Do You Have a “Resting Bitch Face”?

“Bitchy Resting Face” has been around forever. (Mona Lisa’s probably like, Hi, no shit, I invented it.) But when a recent crop of “X Ways to Tell” took over my Facebook newsfeed, I got really annoyed. Not because the concept actually dates back to the Italian Renaissance as opposed to an Urban Dictionary entry, or because of the use of the word “bitch.”

It’s because these women who claim they have it seem to feel helpless. Like they don’t know how not to have Bitchy Resting Face.

If this were a TED talk, here’s where I’d tell you that I once battled BRF. I too have left the party for a bathroom break only to have some guy ask my friends why I wasn’t raging with a day-glo smile. Once I was even asked if I was, “the angry friend,” to which I answered, “I am now.”

But there’s a cure to the bullshit.

As is the case with typical BRF, the afflicted typically are not annoyed or angry. They’re just bored.

Boredom is the root from which a flatlined face grows.

Think about this. No one has ever told you that you look “a little pissed” in that photo where you’re wearing a Hawaiian shirt while plummeting down a commercialized abyss at Disney’s Splash Mountain.

Traumatized, perhaps. Bitchy? No.

And I’d also bet that no one’s ever come up to you while the song “Juicy” was playing to make sure you’re “feeling okay,” nor have they bothered you during a really fantastic nap to ask if you hate them. Imagine for a moment, however, that you’re standing in an elevator and trying to avoid awkward eye contact. What does your face look like?

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So you see, my friends, to remedy Bitchy Resting Face is to be eternally on roller coasters.

Literal ones, with extra drops.

And, of course, to do things you like, like listen to music or practice your dance moves. If you’re at a bar and bored as hell, takeover the juke box and start a game of limbo. I’ve been known to shove ice down my pants because it’s A) refreshing and B) impossible to remain stoic mid-frost bite.

If all else fails you can always try this:

-Raise both hands like you’re about to give someone a team-building-exercise-high-five.

-Turn palms inward, and bring hands slowly toward your face

-Pivot fingers downward until they reach the corner of your mouth

-Insert the ring, middle, and index fingers of both hands into mouth, keeping the left digits on the left side, right digits on the right


-Voila! Now you’re no longer the angry friend, you’re the weird one. But man do you have a nice sparkly grill.

Ok. Your turn. Do you have “bitchy resting face”? And if so, HOW DO YOU COMBAT IT? Or do you not combat it? Personally, I like to look a little pissed off now and again. Sometimes I get a free ice cream because of it. And sometimes, I feel like the Mona Lisa.

— Amelia Diamond

  • Unfortunately my resting face is often described as “forlorn.”

    If I am in my resting face mode, people constantly ask if I am sad/lonely/sleep-deprived.

    I guess this qualifies for #SadGirlStyle, which I would actually really appreciate a proper definition of. Anyone have one? My perception is that it means a forlorn-looking girl wearing a good amount of vintage, white lace, but I could be wrong.

    This is one of my favorite articles of all time: . Seriously, Tavi, you da bomb.

    And great photo choice, Scarlett O’Hara is the bitchiest bitch of all time.

    • Lyric

      I have forlorn resting face too. People always ask me if I’m okay when I’m just sitting there or reading or something. So annoying.

      • Mae

        dido! FRF’s unite!

      • Valeria

        the same. what’s wrong with our faces???

      • Oh my God me too! Everyone always says I look miserable (and surprise, as soon as they tell you, then you really get miserable)

      • Jill

        One afternoon at Target some guy randomly told me “Smile!” Apparently my face wasn’t happy enough for him. I can relate to the FRF.

    • Misha Lobo

      Truth! If one more person asks me if I’m ok, I will implode… maybe I look this way b/c I’m bored and have lost myself in my own active imagination…. I’m fine

  • YES. I have textbook BRF. I wish it made me look like the HBIC but instead it makes me look pissy and annoyed at everything and everyone. But can’t a girl just listen to “Bootylicious” and put on her diva face while walking down the block? Nope. So as cliche as it sounds, I try to think of something that I’m looking forward to that day and it makes me smile. Anything to stop looking like someone fucked up my latte.

  • Jennifer Coats

    LOL i always seem to have BRF!

  • Quinn Halman

    YAAASSS! It’s a lovely trait I share with my mother. Sometimes I play it up and hyperoble the shit out of situations. It makes for a laugh and proves I’m not (always) a biatch

  • Karen Liesens

    I have been told to have a bitch resting face! I call it my “I’m really concentrated ” face.

    x Karen

  • Catybarb

    Thank you for addressing this! Although I never though of it as my ‘bored face,’ it certainly makes sense! Love your suggested solutions as well!

  • Lea

    I have been called out on having BRF (maybe not with that exact title) since I was around 12 years old when a science teacher of mine told me to stop looking so angry all the time. More recently someone told me that they think I often look bored when talking to people. So yeah, I feel yah about being a little less than intrigued with whatever is going on. I don’t mean to look bored and am by no means pretentious or wanting to offend anyone…my face is just kind of bitchy, I guess, and that’s fine by me.

  • Ollie B

    yes, I have Chronic Bitch Face too! (as put by Kris Atomic here: it’s awful, and because I’m English & living in the north of England (?) I always get the “cheer up, love, it might never happen” comments. good thing I have headphones w Interpol blaring away otherwise I’d have to put the CBF to good use. when I get weird looks, I just think of Cersei and Khaleesi, imagine having wine and dragons, and roll my eyes ~~~

  • Tone

    I do, and its sexy.

  • Imma keep it real and say that I pull out the BRF when some idiot is approaching me to lay down a cheesecake line. Can there be such a thing as Douchebag Bro Face (DBF)?

    • Chris Jones

      Hey, I like cheesecake!

  • Tara Chacón

    My boyfriend & I prefer the term ‘resting bitch face’, but the meaning is clearly the same.

  • Molly

    I don’t know how bitchy my resting face is (probably quite a lot, but few see it because if someone else is present, I’m anxious and not resting)…But I noticed I have haughty eyebrows. They’re just a little too high and I look snobby. I could let them grow out a bit but I’m afraid I’d look like one of the trolls from frozen. I guess I’ll just have to be happy with who I am.

    • Amelia Diamond

      Haughty eyebrows is my new favorite thing hahaha

  • BRF means less wrinkles..

    In my early twenties I was often called “the ice queen” by random guys in bars…usually random boring guys in bars. I’ve also been harassed with the “It cant be all that bad, love!” and the “Cheer up love” while I have just been walking down the street. Ummmm… would you know? and no, I am not an ice queen, i’m just not interested in you. (I know – shock! Everyone MUST LOVE YOU right??) It really frustrates me that other people egos are so fragile that they require everyone around them to be grinning like a fool. Sometimes my face looks like this because I am bored or tired or I have actually had a long day or simply, I’m just thinking about something/one else. Lets face it – I would look MENTAL walking down the street, alone, grinning at complete strangers! OR – The men, who are so often the ones with the problem with the BRF – would then think I was coming on to them, and this would prompt other unnecessary comments about me. Is it REALLY anyone’s business to comment on the way another person looks? Just calm down!! Its only my face. And – oh thanks – now that we’ve started talking and you’ve made yet another judgment about me – you have blessed me by telling me ” You are actually really nice!”. WELL, Thanks. Now I feel a whole lot better about myself.

    • CanWeNot

      OMG so true. The amount of times some random stranger on the street has said to me, “What’s wrong? Smile!” I cannot even tell you. (Always by men. Of course.) And I’m usually not even in a bad mood until that stranger decides to tell me how I should look. Ugh.

      • Kathy Boykin

        OMG, I thought this unnatural phenomenon just happened to me. I get this all the time. It’s happened so much until I’m finally over getting offended now and just keep wallking. I get these comments from men and women. And the above commenter is correct stating that people’s ego’s are so fragile that if you don’t light up a room when you come in something must be wrong with you. It’s stupid to say the least. But I suspect the people who are making these idiotic comments have mental issues themselves.

    • Rachel

      Ha! I got called the Ice Queen at University too. Mostly because I didn’t like random guys buying me drinks, because I was too shy to wear glasses in public but too blind to see to say hello, and because I have BRF. Acts as quite a good jerk filter though so I don’t mind. If they break through I unleash the raised eyebrow. It’s like the modern day sword fight. Good times. I am friendly too, when I fancy it! Rachel☺

  • Mel

    I do have bitchy resting face. I look for people’s reactions first, if they seem frightened/intimidated/pissed off then I assume my face looks angry and I make eye contact with them and smile. They usually smile back and look more at ease after this interaction. Of course I can’t always be looking around and making sure I’m not scaring people off and sometimes, I agree, it is awesome to be scary.

  • Maria Raquel F. Silva

    I love to have a bitchy resting face. No one messes with a brf. And we look pretty badass most of the time.
    It’s something I am now. Like, I’m a very nice person, but only people who are worth know that. A brf is like a trial for hanging out with people who actually want to hang out with you, for what you are.

  • Kristin

    Once I was at a grad school housing fair being hit on by a really annoying medical student. I was eventually rescued by a girl who would become one of my best friends. When she tells the story of how we met she always says she knew we had to be friends because I looked like such a bitch. Never force a smile cause u never know who is falling in love with your RBF

  • Yes! I’ve been told this is the reason most men get intimidated by me. Honestly, I’m usually the one from my group of friends who’s always positive, but I just can’t seem to change that BRF. Oh well, whatevs.

  • Melissa

    I must have the opposite of Bitchy Resting Face. Strangers approach me and talk to me all the time. I cannot get through grocery shopping without someone in the store stopping me to ask me if I know where they can find this that or whatever. I get asked to give directions on the street all the time. If something is bothering me or I am upset or angry people comment on it, because I tend to wear my emotions on my face . . even when I try not to but whenever people are like “Is something wrong” there always is. Not that I tell them that, I just tell them I suffer from BRF.

    • Leandra Medine

      I think Charlotte suffers from this too

    • okay.

      I also have Kindly Old Woman Face (KOWF). When I was a nanny other moms would always try to poach me from my job and talk to me about their various concerns for their kids/relationships/lives and tell me I seem trustworthy and nurturing. And I was like, “I used this 11 month old as a pretend boombox while rapping along to the TLC station on Pandora”. I mean the kid was about it, but I still always questioned the implicit trust.

    • Tegan

      YES. This. We need a name for whatever the opposite of BRF is…

  • GapToothedGirl

    My resting face is also called sleepy…maybe it’s better than creepy!
    Love, Gap.

  • I’m at work and while reading this I started to laugh so hard my boss asked me what was wrong.
    (Fortunately, i work at a clothing brand and she is a big fan of MR.)
    Anyway. Bitch face is one of the main problems of my life. The good thing is that i have and easy smile and when people ask me if something’s wrong or why am I pissed, i smile like an idiot – as usual – and say “nothing!”.
    I guess my BRF is in such a serious level that god gave me the gift of smile and laugh at everything to compensate. It’s the only plausible explanation.

  • 021010

    no man has a more ” plissed offf ” expression than Clint Eastwood

  • Eva Pal

    My BRF is typically called “snob” face. Haha! But I totally agree with you, most of the time I am just plain bored …

    • I hear you. Been called a snob SO many times! That’s until, of course, people actually get to know me -_-

  • Dancingcheektocheek

    I read these articles and smile.

  • Claire

    I don’t think the search for a “cure” to BRF is valid. It’s not the face that’s the problem, it’s society’s innate assumption that women should always be perky and smiling. Men don’t have a “bitchy resting face;” it’s just their passive facial expression. Why search for a solution when there is no problem with *us* to begin with?

    • Leandra Medine

      sometimes putting a band aid on a wound you know needs stitches works, even if only temporarily, because it’s still better than having to explain yourself. knaamean?

  • I play this game where I read the article without knowing the author is, and I’m currently on a roll as to who I’m reading.

    Anyway, photographer on campus came up to me yesterday and told me to look a bit happier. Well, I was happy until he stopped me. I’ve always been known to have the “Scarlett O’Hara eyes” that my grandmother had and scared all my cousins. As a solution if I catch someone look at me, I just give an awkward smiling hello. Some run away, but that’s okay.

  • Z


  • Emma

    In Stockholm (Sweden), where I live, BRF is the norm: everyone always has a sad or bitchy resting face, especially in winter (=7-8 months of the year). People generally also avoid eye contact. When somebody looks (and behaves) cheerful, they are believed to be (and often are) drunk or crazy…
    In my homecountry the Netherlands it is the norm to always look and act cheerful and to frequently seek (eye-) contact with strangers. So if your face looks neutral /slightly sad / angry, as I normally do when I am just minding my own business, men make remarks like ‘cheer up, lady’!

  • Zoe

    Oh my God, this like the story of my life.

  • jaw

    I wasnt aware there was something wrong with having a bitchy resting face.

    • Kathy Boykin

      There is nothing wrong with you, Hon.

  • dreamy show

    Yes! This is a frustration experienced when I’m relaxed, and potentially, joyous. My face just looks grumpy. It seems to perplex, concern or even anger those who want me to be having a good time. At which point I may actually become grumpy. Sigh.

  • em_gem

    I WISH I had a BRF … Most of the time I’m feeling super bitchy on the inside and it just doesn’t translate to my face. If only it did , it would save ia whole lot of innocent people getting snapped at – they would just leave the bitchy lady alone!!

    • Kathy Boykin

      Too funny. I’m loving this conversation

  • annabel

    i live in a co-ed dorm. i walk past boys and girls in the corridor to get to the bathroom. there is one guy on my floor who, whenever he walks past me, quickly scoots over to the opposite side of the hallway and brisk walks right next the wall until he gets to the bathroom door. i like to think of my BRF as a small superpower.

    • Guest

      omg i love this

  • AS

    Thank you, Amelia! My mom is always “why that face? you always look angry at everyone! you look mean! etc, etc”. Not my fault, just my BRF… I don’t even notice it!

    I do not combat it. It’s my face, so deal with it, mom, friends, strangers

  • I feel that everyone does! If you have a glossed over resting face people will assume you’re unengaged and in a bad mood. It baffles me when strangers, usually men btw, stop me as I’m just casually walking like oh put a smile on your face! Cheer up! It’s not that bad! Actually…I wasn’t pissed. But yes, now I suddenly kinda am…? I guess people are just insecure enough that any look of non-emotion automatically equals mad emotion.

    *resting bitch face*

  • Sitting at the airport, reading your post and lol-ing (is that a word?). Great writing, Amelia! I never get the B-Face. Agh. But working on it. Life’s a beach…

  • Ahuva

    Haha this is too funny. People totally accuse me of this all the time, especially when I was pregnant. Now I have a term for it. You rule Leandra!

  • Mallory

    Yep. Guilty. I have been approached multiples times in the past regarding this trait. I really only combat it while I’m at work. It only takes a very subtle adjustment: barely lift corners of the mouth (not a full smile) & slightly lift eyebrows. Now I’m thought as the cheery person at the office, instead of the alternative. Other than that, I don’t worry about it. It makes me less approachable, which I usually prefer. If needed, wine is also a helpful tool to cure this affliction 🙂

  • It happens mostly when I don’t think about it automatically haha. Last mirror check I guess it has been drawing wrinkle lines on my face which makes this BRF more permanent, I am afraid. Oh no. I have to do therapy to fix this. Thanks for the warning!

  • Mark of Excellence

    show that people with this [borderline personality] disorder may see
    anger in an emotionally neutral face… [more often] than people who do
    not have the disorder.”

  • ee_by_cc

    I had this when I was little, but my mom had an alternate name for it. She called me “Morose Face”. It’s definitely my neutral facial expression, and I’m ok with it now since my husband said that it’s one of the reasons he was attracted to me 🙂

  • Smileysuze

    I’ve been combatting BRF by smiling intentionally when driving, watching game of thrones, reading, etc. my theory is that if I work out the muscles enough, I’ll change my resting face. I’m actually pretty sure it’s working, and people are nicer to me now (or they think I’m a crazy grinning maniac).

  • Stylish Housewife

    I totally have BRF…which is why I smile in most of my pics on the blog. I’ve always been told I do not look friendly or approachable. Most of the time it works in my favor. Although my grandma’s nickname for me was “sourpuss”…so yeah, that’s not good.

  • TheGDog

    Now I have a name for it! Thank you! I have what is often referred to as a “heavy” upper brow. (i.e. The only time one can see my upper eyelids is when I blink or close my eyes. My upper lip is “thinner” compared to the lower lip as well. (Can make it possibly look light I’m tightening/pursing the upper lip I guess) And I’m a sizeable dude at 5′ 10″ and 220 w/ goatee and shaved (clippered-off hair) head. I’ll be the first to admit, that due to growing-up in a more ghetto-y area as a kid where I as a white male and the minority and discriminated against, often (BTW.. no.. I’m NOT a skinhead, just older now so the “shoreline” of my forehead has turned into “low-tide” if you’re feelin’ me… so shaved is the sexier way to go)… So, there are OFTEN times where I make use of the “hard” look you learn to adopt in such an environment when you are the minority, in order to send-out non-verbal language to others that tells them not to “go-there” with you. However… that “hard” look is only a very subtle difference from my male version of BRF. I’ve learned I have to consciously make sure to make the effort to partially grin the corners of my mouth at times to ensure and telegraph to people that everything is fine, and no, as you’re approaching me, you don’t have to cross the street over to the other side.. it’s ok.

  • Nikki Lowe

    WERD! My boyfriend is always saying shit like “my mum/brother/friend thinks you’re mad at me.” But no, your mum/brother/friend is just boring me!

  • Irene Laura

    Ahaha I definitely do have a bitchy face, although I am not bitchy at all 😀

  • jen

    the most irritating part of this is that it’s the fact that you’re a woman who’s not grinning ear to ear that bothers ppl. men/ppl NEED women to be perky and happy all the time. ofc, i’m generalizing here, but this is truly what i’ve observed.. i got it all the time when i was working as a line cook in a kitchen. “what’s wrong? why aren’t you happy” nothing’s wrong. happiness has NOTHING to do with it..i’m just trying to get all my work done and when i’m focused i’m not necessarily smiling! my emotional state was analyzed on a daily basis..but nobody cared about the facial expression of the guy over there who’s just going about his business getting work done.

  • I’ve got my daily Mona Lisa look, and it’s fine because people leave me alone when I want to be left alone 😀

  • Courtney Parker

    I definitely have a bitchy resting face. I used to try and smear a smile across my face, but that just looked creepy. So, back to the drawing board.

  • Mine is an Angie face.

    Of course you know her.

  • Lisa Lisa

    I used to have a bitchy resting face, and in my experience it was usually just dudes that seemed to feel a need to “fix” it. Chicks don’t care if you have a BRF. Anyway, I fixed it by having rhinoplasty. After I made my nose smaller never even once did a stranger feel the need to tell me to cheer up or that it isn’t all bad or not to worry because he will call. Occasionally a man will still tell me to smile, and I tell him to go F himself I don’t smile on demand I am not a monkey. But I bet all women are told by some a-hole that they should smile at least occasionally, so I don’t attribute that to BRF.

  • Hudson Berry

    ladiez it is called Resting Bitch Face

  • Sarah Mayer

    YES! i feel like i will have less wrinkles because my “Bitchy non-expressive resting face” allows me to save my face structure? This is my made up excuse :/

  • There is a word in Macedonian which I have been described with here and there, mostly by people who don’t know me or haven’t spoken to me at all (many people after having had a simple conversation with me have said “oh you are so positive and nice, you smile a lot, so opposite of what you look like/what I have heard), and that word means something in the lines of “uptight, serious, thinking highly of herself, looking down upon others kind of person”. This is all due to the face I have or the looks I apparently give to random people when a) I walk alone(or silently with a friend), or b)stand alone. It used to bother me that people would think that I was that kind of a person, but nowadays, I don’t mind it. It sort of keeps a lot of superficial people I don’t want to communicate with away, and it gives me an air of authority in some cases. People who know me know my real personality, so I don’t really care how I appear to others anymore. I can’t walk around with a smile on my face – it’s tiring and downright ridiculous.

  • My BRF is usually properly identified as boredom. It seems to happen to me more when I’m waiting for someone to show up, partly because I’m not actively talking to anyone.

    I once had a frat boy in a bar ask if I had just come back from a funeral…and unfortunately for him, I had (no joke) been to a funeral earlier that day. I’ve never heard such a sincere apology out of a drunk frat boy in my whole life. Also never had one buy me a drink before. 😉

  • Julie I

    I LOVE THE BITCHY RESTING FACE! This is a great post! F everyone. (I plan on spending my first hour at work tomorrow morning with a spectacular BRF…)

  • Omg this was a funny post, I have never heard of BRF! Lol

  • hila

    I’ve had people stop me on the street (in NYC!) to tell me to smile. Why do they think it’s their personal responsibility to make sure I smile?? And most of the time, they catch me so off guard that I run away.

  • Maiken

    In high school I was told from a friend in the class under me that all the girls in her class referred to me as “the ice queen”.
    Back then I was actually shocked by it, because I really am a very sweet and nervous girl and apparently when I’m nervous, in crowds or anywhere with new people, I turn on the bitchy face.. Now almost 10 years later I use it to my advantage, because when being just under 5,2 people doesn’t always see you or let you move past them in crowds without having to bash in their ribs.. But turn on the bitchy resting face, and it’s like moses and the red sea.. Well almost 😉

  • Me

    After years of having men say “you should smile” (the confident lack of hesitation to comment is always amusing), I finally started responding “you should say something funny.” As my BRF does not reflect my love of laughter. DNA is to blame. High cheekbones run in my family. Therefore, so does BRF (envision Maria Shriver). I have grown to love my cheekbones and refer to them as “face-hangers” because the women in my family age like Benjamin Buttons. Thank you for giving it a name. BRF is perfection.

  • Kate Wilson
  • Xavia Hillman

    I have THE MOST BRF I just recently left basic military training and my military instructor used to always yell at me because of it stating “Hillman do you have some kind of attitude” when in reality I didn’t, I just would’ve rather been elsewhere. And to make EVEN worse it wasn’t JUST my military instructor it was other ones too, to include the commander of our squadron. In that situation BRF is an absolute curse and I couldn’t fix it because trust me there are no happy thoughts in military training. I have always been told about how guys were afraid to approach me and how females automatically didn’t like me because of it but I always felt like my BRF gave me a little edge. *shrugs* I guess not.

  • Catherine

    I love my BRF. I jut out my jaw a little when I’m walking around with my headphones in because it makes me feel like a badass. Frankly, bitchiness rocks.

  • carolina

    I have BRB but everyone I know just calls it Chronic Bitch Face. I’m actually really happy I have this!

  • Hahah ok I just read this for the first time and I can’t stop laughing because A… I actually lifted my hands up and followed each step until i was pulling my mouth into a scary grin. B… because this is me exactly. I have this problem and I am constantly asked, “Why so serious?” or my favorite, when a guy asks not me I but MY FRIEND, “What’s wrong with your friend?” as if I can’t hear. It’s really great… Like that’s going to make me smile. I don’t really know how to fix it other than just sip on my drink or smirk. I’m not an unhappy person, I’m actually pretty optimistic and not that hard to please. Just so happens my relaxed face looks a little pissy. So I feel you Amelia, I’m working on it.

    Alexandra Dieck
    Lexicon of Style

  • Julia

    I totally have one, and I get people asking me at least once a day if I’m feeling “okay”. I’ve just found to immediately smile is the best solution, or when I’m conscious of my resting face, I pull the corners of my mouth up slightly, not smiling, but then looking content.

    Did that make sense? Haha 🙂


  • Tara Kane

    I definitely have a BRF but I describe it as my “perpetually underwhelmed” face- because you should only risk wrinkles with a purpose.

  • Middle West

    I constantly get the “are you mad?” Or “hey, smile for me pussycat”, but after many years of trying to look pleasant and approachable while I’m deep in thought (ps my BRF is my thinking face), I decided that I shouldn’t have to worry about other people worrying about what my thinking face looks like. I’m gonna think until the last think is thunked even if it makes me look like bitch burrito supreme. My responsibility is to not BE bitchy.

    Wait. Is a BRF a major trespass for men too?

  • Andraesteff

    I didn’t know my face had a moniker! This is great, now I know what to say to people when they ask me “if I’m mad”. No, this is my RBF. Thank you Man Repeller

  • kristen

    I once got a “ticket” from a Disney World cop for “impersonating Grumpy.” BRF strikes at a young age.

  • Alnilam

    Simply don’t give a fuck. Own your resting bitch face and be proud of it. You don’t have to be anyone’s entertainment and if they hate your face, then that’s their fucking problem. Let’s all stop getting riled up because of shit like this.

  • sarahh26

    I am guilty of the BRF as well. My boyfriend tells me all the time.. But he’s not the first. People constantly tell me “not going to lie I thought you were a huge bitch when I first met you” because of my BRF. But I can’t help it& I have no idea how to change it. I don’t think I ever will. I just like to surprise people when they find out I’m actually a sweetheart

  • Fau

    I have that face and ppl always think i was angry with them, which i’m not obviously. To make sure people don’t feel hurt with my face, i usually pressed my lips. That’s all. But sometimes i forget. So there you go…people think i’m bitter & full of hatred

  • Viktoria R. Medicine Elk

    It’s not Bitchy Resting Face (BRF), it’s Resting Bitch Face (RBF).

  • I’m a firm believer that Bitchy Resting Face comes from the mistaken notion that women should look friendly and amiable all the time. Don’t combat it! Celebrate it!

  • Casey Mclerran

    I have a face that betrays me at every turn. You said something stupid…My words are polite at best dismissive at worst, but the face will not let it rest. It is only a flicker of …I don’t know…disdain or whatever, but the world can read it like a book with large print. Same with every emotion I want to secretly have while in public. You’re hot, but I want to play cool, yeah right says my come-hither eyes. As this has been a lifelong problem there was a time as a teenager I hoped to look Stoic. Seriously stoic, like vintage photos of Native Americans who are watching their way of life take it’s dying breath, stoic. I practiced for years in the mirror, I wanted to close off the windows to my soul cause they were huge and back lit for the world to see. That did not work. So BRF just comes with the territory. When I care not for the happenings beyond my face where else should I rest but on bitch mode.

  • Don’t tell me to smile!

    Why combat RBF? Personally, I like being in charge of my emotions and facial expressions and don’t feel the need to change them based on other people’s perceptions. I used to work in retail in college and was constantly told that I should smile more by men. In fact, while I was working over the holidays, one man called my RBF a “bah humbug attitude.” Why should they feel like they’re in charge of the way I look or feel? I like my RBF!

  • disqus_LuKjaBiAbx

    Uh yea , I have like Resting Confused Face or something, which is worse. People always ask if I’m ok, if I’m lost, or have a question or don’t understand something. If I’m not smiling I look lost. Aaahhh!! 🙂

  • Thatá Santos

    There is always some idiot asking me why I’m angry. But, just like you said, I’m just bored all the time.

  • Elodie Nowinski

    I’m french. BRF is our smile. ?Otherwise we do emojis

  • AME

    As a lifelong BRF sufferer, I’ve tried everything to look less bitchy/bored. While it may seem drastic, Botox helps.

  • Amos.true

    No. This is like those obnoxious men who tell you to “smile” because you’re a pretty girl, only we are doing it to ourselves.

  • lookin4trace

    irrelevant. more people just whining.

  • Chris Jones

    I always thought the Mona Lisa looked like a man in a wig. I have hideous resting face. Sort of like bug repellent. People look at me like I just got out of prison. “Everyone run to your huts and hide. It’s coming.” Camera lenses get a serious rash when they look my way. I have a face not even a mother could love. I bet when I was born, my dad turned to the doctor and said, hey doc, can you turn away for a few seconds so I can smother this ugly bastard.