Denmark Closets: Pernille Teisbæk

It seems like an impossible assumption that if you have come upon a lithe blonde Danish woman, challenging your sense of that which is stylish and that which is you on the multifarious pages of Instagram, it wasn’t at the hand of the ultimate backslash-blogger, Pernille Teisbaek.

Teisbaek moonlights as the most stylistically compelling individual to follow on the social media platform. She’s a formidable champion of the cropped culotte, as well as a Danish-television fashion expert who ostensibly preaches the merits of socks with pumps, overalls set in unconventional fabrics, and wears just enough denim to support a Man Repeller-approved theory that suggests without it, you’ve got nothing. Or is it everything?


Expanded my denim fetish with this raw denim wonder which fits like a dream! Denim dress is Tomas Maier, suede boots are Gianvito Rossi.


My work uniform: casual and classic with some sparkling bling! Shirt is Envii, turtleneck is Acne Studios, jeans are The Line, sneakers are WoodWood and Golden necklace is from Orit Elhanati x Holly Golightly.


Belting the woolen layers to create some shape. I added sneakers and jeans to make it more casual and comfy. Coat is from Baum und Pfertgarden, belt is Acne Studios, jeans are vintage Levi’s, sneakers are WoodWood, and the hat is Envii.


Going all in on the 70s buzz with these high-waisted flares in raw denim. Blazer and top are Céline, jeans are Filippa k, shoes are Acne Studios.


My soft spot for gold details continues with one earring by Ganni x Sophie Bille Brahe and these BOYY furry loafers.


The Liberty necklace pictured is by Orit Elhanati, the bag is Chanel.


Keeping it easy with an upgraded overall version in dark blue leather! Added a wool knit layer to stay warm and to mix textures. Knit is from House of Dagmar, overalls are from Ganni, and boots are Malene Birger.

To view more closets, both in and outside of New York, click here.

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  • Solene

    I like this girl so much. Her style it’s between weird and genius. Only people from this country know how to mix unmixable cloths together. The exact contrary of French way to dress up!

    • Yes yes yes! The Danes are pure geniuses when it comes to creating cocktails of clothes. They were doing the whole sneaker craze thing, like, 3-4 years before it hit the U.S./UK/France (& other fashion cities) in big ways.

      • Aydan

        YES! So true and they still rock it better than the rest of us. All hail the Scandinavians!

  • i love Look De Pernille!!!
    xo, coco |

  • Charlotte Fassler

    She is just so effortlessly cool and always looks comfortable. I also may need those BOYY furry loafers in my closet now.

  • Hej Pernille! Det er så godt — mange tak !

    I have been following Pernille’s blog since its inception, and I have to say, she has quite a clever spin on the Danish style. She has this way of kind of polishing/refining/tailoring some of the signature shapes and looks that you may see when biking around Copenhagen. You know, ‘Scandinavian Style’ is always identified as one large category, but I would argue that Danish style has always been the innovative, quirky sister of the pack. Felt Hygge reading this. 🙂

  • loooove pernille!

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  • Allie Fasanella

    Love her style! That last look has my heart. Following her on instagram as we speak.

  • Amelia Diamond

    ughhhh she’s so cooool

  • Alero

    Me likey! Yop yop.

  • She has amazing style

  • I was pretty much ready to dive head first into my computer screen once I saw those furry loafers!


  • Yes, in true new york style…shoe game ON POINT.

  • OMG THIS GIRL SLAYS ME (esp Thursday) and im in pieces that can only be put together by nice clothes.

  • Celeste

    I’m so obsessed with how Danes/Swedes/Scandinavians IN GENERAL dress i just. Can’t.

  • M. Akua

    OMG!! I love her looks so much!! She’s great!

  • Ahhhh Pernille is my absolute favorite personal style blogger, everything her closet embodies is what I want to be<3


  • Danes know what’s up.

  • Maria

    She’s one of my faves. Love her style. Oh and it’s Baum und Pferdgarten 😉

  • Bridget Cogley

    please interview pernille- yesterday