Do You Remember Your Dreams?

Did you ever have to memorize that Langston Hughes poem, A Dream Deferred? I want to say that I was in fourth grade when I was required to, and the poem hasn’t left my brain since. I wish I could recite it for you now like we’re one big classroom and it’s my turn to read out loud, but we’ll just have to make do in the form of this here blog. The poem goes as such:

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up
like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore–
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over–
like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?

Hughes’ use of the word “dream” could be interpreted as the kind one experiences while sleeping, or he could mean it as a goal (which, one could argue, might manifest itself while asleep). Let’s focus on the sleepy kind today, because Leandra, Charlotte and I have all been having really, really weird dreams lately. By the nature of this particular office where we talk-out every single details of our lives in the hopes of uncovering a story, dreams become a part of that conversation too. For us, rarely are our dreams deferred.

But what about the ones we don’t remember? Were they not as good? Did our brain decide that it was still working through a particular matter in our subconscious and needed a few minutes? I once read that you can only remember the dreams that happened seconds before you wake up, but does that mean the ones that were deferred end up arising a few days or weeks later? Or maybe they present themselves in the daylight by way of a brilliant article idea or something we feel compelled to sketch, or sing, or dance.

Dreams are endlessly fascinating. There’s multiple theories on why we dream and what they mean, and then there’s the conversation about controlling our dreams, but sometimes I wonder if a dream remembered is our brains’ way of giving us something to talk about the next day in the office.

And the ones deferred? Well, maybe you’ll be reading about them next week.

What about you? What are some of the weirdest dreams you’ve had lately? Any recurring ones? Any nightmares? Or worse than the nightmare — the perfect dream that keeps getting interrupted? Tell us below, you know we have to know.

— Amelia Diamond

  • Viveka

    I had a dream last night that Agnetha and Anni-frid from Abba wanted to give me some of their old stage outfits, which was all well and good, but I couldn’t find the cute white one with the blue spotty dog on it, and got so stressed I woke up…

    • Amelia Diamond

      ok this is amazing.

    • Leandra Medine

      Two nights ago, I had a dream that I was flying to Paris and we stopped in Louisiana to pick up a passenger.

  • deborah

    to discover more about your dream life which is almost more important than your outside world- look up carl jung. it’s all there…

  • Sarah

    I almost always remember my dreams. I often have reoccurring dreams or dreams that months or sometimes years later, will come true. But it is always really mundane things that are not at all significant so I never understand why I would dream that moment. Anyway, recently I have had a dream where I pick up a tube of lip balm and turn it over to look at the ingredients and it says ingredients: COCAINE COCAINE COCAINE in bold letter just like that…I have no idea what that means, I have never done cocaine, but that is what my dream was about lol

  • Andrea Devoto

    I always have dreams which mean something in my life —like my fears or even something that’s about to happen. I’m not a witch, I swear. Somehow my brain senses when something is about to change in my life and it creates these weird dreams with some symbols for me to discover and interpret them myself. I think of dreams as a getaway and sometimes —just sometimes— I get to control my decisions which change the nightmare I’m having.

    Andrea Devoto

  • Daniela B

    most of the times I remember my dreams, sometimes only details – I have no idea what it’s happening but I remember something, like the dream I had last night all I remember is applying black lipstick (no idea what that means!). Don’t think I have any recurring dreams – except for that one that you are running and suddenly fall, kick and wake up…

  • ℒℴѵℯ ..Nabil

    I no longer pay attention to the dreams i have and when i do its about what time i have to wake up and trying to picture how my day is going to go. Although, when i did pay attention to my dreams, it mostly involved soccer or Fashion.

  • Charlotte Fassler

    I used to have a recurring dream that Johnny Depp was my boyfriend. It felt… real.

  • Brie

    I often remember dreams, dream in color and have had reoccurring dreams since I was very small. The oldest one I remember having must have been when I was aroud three years old. I was at, what I now know was a fiesta, in Mexico and my family is all dressed in beautiful Mexican dresses and have flowers in our hair. (we are not Hispanic and I had never been to Mexico at that age) The party is outside, but within a giant fence like wall, with paper lanterns everywhere. Then all of the sudden everyone is very afraid and we are looking into the sky waiting for something to happen. In the dream I can feel it coming closer but I have no idea what it is. I have had this dream many times in my life. Is that nuts? Also, if I doubt something or someone in my life, I ask myslef a question about my doubts before going to sleep and then the answer will come to me in a dream. That is how I found a long term boyfriend was cheating. I dreamt the girls name and her curly hair. Please don’t turn me over to authorities to be burned at the stake.

  • Lisa Thomson

    OMG, I’ve been having the weirdest dreams and remembering all the details. One of the recurring themes in my dreams is taking care a small child that isn’t mine but I’m responsible for. They end up going missing or something…ugh, I don’t think I even want to know what it means. Another one..trying to climb a steep cliff or path and not being able to grip, kind of the opposite of falling.

  • cicic

    Today I dreamt while I was awake, Hugh Grant was my lover.

  • Recurring dreams: that I need to pass a maths exam before I am handed over my diploma (and it doesn’t terrify me) … It has stopped since I really had to study some maths. I didn’t know linguists could dream about a school subject they have last done in 1991 with such consistency 🙂
    And I also often dream I am in South America (mostly, I don’t know which country) – no idea why (have never been there).

    But the worst kind of dream is when I dream I need to pee … because then I wake up and wonder whether I actually had to pee and why is it that I don’t anymore 😀 Till now, my bed’s always been dry, so.

  • ThisTrendThatTrend

    This is so weird, I was just thinking about my dream that I ahd a few nights ago… I was in this large abandoned warehouse that seemed to have been a sample sale or something, there were really well made and gorgeous pieces of clothing hanging up on racks but then it turned into a dry cleaners, and I was taking a bunch of them down to buy but then the lady told me to take them.. I can still remember the cashmere and organza tops that I pulled……. too real and unfortunately not real enough.

  • Roxana

    My weird dream was that i had a lot hamsters and they ran off to a river and i hysterically crying Becuase they couldn’t swim

  • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

    I had a dream where I was at the airport trying to catch my flight and as I’m running past a shop I notice my reflection in the glass and am horrified to see that in my big hurry to get out the door, I had bizarrely put some (ugly, dingy white) underwear on OVER my aqua yoga pants and also that even more freakishly, they were about 2 sizes too small,causing disgusting bulges everywhere. I panicked. Even though I was late for my flight I raced into the nearest ladies room to switch them back, but in my nervous frenzy I got everything all tangled up and was forced to board the plane looking like a complete jack*ss.

  • Heather

    I once had a dream that I was being chased down a giant mud trench by giant stuffed teddy bears carrying machine guns.

  • Heather

    I also more recently had a dream that I snuck into the White House, stole a statue, met Obama’s children and then they gave me macaroni and cheese. That mac n cheese was damn good too.

  • Heather

    Sometimes I have dreams of other lives and events, but I am still the charter of those other lives. It is still my dream but it is not myself. Or at least not myself from my present life. As if I am stepping into another character’s life but it is still my life.

    • Heather


  • Christina B.

    Boy do I remember my dreams…They actually help me know what will happened in my life but also in the life of others. First time it happened was when I was 8 years old and I had a dream about a lady living in the same building as us, that was trying for years to have kids but simply couldnt. At that point she was 9 months pregnant, by vitro-fertilization, and everyone in the neighborhood knew she in the hospital those days to give birth. So that morning I told my mother I had a dream about this lady bringing her babies to show them to us but both the babies, she was pregnant to twins, and the mother were wrapped up in white sheets…I remember my mother saying this cannot be good, and indeed she was right as we found out a few days later that she lost the babies…From then onwards I have always had significant dreams telling me the future…

  • Joseph

    Sometimes I will think of something that I thought really happened, but really it was a dream I had weeks before. I have no idea why that happens. I usually remember my dreams in great detail as well and dream every night. I wonder why.