LA Closets: Amanda Chantal Bacon

When you get home, do you take your pants off? Change into something more comfortable? It’s very much a thing, to separate your wardrobe into what you’d wear to dinner and what you’d wear to watch all five seasons of Breaking Bad. But guess what!!! We’re all fools, because for Amanda Chantal Bacon, that venn diagram is a circle. At any given moment, she is ready to attend the chicest event ever or just take a nap. That’s called sartorial sorcery. And knowing yourself.

Amanda is very healthy and glowing, which makes sense because she’s the founder of Moon Juice, a juice company dedicated to personal wellness and sustainable, plant-based nourishment. Doesn’t she look SO NOURISHED? My takeaway after flipping through a week of her outfits –which you can also do ^up there^ — was that I must stop living the way I’m living.

Her affinity for the comfortable, the feminine and the simultaneously dressed up and dressed down comes through in everything she wears. It’s extremely easy on the eye organs, but won’t make them the slightest bit sleepy. See for yourself!

Visit the Moon Juice website and follow Moon Juice on Instagram @moonjuiceshop.

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  • Erica Karppinen

    That orange look (!!!)

  • Janelle Domek

    Not sure whether these photos are making me angry or hopeful…A bit of both! What a dream.

  • Mallory

    I love how natural her whole look is and how stunning she looks in every outfit.

  • Kelsey Moody

    I need to know where that copper water bottle is from! It’s water bottles like that one that can eliminate single-use-plastics! Love all of this

  • Taste of France

    Oh that orange!
    I saw a woman yesterday in my town (in the south of France) wearing a loose orange sweater, with a scarf in a slightly paler orange wrapped around her head very ’60s Bardot-style, orange ballerinas AND orange lipstick. A statement. She was of a certain age, but looked like a million bucks, to be honest.

  • this just established for me that New York really is to LA as Johannesburg is to Cape Town. CT dresses like it’s on a permanent holiday 🙂

  • libs

    would LOVE to dress like her except I’m gonna have to move somewhere much warmer and also stop spilling black coffee on everything I own.

  • laszloooo

    This woman looks like HEALTH

  • Paul Richards

    this pretentious cunt is the fucking worst.

  • Basil

    With the changeover to the fancy new website (which I love BTW), the comments on the photos in this article (after the second picture) have been lost. Can they be restored? Or else could someone point me in the direction of a skirt very much like the orange one in the day two outfit?