The Stylist Making a Case for Investment Pieces

It’s easy to talk about investing in a few worthwhile items, but finding them and pulling the trigger is another challenge entirely. Brittany Kozerski seems particularly built for this kind of thing. Her radar is always on, and she’s very intentional about where and when she invests. Maybe it’s an AllSaints shearling coat that keeps her warm all winter; an Altuzarra pencil skirt because “he knows how to fit a skirt to perfection;” a Gucci T-shirt she styled and couldn’t stop thinking about; or a ruffly dress she saw on the runway, fell in love with and now plans to wear all summer.

If her profession of choice is any indication, Brittany actually is built for such a thing. As a freelance stylist and the founder of Jade Swim, it’s her job to not only have her finger on the pulse, but to translate that pulse to real life and make it look easy. Clearly she has it down. Click through above to see the confident way she puts pieces together — it may inspire you to decide where you ought to invest, too.

Check out Jade Swim and follow on Instagram @jadeswim. Follow Brittany on Instagram @brittanykozerski. Feature collage by Maria Jia Ling Pitt.

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