Do You Want To See The Cutest Thing To Happen To The Internet Since Boo?
karen walker kids

Boo meaning that puppy whose genius owner gave him the cutest haircut of all time and as such catalyzed his journey to stardom and abundant wealth. But never mind that, let’s talk sunglasses.

Maybe you remember that last season, just a few mere days before the initiation of February fashion week, Karen Walker unveiled a new collection styled in a lookbook comprised of the familiar faces to Ari Cohen’s Advanced Style blog. Do you? No? Well, here’s a refresher because we certainly didn’t let that one get past our inbox either.

The thing of it is, I don’t know what’s worse: that Karen Walker’s incredibly popular, impossible to resist sunglasses look better on a woman three times my age or that they look best on children at least two (three?) times my junior?

Either way, this campaign may or may not have elicited an urgency to bear my own, so… I might go have sex right now. If that doesn’t work though, I have a question for the parent of the curly redheaded angel at left. Can I borrow her for a few days?

Talk about sass.

Also, to the parent of the blond kiddo at far right–where did you buy her breton stripes? She has more French power running through her estimated 3 foot nothing than I do in my entire 5 foot 8 (fine, 7).

You know what, while we’re at it, I’d also really like to ask the mother or father or both of the little human speck of stardust wearing a grey sweater and sporting a fresh bob where your daughter gets her haircut?

And to the one in black: you’re perfect.

[Shop Karen Walker here.]

  • Love it. Not enough to want to pop out a kiddo just yet, but seriously, those kids are so much cooler than they could ever know.

  • Yes Team Karen Walker! This is the best.

  • grace kane

    Bravo girl!! You are looking at yourself at their age…with much adoration. Perfect.

  • ashleymaciejewski

    I feel cooler now for owning the same grey AA sweatshirt as “stardust.”

  • Alba B.

    Leandra, does it look kindly polite from the outside, asking a parent to borrow her child for few days, when two sentences above you were assuming you were going to have SEX?!!!

    The ad is fabulous as much as the pretty little protagonists!!!!Love the brand as well, but never tried the sunglasses on me yet!

  • Yaïza Décaudin

    Love it! Those kids really do give off a sassy flare. Love your writing style!

  • K.H

    Karen Walker can do no wrong in her campaigns!!