crap out of me too! I couldn’t watch it until I was really way too old to give a shit.

    Love this photo shoot, though. Because Lindsey Wixson + bikes.

  • Fiona Chapman

    Sound of Music

  • Athena Griziotis

    Clueless + Wayne’s World mash up.

  • Modupe Oloruntoba

    this editorial is great. Magda and Lindsey were really good casting choices. There are so many movies I’d love to see as editorials, but the one that comes to mind right now (probably because I just watched it) is the Spiderwick Chronicles. High fashion fairies and goblins sounds awesome.